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Omar S – Ultra Fine (Preview)

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When Alex O. Smith got his hands on a Roland TB-303 the results were devastating…




Moody aka Moodymann -Ol Dirty Vinyl (Preview)

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5 tracks in pic sleeve on textured paper w/inner bag listing track details. Recordings from late 90s to 2009 in a variety of styles encompassing the things he do. Mostly typical KDJ house, with some nice analogue synth work, an analogue ”noise” track, and a quasi-jazz piece. Contains extra vinyl crackle between the tracks to go with the title.


Kyle Hall -The Water Is Fine EP (Preview)

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Kyle Hall is in the full spotlight this spring with releases on Hyperdub, 3rd Ear, remixes on Clone and Warp. And also Moods and Grooves has an exciting release from Kyle too with some fresh early works! Three phat grooving track track each with its own exquisite quality and soulfulness. Create Your Own is a beautiful deep uplifting tune with lush pad arrangements and warm bassline that is ingeniously layered over though provoking shifting percussive rhythms, while tomorrow Is the Day is sure to smash the dance floor with is driving four to the floor house groove and crazy synth line – definitely a must have for all house heads! Finally, One Ribbon is a physiological, spiritual piece which is hypnotic to the soul and sure to become another deep house classic from Moods & Grooves.

Jammer – 10 Man Roll feat. Skepta, JME + Frisco of Boy Better Know (produced by Mumdance)

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Jammer – 10 Man Roll feat. Skepta, JME + Frisco of Boy Better Know (produced by Mumdance)
(Download) Big Dada, 2010-07-12

Tracklisting :
no info yet

Press Release :
Jammer returns to the fray in the weeks leading up to the release of his debut album, “Jahmanji” with the forwardly propulsive club-smasheroo “10 Man Roll”, featuring the mighty Boy Better Know crew.

As those in the know know, Jammer has been acting as a full member of Boy Better Know for well over a year now, rocking stages across the UK with them dressed only in his jim-jams. Now Skepta, JME and Frisco return the favour by appearing on this Mumdance-produced monster and chatting in a variety of amusing styles about the importance of entering the club zone mob-handed. As they do, ya know? The tune is rounded out by jaunty choral contributions from fellow BBK member and Jammer’s cousin, Camalot (aka C-Gritz), who will release his own debut album on Big Dada next year.

With a remix to follow from the one and only Bless Beats, “10 Man Roll” looks set to join the BBK pantheon of hard, underground tunes which cross over big time. Forget going ‘pop’ and looking for a hit – this is the true road to the top!

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Orgone – Cali Fever

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Orgone – Cali Fever
(CD/LP) Ubiquity Records UR271, 2010-06-22

Tracklisting :
01. The Last Fool
02. Crazy Queen
03. Give It Up
04. Cali Fever
05. Sandstorm
06. Overtime
07. It’s Time Tonight
08. Lookout
09. Matanza
10. The Only One
11. Doing Me Wrong
12. The Cleaner

Press Release :
Orgone are back with Cali Fever, their second album for Ubiquity and a giant step from anything they have ever released in the past. This is a band in ascendancy, with more focus and purpose, and gigging like their lives depend on it.

They pull on hard-nosed, stripped-down, New Orleans influences on tracks like “The Last Fool” and “Crazy Queen.” And effortlessly shift gears through more uptempo Afrobeat and Brazilian informed tracks like “Matanza” and summer anthem “It’s Time Tonight.” Unlike previous releases, Cali Fever features all-original compositions, and no covers. With lead singer Fanny Franklin at the helm, the band rip through soul cuts like “Give It Up” and “Overtime” with a wild West Coast flair.

“Cali Fever refers to the vibes and energy coming out of California, specifically Los Angeles,” explains the band. “Coastal environments breed a certain sound, like New Orleans, Brooklyn, the Bay Area, and Miami. Los Angeles has a sound and a feeling for all of us and that’s how we approached this record. It’s an amalgamation of the eclectic things we’ve learned & heard mostly growing up in LA. We aspire to represent where we come from.”

Emerging from an evergreen Los Angeles soulful musical family (band members have also played with Connie Price and the Keystones, Breakestra, Dakah, Rhythm Roots Allstars, The Lions, the Simple Citizens, etc) Orgone released The Killion Floor, their debut album on Ubiquity in 2007. Tracks like “Dialed Up” and “Funky Nassau” established the bands funk and up-tempo soul credibility worldwide, scoring them an Adidas campaign, and tour dates with Little Brother, and backing-band gigs for The Pharcyde, Plantlife (including a BBC performance for Jools Holland), Bun B, Pharoahe Monche, and New Orleans funk legend Eddie Bo.

