Skream Outside the Box July 26th

Ollie Jones, better known as Skream, will release his next full-length this summer on Tempa.

Outside the Box will be Jones’ second album to date, following his self-titled 2006 debut. He’s kept himself extremely busy in the years since that release, putting out dozens of 12-inches on Tempa, Tectonic and Non Plus among others, and playing gigs around the world as one of dubstep’s biggest names. A notoriously prolific producer, he’s already released a total of 81 tunes since 2003, and reportedly has around 20,000 more sitting on a hard drive in his studio, which is still located in his old bedroom at his parents’ house in Croyden, England.

The record will feature a host of guest appearances, including vocals by rapper Murs and synthpop outfit La Roux, whose track “In For The Kill” made great remix fodder for Skream last year. Drum & bass artists D-Bridge and Instra:mental contribute as well, by co-producing the track “Reflections.”

Word has it the album will be followed by a sixth edition in the widely-loved Skreamizm series, though details on that release are still forthcoming.

01. Perferated
02. 8 Bit Baby feat. Murs
03. CPU
04. Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank
05. How Real feat. Freckles
06. Fields of Emotion
07. I Love The Way
08. Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall
09. Wibbler
10. Metamorphosis
11. Finally feat. La Roux
12. Reflections
13. A Song For Lenny
14. The Epic Last Song

Tempa will release Skream’s Outside the Box on July 26th, 2010.(RA)


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