Shinobi Ninja drop new single Rock Hood today+Free Download+Video

Brooklyn’s own hard body party rock calvary have successfully harnessed their bombastic live performance on a second official studio release, The Video Game EP. Their innovative iPhone video game app, Brooklyn to Babylon: Shinobi Ninja Attacks!, will be available for download together with the EP on June 15th via
To put it simply, they area walking, breathing, and screaming cartoon: Loud, colorful, and full of enough energy to put nearly any other band to shame.”
Six musicians from all different backgrounds creating a sound that mashes funk, reggae, hip-hop, and punk to create the ultimate party music.” – URB
“Lyrically reminiscent of a house party in Brooklyn circa 1994, the band makes a nod to the old school while remaining in touch with their inner fiesta, fun craving personalities, and un-tethered desire.” – HIP HOP REPUBLICAN


Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
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    […]Shinobi Ninja drop new single Rock Hood today+Free Download+Video «[…]…

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