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Lorn – Nothing Else (Video)

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All is not lost; the unconquerable Will,
And study of revenge, immortal hate,
And courage never to submit or yield:
And what is else not to be overcome?
– John Milton, Paradise Lost

“My answer to that,” explains Lorn, having quoted the words of Satan to his lieutenant Beelzebub, “is ‘Nothing Else.’” Which is one way to explain that this 23 year old “from the middle of nowhere in Illinois” is not keen on compromise.

The second artist album from Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint is a deep, deep, dark and uncompromising suite of music. The only Brainfeeder artist to neither come from or ever to have lived in LA, Lorn has already developed an international following for his music. Now, with “Nothing Else” the musician and artist reveals his debut full length. Epic, melancholic and brutal, it’s a record which the listener has to be prepared to immerse themselves in. The rewards make it worth the effort. From the fairground dramatics of “None An Island” through the soundtrack sweep and military momentum of “Army of Fear,” the discombobulated atmospherics of “Bretagne,” the sheer brute force of the bass on “Automaton,” the acid-fried detailing on “Voids” 1 and 2, the woozy migraine-simulacra of “Tomorrow,” the off-centre melodic catchiness of “Glass & Silver” and “Cherry Moon,” the deconstructed electro of “Greatest Silence” and on to the utterly uncompromsing conclusion of “What’s The Use,” where an underwater hip hop break smashes up against Hammond and the ghost of a human voice, this is a record which feels like its been hewn from stone. Albeit electronic stone.

A remarkable, transcendent achievement, no one who knows anything about him is going to claim that Lorn’s life has been easy and nor is his music. Instead it’s raw, emtional, angry, beautiful and real.

Mastered by Clark (Warp Records)

None an Island
Army of Fear
Void I
Void II
Glass & Silver
Cherry Moon
Greatest Silence
What’s the Use

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Download: Dam-Funk: IHopeUknowImWatchingJune (MP3)

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DOWNLOAD: Dam-Funk: IHopeUknowImWatchingJune (MP3)

Dam-Funk’s free download/unreleased series are new, unmastered MP3 single tracks created & released by the man himself via: Grab the others here: Paradise / Passion / Speak the Truth / Do U Feel The Same Way I Do?

Dam-Funk on Tour:
May 29: D-F at Sasquatch Fest. in Quincy WA
Jun 03: D-F at the Kutmah Benefit in Los Angeles (details )
Jun 05: D-F & PB Wolf in Detroit
Jun 12: D-F at Bowery Ballroom in NYC
Jun 13: D-F at BLKN Yard in Brooklyn
Jul 01: D-F with live band in San Francisco
Jul 02: D-F with live band in Hollywood

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New Music Sheila Nicholls + free downloads

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Sheila Nicholls has a battery-acid wit, a fierce fuck-off rebellious streak and a drop-dead gorgeous mug..…” – Michael Simmons, LA Weekly

Sheila Nicholls’ first new release in 7 years, Songs from the Bardo, is an interesting combination of genres. Shifting easily from acoustic singer-songwriter to studio trip hop grooves.
“Songs from the Bardo is an exploration of what interlaces the personal with the universal. What we experience individually, that ultimately makes us the same.”

Since moving to the US from England, Sheila has performed with NY-based group Splendid Fork, recorded 3 solo albums and started her own label, Essex Girl Records.

“After releasing two albums with Hollywood Records, I decided to lay low for a minute. I built a studio, bought equipment, and taught myself ProTools. I really wanted to expand my abilities and have more creative independence. Consequently this record took a while because I did it myself, with some help from friends. Oh and I also had a baby.”

Available now on iTunes, Songs from the Bardo delivers an LP experience in which Sheila co-produced as well as wrote the entire album.

Download Sheila Nicholls – Bardo

Download Sheila Nicholls – Natural Law
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