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Best Coast – When I’m With You New Video and Next 7″ Vinyl Record

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Premiering Now At

Available For Free With Purchase of Eskuché Headphones At Retailers Worldwide; Eskuché’s Second Vinyl Release in the “Obsessive Compulsive Frequency” Series

Hold on to your cats hats, folks! Best Coast is releasing a video for “When I’m With You”, available today at MTVU and you can watch it here. The single release of “When I’m With You” marked a turning point for the Los Angeles-based artist back in November, promoting her to one of the most talked about artists in the blog-o-sphere.

The new video, produced by friend and filmmaker Pete Ohs, chronicles her romantic encounter with a familiar clown whom we’ve all shared a mcnugget with (or two!) The playful narrative follows the couple on an afternoon date that would satisfy any true California girl.

In addition to the video premiere, the sixth Best Coast 7″ release Far Away is hitting boutique retail shops May 3rd. Innovative headphone brand eskuché (es·koo·chay), will release the record as part of their special edition vinyl series titled “Obsessive Compulsive Frequency”, following last year’s”Vol.1: One Day” promo by The Juan Maclean.

Limited to 500 copies, the exclusive collaboration will be available at select lifestyle retail outlets for free with purchase of a pair of eskuché headphones worldwide. The 7″ features the all-new, previously unreleased tracks entitled “Far Away” and “Everyone’s Gone.”
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Art of Chaos solo EP ‘Dreams'(Obsession (surrender me)Free Download)

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Formed in Los Angeles in 2005, lead singer Brian Torres and his band mates released their first EP Lucid, and they quickly began to garner a Southern California fan base. After two years of playing locally, they released their sophomore album Crimson and Catharsis. That same year, they entered an MTV2 Battle of the Bands and conquered all challengers. As winners, Art of Chaos performed at the San Bernardino stop of the Projekt Revolution tour, and were so well received that Linkin Park personally invited them to open up seven more dates on the second stage. That summer they played alongside Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, H.I.M. and Taking Back Sunday, evolving their live show and winning fans in every city.

At the end of 2008, Art of Chaos shifted from its original format as Torres’ band mates pursued other endeavors; Brian soldiered on solo under the Art of Chaos moniker. The fans have always fueled Art of Chaos. From showing up to every show to tattooing the band’s name, this fan base is truly diehard.

DOWNLOAD Obsession (Surrender Me)
Brian’s newly released solo EP Dreams is produced by Lee Miles (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Tickle Me Pink, Puddle of Mudd). The sound is “alternative” in the truest sense of the word. According to Brian “its anthemic alt rock meets lyrical confessional pop. There are a lot of electronic textures, and the sound is often very lush. I want to bring atmospheric ambience to that melodic space. It’s a fusion of ethereal elements with mainstream rock.”

Art of Chaos reflects the task of finding the strength to keep yourself going. There’s still room to believe in positive childhood ideals. Make art from chaos. The music comes from taking dark, negative or harsh aspects of life and then finding the more beautiful and positive aspects within those things and chasing them. I want to give people that catharsis and help them feel like they’re not alone in this overwhelming universe. To me, that’s one of the greatest gifts that I can offer the human experience.” —Rick Florino

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Lolene – A First Look At The Electrick Hotel -out Summer 2010!

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Watch Lolene, check in to The Electrick Hotel in this first look at her Capitol Records debut. The brand new trailer features audio clips of “Rich (Fake it Til You Make It),” “Lionheart,” and “Ordinary Girl” from the forthcoming release. The Electrick Hotel coming this summer.

Before she had recorded a note of her debut album, Lolene had already chosen its inspired title: The Electrick Hotel. “I call it The Electrick Hotel because when you put the album on, you’re my guest. I’m going to take care of you,” says the British singer, songwriter, and performer. “You’re invited to come and stay a while in my world, which I see as like a hotel where each song is a room that captures a different part of my personality and expresses different emotions. So if you’re feeling happy, you can go to the penthouse and dance to ‘Sexy People.’ If you’re heartbroken, you can visit the first-floor and have a cry to ‘Beautiful Disaster.’”

The concept, as well as the album’s giddy, whirling electro-pop sound dovetails perfectly with Lolene’s fierce, can-do attitude and positive spirit. The first single, “Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)” is “about living your life like you’ve already made it even if you haven’t got a penny to your name,” Lolene says, while “Sexy People” (Lolene’s debut club single that reached No. 5 on the Billboard Dance chart) insists that everyone has something sexy about them, “whether it’s your little toe or a strand of hair,” she says. “I wrote these songs at a time when everyone was miserable because of the recession. I wanted to come up with something fun and colorful that made people feel good.” Lolene shows a more vulnerable side on the thoughtful break-up ballad “Beautiful Disaster,” and the Euro pop-tinged love song “Lion Heart,” which is about having a brave and fearless attitude toward love. And then there’s the Nellee Hooper-produced “Ordinary Girl,” which could be Lolene’s mission statement with the following lyrics: “I’ll never be ordinary / Weird and wonderful / Strange is beautiful / I’ll never be an ordinary girl.”

