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(download)Pictureplane—Fusion of the Masculine and Feminine Energy Mix-Xlr8r Podcast 144

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Pictureplane (a.k.a. Travis Egedy) isn’t exactly easy to pin down. The Denver-based artist has been lumped in with the chillwave crowd, even though his debut latest album, Dark Rift, often sounded more like a rough-around-the-edges take on ’80s dance pop, early ’90s rave, and modern UK bass music. On this Fusion of the Masculine and Feminine Energy mix, Egedy mines familiar territory, although he manages to expand his reach to also include gabber techno, digital hardcore, hip-hop, and fuzzed-out R&B. Combining dancefloor nostalgia with a DIY punk ethos, not to mention an affinity for distorted synths, Egedy has created more of a mixtape than a ‘proper’ DJ mix, which might lead some to scoff at the lack of technical prowess on display here. But as far as we’re concerned, when it comes to Pictureplane, precision is beside the point. His new EP, True Ruin Light Body, drops later this month.

(download)  Pictureplane—Fusion of the Masculine and Feminine Energy Mix

01 House Hallucinates “Prisoners of XTC” (Hype)
02 Underworld “Scribble”
03 Black Box “Ride on Time” (Groove Groove Melody)
04 Atari Teenage Riot “Activate” (Digital Hardcore)
05 Lancinhouse and the Stunned Guys “We Are the Dynacore” (Very Hard Unresistable)
06 U96 (a.k.a. V69) “I Wanna Be a Kennedy” (Carinco Neue Medien Ag)
07 Nika and Rory “The Choice”
08 Love Fine “Temperature Rising” (Laton)
09 Gucci Mane feat. Lil B “Break Yourself (Diplo Remix)” (Mad Decent)
10 Matt Shadetek “Funny Cats” (Dutty Artz)
11 Modern Witch “Your Life a Movie” (Disaro)
12 Tearist “Lo-V”
13 Alicia Keys “Unthinkable (Physical Therapy Real Heavy Vibe)”


No Surrender to Release Medicine Babies + FREE Mp3!

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No Surrender to Release Medicine Babies
(ZerOKilled Music, Fall 2010)

Free MP3 of “Godda Get It,” Feat. Radioclit
Band to Preview Tracks from New LP
June 24th @ Cameo in Brooklyn

“Your new favorite shit.” –Vice Magazine

“…a groping, grimy jam sticky with parking-lot feedback, Rick James-esque yelps, and fuzzy synths… Just remember that Medicine Babies is the name of the album dropping this fall, and it’s gonna be dope.” – RCRD LBL

No stranger to the New York underground scene, No Surrender is gearing up to release their intricate sophomore effort Medicine Babies (ZerOKilled Music, Fall 2010). Blending hip-hop, electro, soul, synth-pop, and indie-rock, No Surrender’s spanning sound is genre-bending. Enlisting European production team Radioclit, TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, New York fixture DJ Monica Sharp, and former Tricky muse Costanza, their guests are equally as diverse, and equally as interesting.

No Surrender’s members, Seraphim, Steeples, and Gnomad, banded together during the 90s, co-hosting the famous Revenge of The Muse parties at venues such as Brownies, CBGB’s Gallery, and Baby Jupiter, before Guiliani’s New York took its stronghold. Sharing the stage with Mike Ladd, Antipop Consortium, Stiffed (Santigold’s former band), and Apollo Heights, they proved to be a New York staple.

After self-releasing their critically lauded debut, White Power Black Magic, No Surrender was put on hold when Eddie Steeples became a permanent cast member on NBC’s My Name Is Earl, playing Darnell/Crabman. Putting unfinished tracks on the back burner, Seraphim participated in different projects (including guesting on tracks for Evil Nine and Infesticons) until Steeples finished filming. Picking up right where they left off, but adding years of experience and influences, No Surrender took on producer Costanza Francavilla to finish Medicine Babies in the ZerOKilled studio in Brooklyn.

The first single from Medicine Babies is “Godda Get It”, featuring production by Radioclit.

No Surrender will be previewing tracks from Medicine Babies at Cameo in Brooklyn on Thursday, June 24th.
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Spoek Mathambo -Mshini Wam b/w Gwababa (Don’t Be Scared)

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Released: 2010-07-27

Part of a new breed of African artists, 24 year old Spoek Mathambo (Rapper/DJ and Graphic Designer/Illustrator) is hitting the world hard with his take on Afro-futurism. Spoek sees himself as a part of a new wave of energy in Africa, which is intent on nurturing a sense of progressiveness while maintaining a pride in culture. As front-man for electrorap outfits SWEAT.X and PLAYDOE, Spoek Mathambo has become a increasingly prominent figure in the international music scene over the last couple of years.

Most recently, Spoek Mathambo has finished recording his solo album, “Mshini Wam” for BBE, and has built a live band (which includes two dancers) in order to tour the project.
The album is a sign to the world of what Africa has in store in terms of progressive electronic music!
The title “Mshini Wam” is from a famous Zulu song called Umshini wami, (English: My Machine), often sung by members of the military wing of the ANC and the South African pres! ident himself whenever they are in trouble – in their version it means: “Bring Me My Machine Gun”. Yet for Spoek Mathambo Mshini Wam has quite a different meaning: “My Machine…A way to express a new wave of electronic African music!”.

Spoek has risen to become one of the foremost recognised exporters of the new South African club music (which he has coined as Township Tech). He has gathered widespread attention as far afield as the New York Times and Fader Magazine.
The single release “Mshini Wam b/w Gwababa (Don’t Be Scared)” features two tracks taken from the album as well as a generous load of exciting remixes.

Check Extra Music new for Spoek Mathambo free downloads and more HEREwatch the cool music video featuring "Gwababa (Don't Be Scared)":

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