Dubkasm Transform I – Remixed(incl.Pinch, Guido ,Peverelist,Jakes …)

Bristolian roots reggae outfit Dubkasm have rounded together ten of the city’s dubstep producers to contribute to their Transform I – Remixed album.

Dubkasm are comprised of childhood friends Digistep and DJ Stryda, who kicked off their dub project in the mid-’90s before going on to launch their Sufferah’s Choice label in ’03 in order to showcase their studio productions. Last year’s Transform I album was a culmination of their work so far, collecting tracks from their previous 12-inches and including vocal turns from Dub Judah, Levi Roots and Afrikan Simba. They’ve also recently issued a dub version of the entire record by the name of Transformed In Dub.

Transform I – Remixed will complete the trilogy of releases, and Dubkasm have decided to keep things Bristolian for the remix CD, inviting Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim & Gatekeeper, Headhunter, Guido, Gemmy, RSD, Hyetal, Forsaken and Jakes to offer up versions of their material. Although most of the remixes could be classified as dubstep of some kind, all of them remain deeply rooted in the reggae source material, ranging from the vocodered digidub of Gemmy’s “City Walls” to Peverelist’s delayed minimalist take on “Strictly Ital.” Vinyl buyers will be able to pick and choose their preferred mixes, with a series of five different 12-inches set to be released from May through September.

The launch party for the album will see Stryda’s Teachings In Dub party team up with Pinch’s Subloaded for a homegrown double-header of epic proportions at Bristol’s Trinity Centre this Friday night. The converted church provides a large single-room space with good acoustics, and will see the reggae of Dubkasm (who will appear alongside MC Solo Banton), Downbeat Melody and Negus Melody go head-to-head with the dubstep of Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim, Hyetal, Forsaken, Gatekeeper and Guido.

01. Pinch – From the Foundation feat Dub Judah
02. Gemmy – City Walls feat Ras Addis
03. RSD – More Jah Songs feat Tena Stelin
04. Forsaken – Moses feat Ras B
05. Peverelist – Strictly Ital feat Ras Addis
06. Appleblim & Gatekeeper – Respek I-Spek feat Levi Roots & Afrikan Simba
07. Guido – Nyah Keith
08. Hyetal – Tranaformai feat Ras Bernardo & Jeru Banto
09. Jakes – Hail Jah feat Ras Addis
10. Headhunter – Foundational Dub feat Dub Judah

Sufferah’s Choice Recordings will release Transform I – Remixed in May 2010.(RA)


One Response to “Dubkasm Transform I – Remixed(incl.Pinch, Guido ,Peverelist,Jakes …)”

  1. What? no-ones attempting to have a go at Babylon Ambush?!!!???
    One of the best reggae tunes of last year!!!!

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