“That song is about my unusual upbringing,” says Lolene, who was raised in Bristol, England, by a single mother. “I was just not the girl who was going to have four kids and live in the countryside. So I wrote a song about how it’s all right not to be ordinary for all the people out there who feel different and unaccepted.”

Lolene’s childhood was anything but ordinary. “Probably to compensate for my not having a father, my mum kept me occupied with dancing and singing lessons,” she says. “We didn’t have a lot of money, but she worked really hard to give me opportunities, so I’m really thankful to her.” In addition to studying tap, jazz, dance, and ballet (“I’ve been prancing around in a tutu since the age of two,” she says), Lolene also performed in local theater productions and television shows before discovering as a teen that music was her true calling. “Performing is all I know,” she says. “I was literally one of those annoying little stage kids, but it took my mind off of everything, so that was a good plan of my mother’s. Plus I was told my bum was too big for me to be a ballerina, so I thought, ‘Screw you, I’m off to be a pop star!’”

Lolene began writing songs and singing backing vocals for trip-hop artist Martina Topley-Bird (known for her work with Tricky) and local drum-and-bass pioneer Roni Size. After completing school, she moved to London and fronted an all-girl pop vocal group signed to a development deal at BMG Records. She wrote all the group’s material and realized she had a knack for writing melodies and lyrics.

It was during this time in London that Lolene acquired her nickname “Miss Foo Foo,” bestowed on her by a friend who watched Lolene drool over expensive items she couldn’t afford as the two window-shopped on London’s swanky Kings Road. “’Miss Foo Foo’ is the name of my company as well as my naughty alter ego,” Lolene says. “She’s the heightened, fabulous, eccentric part of my personality — the girl who wants it all right now. She lives in a world of heartbreak and handbags. She’s a chaser of dreams.” Miss Foo Foo is boujis (a British expression meaning to be fancy or posh) — the type who hangs out in London’s chic, ultra-private nightclubs.

Glam as it may have been, the London scene wasn’t enough to contain someone as driven as Lolene. Armed with nothing but a suitcase and a demo CD, she moved to Hollywood in search of her big break. Based on Lolene’s songwriting talent, multi-platinum producer Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem (Rick Ross, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston) signed her to his publishing label Beluga Heights/Sony ATV. She went to work collaborating with such heavy-hitters as Andreas Carlsson (Backstreet Boys, ’N Sync, Celine Dion), Christopher Rojas (Pink, Backstreet Boys, Joss Stone), Makeba Riddick (Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce), Evan Bogart (The Writing Camp), Danja (Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland), Harvey Mason Jr. (Underdogs), and Christina Milian, for whom Lolene penned the single “Diamonds” featuring Kanye West.

“My writing is where I get to explore other sides of my personality,” Lolene says. “It’s like acting — you get to play someone else for that song. But I didn’t just want to write for other people, I wanted to write songs for myself.” It was while working with Rotem that the idea for The Electrick Hotel came to her. “I never wanted to just be famous, I wanted to present a very clear vision about who I am and what I want to say to people. And that message is love,” Lolene says. “Ultimately, I’m an ambassador of love. I want to inspire people to be brave and live their dreams, whether it’s about a dream about being rich in love, rich in success, or just fulfilled in some way that is important to you. It’s about breaking down boundaries and just being a fearless person in the world.”
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Robot Koch – true_ short edit

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Preview from upcoming EP “listen to them fade” out in may!
True Mood weekend sound,enjoy
Listen or Download Robot Koch – true_ short edit

About Robot Koch
“the album “death star droid” by Robot Koch sounds like artificial intelligence discovering religion. Essential listening! (BBC/UK)

” Robot Koch is one of europe`s finest producers of the beat generation” (Low End Theory /LA)

“Wonderful and strange — pop music from the future” ( John Peel/BBC/UK)
“Robot Koch is Berlins hottest beatmaker..” (Goon Magazin/Berlin)

“It would make sense to call this stuff Grime for Björk…this might please both fans of Aphex Twin and Roots Manuva.” (XLR8R/USA)

“Death Star Droid’ is definitely one of the standout instrumental albums of the year.” (ATM magazine/UK)
“If, in some distant future, robots will make folk music, this is what it would sound like.”
(The Crack Magazine/UK)
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(Download) Om unit – Dummy Mag Mix April 2010

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OM UNIT released an excellent debut 7”, Lightgrids/Lavender, on All City in January. It was hardly the first time around for the London producer/DJ however, having made his name with Hip Hop productions under his 2Tall moniker during the early 00s. Mega busy with an EP coming up on Plastician’s Terrorhythm Records, as well as a clutch of remixes to add to the one he did for Joker earlier this year, he kindly put together this superb, richly textured future beats and bass mix for Dummy Mix 30