Despite its warm reception, their debut album got off to a shaky release with management switches and half the band wrapped-up in tour commitments with other acts. Fortunately the core band members (and fans) never gave up on Orgone who spent the last couple of years re-organizing the line-up (now set at 9 pieces), and working on new material. Their gig schedule eventually picked-up steam which also helped them define their sound. With a deep-rooted appreciation of funk, soul, and Afrobeat, Orgone naturally slide through multiple styles both live and on record. And their intimate understanding and appreciation of DJ culture lends a hard, explosive edge to their music.

“While The Killion Floor was a culmination spanning 4 years of recording, and featuring past members of the band, the new record is much more dialed in and immediate,” they explain. “It is a proper representation of what Orgone has developed into, while ascribing to the same vision of honesty & grit we’ve always aimed for.”

Their dynamic live shows, and a huge will to get out and play hard to as many people as possible caught the attention of (concert promoter) Goldenvoice VP David Lefkowitz, who has since taken the band under his wing for management.

Orgone have recently played live on KCRWs Morning Becomes Eclectic, SXSW, and at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Plus they’ve opened for the likes of Al Green, Gil Scott-Heron, and Sharon Jones, and toured with the Roots, Greyboy Allstars and Groundation. Their ability to get any crowd on its feet is testament to their eclectic outlook on funk and soul. This is not a retro funk-by-numbers band simply re-hashing the past. Cali Fever is the evolution of a band dedicated to bringing tight, tough and honest get-on-your-feet unpretentious funk and soul music.

Orgone is: Fanny Franklin, Dan Hastie, Sergio Rios, Stewart Killen, Ethan Phillips, Sean O’Shea, Darren Cardoza, Devin Williams, Joel Bowers. This summer they are booked to play at Bonnaroo, High Sierra and Joshua Tree music festivals, with many more in the pipeline.

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Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno – Dog With A Rope

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Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno – Dog With A Rope
(Digital Single) Tru Thoughts TRUDD013, 2010-06-07
Tracklisting :
01. Dog With A Rope
02. Dog With A Rope (Dub)
03. Dub Y Guaguanco

Press Release :
‘Dog With A Rope’, out as a digital single on 7th June, is the first taste of the forthcoming album of the same name by Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno. The second LP from Quantic’s acclaimed tropical dub and reggae inspired side project, the ‘Dog With A Rope’ album comes out on 19th July, perfect timing for this sun soaked sound, with all the hazy heat of a Colombian summer and heavy Jamaican influences.

As well as the straight up reverb reggae of the lush, instrumental title track, the “Dog With A Rope” single also brings you “Dog With A Rope (Dub)”, a killer deep dub version exclusive to this single. You can also feast your ears on “Dub Y Guaguanco”, a steadily building mix of reggae piano stylings from Alfredito Linares and the Colombian rhythm Guaguanco, with a vocal coro from Colombian singers Orlando and Virgilio Hurtado (who also provided the vocals to “Mambo Los Quantic” on Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro’s highly lauded ‘Tradition In Transition’ LP, trivia fans).

With the Flowering Inferno, Will ‘Quantic’ Holland brings dub and reggae flavours to the Latin American and African sounds that he has been chasing round the globe since he first started collecting records. He introduced this project to the world with 2008’s stunning and highly acclaimed ‘Death Of The Revolution’, and considers this follow-up album a more cohesive whole – a deeper and more intrinsic fusion of these varying musical strands. An album inspired by soundsystem culture but widened out far beyond just reggae and dancehall styles ‘Dog With A Rope’ is a Tropical soundclash – encompassing a heavy bass and reggae aesthetic alongside the Tropical dance-orientated music from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia. While lots of DJs are currently playing both classic and obscure old reggae, funk and Cumbia, Holland noted that not many people are currently making new music of this type and building on these styles in a modern way, so with his signature combination of faith in the past and hunger to push forward, with this album he strove to make the connection. He recorded the album in his Sonido Del Valle studio in Cali, Colombia, the city he has called home since his relocation in 2007.

A true musical obsessive, Holland’s insatiable drive to create new sounds has seen him record and release fourteen full albums under various guises in less than ten years, selling well over 100,000 records in the process and gaining worldwide acclaim as one of the leading lights of the leftfield dance music world. His last album, 2009’s ‘Tradition In Transition’ by Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, scaled the official European World Music Charts, gaining heavy radio and tastemaker support and rave reviews in the likes of Q, MOJO, The Guardian, The Independent On Sunday and many more publications worldwide. High profile tours of the UK, Europe and America followed, including festival headline sets; and this March saw Quantic DJing for the hordes at SXSW.

Look out for Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro’s UK/European tour in summer, including a high profile Glastonbury set. For full tour dates click here. The “Dog With A Rope” album is out on CD and double vinyl on 19th July ’10.
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