Exit Records Present – Steve Spacek “Black Pocket: The Album” 19th July

Few artists nowadays can claim true originality in the music they make; artists who have their own unique sound. You can easily spot a DJ Premier break, an M.I.A. chant, or a Timbaland beat, because these are the artists who have etched out their own niche in the musical forum. These people push the envelope with their production, keeping things fresh, exciting and interesting for us lowly listeners. Steve Spacek is one of these people.

Steve White forged his music career in the early 90’s with the dance act Stex, which also featured Johnny Marr of The Smiths. He went on to found the band Spacek in the mid-90s, and quickly found underground success. Their first release, “Eve”, gained favour with many respected people in the industry, resulting in them signing to Mos Def’s GoodTree imprint and Island Records in the UK. The late J Dilla offerered up remix duties on a package that included contributions from the Roots’ Black Thought, Frank n Dank and Mos Def himself. Their debut album, “Curvatia”, was critically acclaimed, and displayed the group’s complex and challenging sensibilities, establishing them as a promising new talent in the British alternative music scene. “Vintage Hi-Tech” followed in 2003, drawing high praise from critics who called it “a downtempo musical masterpiece that draws no comparison”, and they were heralded by Style magazine as “the Radiohead of soul”.

Steve launched his solo career in 2005 as Steve Spacek, and went on to release his debut solo album “Spaceshift” on LA based label Sound in Color which was a big seller in the US. The lead single, “Dollar”, produced by J Dilla, was a hit and a big crowd (and DJ) pleaser in clubs.

2 years later and it’s 2007, and with a move to Exit records (a record label run by his younger brother Darren “D-Bridge” White), Steve is ready to unleash a new side of his musical persona – “Black Pocket” – upon the world. Those people, who think that Flying Lotus is the one and only real origin in sound and style, should check Black Pocket

“Black Pocket The Album” is instrumental soul at its best, an exploration into grooves and the spaces within. Over the series, Black Pocket has shown the diversity that’s possible within the soul genre, and this album pulls all those possibilities together. Every track on here shows a producer who is totally in control of his sonic surroundings: a myriad of splices and lush quirks which – like a jigsaw – resolve themselves to reveal the beauty of the whole. “Black Pocket” is an album which blows away all the usual clichés found in the music behind soul and brings to you a future full of potential and promise.

Steve Spacek, the acclaimed voice behind the ground-breaking genre-pushing group Spacek (who were championed by everyone from Entertainment Weekly to Mos Def), made a name for himself at the turn of the century with the song “Eve’ (covered by Dwele). The song set off a worldwide buzz on Steve as a singer and his group’s futuristic sound. Imagine a robot performer in the future, in love with hip hop beatology and skillful enough to twist it into new shapes, programmed with an infused knowledge of the biographies of Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway and Leroy Hutson as source material for lyric writing and you might have an idea of the Spacek sound – Robotic, futuristic, hip-hop based soul. Steve Spacek has also worked with Mark Pritchard on his recent Harmonic 313 album, or their joint 12″ on Warp this year under the alias Africa Hi Tech. His back catalogue, includes labels like Giles Petersons Brownswood, BBE, and more recently he had a Blackpocket release on Fat City which had a Martyn Remix.

Steve Spacek
Black Pocket: The Album

01 For Real *
02 Mountain *
03 Juiced *
04 Field *
05 Sta Simonez *
06 Sta Simone *
07 Other Magic *
08 Amplify *
09 Bartn Groov *
10 Hangin St *
11 Vandlance *
12 Al Softly *
13 Thankyou & Credits
14 Thankyou & A Bit More Credit
15 Look Over Honey
16 Cyborg
17 Boungie

* – Also feature on the 12″ Vinyl LP version

Released 19th July 2010 on CD / Vinyl & Digital formats.

Black Pocket – Boungie

Black Pocket – U’re A Star (Martyn Remix)

www.myspace.com/exitrecords | www.myspace.com/stevespacek


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  1. theblackphoenix Says:

    Excellent…looking forward to the release!

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