(Download) Om unit – Dummy Mag Mix April 2010

Antonio Vivaldi – Spring (2nd Movement)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Journey of the Dragons (Underground Resistance)
Unknown Soldier – Babylon’s Gifts (Underground Resistance)
Drexciya – You Don’t Know (Underground Resistance)
Aux 88 – Alias (Puzzlebox)
Tom Trago – Lost In The Streets Of NY (Boris Werner mix) (Rush Hour)
Kyle Hall – Kaychunk (Hyperdub)
Cosmin Trg – Love 2 Hide
Jose James – Blackmagic (Joy Orbison’s Recreation) (Brownswood)
Skream – Minimalistix (Nonplus)
Elemental – T Bar (Runtime)
Novamen – Kapotte Kachel (Disco Praline)
Mux Mool – Teal Trim (Ghostly International)
Kool And The Gang – Summer Madness (magic groove mix)
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King Unique-2 Million Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)/Feniksas (Fergie Remix) on Bedrock(Preview) +April Chart

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Bedrock – Bed86R
Release: 03 May 2010
1. 2 Million Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
2. Feniksas (Fergie Remix)

Bigger than big! Larger than large! Here are 2 massive remixes of King Unique’s recent chart topping single ‘2 Million Suns’/’Feniksas’. People are screaming to get hold of these remixes, so you’re very lucky to get them first here!
After the massive success of the original King Unique versions, Bedrock returns with a huge remix package featuring remixes from John Digweed & Nick Muir, along with Fergie. Already causing a stir from the parties at WMC and with John Digweed’s Easter Bedrock party, this is set to be another stellar release from the label that is going from strength to strength in 2010.
The mighty King Unique returned to centre stage is March 2010 with a ‘cosmic techno’ sound pressing all the right melodic & psychedelic buttons and some retro-techno goodness, which found its way into the record boxes and hard-drives of DJs across the board worldwide.
Matt Thomas (aka King Unique) kicked off his tenth year at the forefront of the British house scene with a new direction, walking the fine line that prevails between techno, house and progressive. KU’s self-dubbed ‘cosmic techno’ sound has found it’s perfect home on a favourite label – John Digweed’s Bedrock.
Now Matt’s original versions are expanded upon with two mega big room interpretations. John Digweed & Nick Muir’s rocket-fuelled remix of ‘2 Million Suns’ features a very BIG finale. Insane! No less impressive is Fergie’s irrepressible energetic remix of ‘Feniksas’. Slamming! Enjoy!

Thanks to our Friends from UKF PR we have this two massive tracks,remixes for streaming,listen via soundcloud and preorder at your record store or HERE

King Unique -2 Million Suns (John Digweed + Nick Muir Remix) Bed86R Short Edit by extramusicnew

King Unique Feniksas (Fergie Remix) Bed86R Short Edit by extramusicnew

The King Unique ‘KU Broadcast’ mix series is stuff of legend, with each instalment being snapped up by the best radio shows, podcasts and websites around the world whenever they appear. These cult radio mixes consist of one hour of all that is latest and greatest in the underground electronic scene – re-edited, remixed, dubbed out, chopped up, chewed thoroughly, and spat out by King Unique at his most inventive. We recommend you sign up for your broadcast now! Get in touch asap if you would like to use this mix?
KING UNIQUE – KU Broadcast 16 – April 2010

KING UNIQUE – APRIL CHART – ten tunes in no particular order
Marc Marzenit – “Tulku” Cocoon
Marc on Cocoon. Schumacher in a Ferrari. Fish and chips. Enough said.
King Unique – “2000000 Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)” Bedrock
When I asked John to remix 2000000 I knew it would be good – but this is spectacular. Eerie make-you-wait’ vibe that suddenly delivers you into a very loud dark place.
Spada – “Happiness” Manual Music
Huge mad record alert. Fucked-up autistic Border Community-does-donk vibes, like a Justice remix of the Pacman theme.
Mike Sheridan & Mads Langer – “Too Close (Sei A Remix)” R&S
Scandinavian emo-vocal business, given a superb, rich remix from Sei A. Echoes of Boratto and Âme in there, love it.
Triangle – “Five (King Unique Remix)” Flow Vinyl
Just wrapped this one, blissed out vocals and cosmic techno vibes. Leaked a little video clip from this session onto Facebook – big reactions.
Ante Perry & Olivier Gregoire – “Zmaul” Systematic
Anything with Olivier Gregoire involved gets my instant attention, and “Zmaul” has become my first choice set-starter. Doesn’t matter what the dj before has been playing, it resets the night and gets everybody moving and smiling.
Danny Howells vs. Solomun – “Cloud Planets (King Unique Bootleg)” CDR
A big dose of Danny’s serene “Landing On Planets” layered and cut over the Manual Tur remix of Solomun’s “Cloud Dancer”. Goosebump music.
Chemical Brothers – “Lost & Found” Parlophone
The Brothers continue their psychedelic love affair with all things electronic, piggy-backing their blissed out arpeggios on to grungey French electro. Worthy of Soulwax at their messiest.
Steve Ward – “Invisible Papercut (Jamie Stevens Rites Of Passage Remix)” Chameleon Recordings
Crushing, crunching techno beats from Australia’s greatest skinny-tie wearing tech-house don. Something almost industrial going on here that I like.
Rodriguez Jr Vs Marc Romboy “Lac De Nivelles” Systematic
Two of techno’s finest and one moody lake – result. Great summer evening vibes, but the sort of evening that promises to get horribly strange later on…