Anthony Rother Popkiller 2

This May, Frankfurt-based producer Anthony Rother will release Pop Killer 2, a follow up to his 2004 album Pop Killer.

A lot has happened in Rother’s career since the original Pop Killer, including a handful of albums, a few We Are Punks compilations and about a dozen other releases on his label, Datapunk. Nonetheless, Rother found himself drawn back to the motifs of Popkiller, many of which are revived by song titles on the new record. (For instance, the original began with “Day,” the new one begins with “Night”; Popkiller had “Father”, Popkiller 2 has “Mother,” and so on.) As with much of Rother’s work, sci-fi atmospheres and fuzzy electro beats abound. The new record will be Rother’s first artist album since 2008’s My Name Is Beuys Von Telekraft.

01. Night
02. Disco Light
03. Cruising
04. Cinema
05. Big Boys
06. Skyline
07. Mother
08. Gates
09. Rotation
10. Grab Your Life

Datapunk will release Anthony Rother’s Popkiller 2 on May 28th, 2010.(RA)


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