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KiloWatts releases ‘Time Keeper’ w remix by Limacon on Thoughtless+free download

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TLM036: KiloWatts – Time Keeper
with Limaçon remix

Label: Thoughtless Music
Format: Digital EP

free download of Solar Clock

KiloWatts is the solo project of one deeply talented Jamie Watts, who also records with Tanner Ross as the Mothership act Voodeux. His diverse range of productions all share the common traits of “melody, structure, and high production” but his latest release on offer from Thoughtless Music, Time Keeper, may be his boldest creation yet. Featuring three originals and a remix from red hot West Coast producer Limaçon, this EP is both experimental and dance floor ready, accentuating diverse elements to take you on an indelible journey through new musical possibilities.

The Ringing Spheres
The lead track on Time Keeper starts as a deceptively smooth tech-house groove, but soon advances through haunting chimes and buzzing synths. KiloWatts’ tightly wound buzzes, clicks, and subtle keys gradually expand in a subtle crescendo to provide the thick yet crystal clear patchwork of sounds that holds this dense chunk of deepness together.

Speed of Time
There is a sense of icy remoteness to the first stoic sections of this sublime late night exploration. The pulse and hum of analog synthesizers suggest music made by and for robots until a tight electro bass line drops to offer pure escapism through its fluid funk. “Speed of Time” rises above the din with an almost regal aloofness, but counterbalances those urges with a surefooted groove.

Speed of Time (Limaçon remix)
Building on the momentum of his Thoughtless album, Tarry Not, California producer Limaçon changes things up on the EP’s lone remix. His re-working is a mix of drums, dub techno, deep house, and the same wobbling bass lines that made his recent full-length so irresistible. The track gently builds up steam, resulting in a calmly focused compliment to KiloWatts’ original version.

Solar Clock
Solar Clock works jazz underpinnings and a herky-jerky breakbeat into a solid funk appeal, but the deep bleep of the melodies lean more toward radical sonic experiments. There is a jarring rawness abutting the IDM tendencies of this track’s sleek lines, but rather than conflict, these contrasting halves enrich the whole, pushing musical boundaries in the process.

“Nice tracks!” – Timo Maas

“Solar clock is Amazing!! Loving the groove on Limaçon’s remix!” – Maetrik

“I really absolutely LOVE this record.. one of the freshest releases I’ve heard in a while!!!” – Reynold

“Great EP. Looove it!” – Laurent Garnier

“Cool release – cool label – working for me – playing.” – Slam

“Solid release, I’m into all tracks!” – Pablo Bolivar

“Sumptuous sound-design as always. Just gorgeous stuff. Wow. Totally emotive, forward-thinking deepness. Brilliant.” – Deepchild

“Loving “The Ringing Spheres” and the Limaçon remix! Great stuff all around, but those are the 2 that suit me best. Thanks!” – Derek Plaslaiko

“Limaçon mix is great.” – Nick Warren

“Really enjoying listening to these.” – John Selway

KiloWatts bio:

Jamie Watts is the mind behind KiloWatts. His work embraces the bulk of electronic genres, including breaks, IDM, techno, and downtempo. His fluency in piano is evident throughout his work, as is his penchant for jazzy riffs, intelligent structure, wistful melodies, and an often cheeky take on the current state and history of electronic music as a whole. His album “Ground State” is out on Native State Records, home to fellow pioneers Bluetech and Shen. It’s a collection of sweaty psychedelic downtempo grooves, churning molasses-thick basslines, and undulating synthetic sonorous mandalas. KiloWatts has albums on Artificial Music Machine that are full of visionary dimensions, fusing together a dexterous knowledge of sound synthesis, deep emotional articulation, and solid melodic intuition. Peppered throughout these monumental statements are releases with class labels such as Harmonious Discord, Thoughtless Music, and his own outlet, KiloWatts Music, that celebrate his adept technical expertise, often bringing a whirlwind of mindblowing digital wizardry in the form of glitches and edits.

An ever-growing list of projects and collaborations exists as well. Skeetaz, with breakbeat cohort Bil Bless, brings hard-hitting digital glitched-out psychedelic funk. His collaboration with singer Peter Van Ewijk is a mystical ride with vocals and guitar, nestled atop edgy electronica. With Tanner Ross, an eerie style of dark techno is born under the name Voodeux for Dirtybird’s techno sublabel Mothership. Fellow Philadelphian MC Amagine delivers consciousness-driven motifs in their digital glitch-hop project called Super Galactic Expansive.

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FELA! Cast Recording Free Download

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11 Tony Award Nominations!

“The only acceptable excuse for not going to see this show is if you’re DEAD!!!”
– Roots drummer, Ahmir (‘?uestlove’) Thompson

On June 8, Knitting Factory Records will be releasing the FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording. The album features the incomparable Sahr Ngaujah as Fela singing with members of the irrepressibly funky Antibalas. This cast recording, produced by four-time Grammy nominee Robert Sher, truly captures the magic of FELA!.
For a taste of the album’s sound, check out “Water No Get Enemy” from the new FELA! Original Broadway Cast Recording in the Soundcloud player below.

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Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
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Von D Ft. Zhakee -Bon (Blasta Remix) / Bon (Distinction Remix)(ARG030)Argon Records 12″ Vinyl (Preview )

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Hailing from the suburbs of Paris, Von D’s soul soaked sound is an expression of his multi cultural roots. Bon is a breezy cocktail of soothing pads, crunchy garage rhythms and the angelic tones of French soul sensation Zhakee. For Argon number thirty Blasta & Distinction delivery two impeccable remixes.

a Von D Ft. Zhakee – Bon (Blasta Remix)
b Von D Ft. Zhakee – Bon (Distinction Remix)

Our Favorite EP is Back Again BON from Von D- Listen Clips

Hackman -More Than Ever EP (PTN002) 12″ Vinyl(Preview)

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Briskly traveling from Swansea to Leeds, PTN follows Doc Daneeka’s release with an equally hyped EP of fresh material from Hackman, who along with Doc D, featured in FACT Magazine’s top 10 producers to watch for the year. Hackman is one of the exploding Funky movement’s best and brightest producers, rising fast and unleashing unstoppable rhythm after unstoppable rhythm. Profiled by the venerable and influential Blackdown in 2009 Hackman is no stranger to hype even so early in his career. But it’s not all just hype, and if anything, the hyperbole is warranted. Hackman makes music in line with other prominent Funky producers, but his productions have a certain sheen and a peculiarly humid quality that make them unmistakable. His impressive grasp of bass (see the absolutely crushing basslines in “Bodies” and “Surround” off of his EP for Well Rounded, betrays his initial foray into dubstep, and it lends his music a power both more nuanced and more visceral than many of his contemporaries.

Hackman More Than Ever EP PTN002  

a1 Hackman – More Than Ever
a2 Hackman – Nobody Minds
b1 Hackman – Gutterflower
b2 Hackman – Dusk

Listen Clips