Audioelectronic- Two Trains Running (Nude Photo Music) w/ remixes from Swayzak’s Brun Brown, Caltrop, Chris Firenze+free Extra Promo

Nude Photo Music proudly presents… Audioelectronic – Two Trains Running [NPM 10008], with remixes by Swayzak’s Brun Brown, Caltrop, and Chris Firenze.

NPM10008 [Digital Only Release]
Audioelectronic – Two Trains Running

Available July 14th, 2010 exclusively on Beatport.

Extra Free download   “Two Trains Running”

Two Trains Running
Gustavo Lanzas – aka Audioelectronic is the driving force behind Nude Photo Music. As Audioelectronic, Gustavo has been writing and performing electronic music for almost 20 years. Working with classic hardware synthesizers and samplers, as well as the latest software, Gustavo defines a sound that lies equally between the spacious sound of Dub, and the emotive electronic anthems of Detroit.

About The Release
“Two Trains Running was a track Iʼd written back in 2000. I came across the session, and was inspired to update it. The end result was quite a bit different, but incorporated most of the original tracks, along with some new tracks recorded from the Waldorf Blofeld and Nord Modular synths. I played this track live for a couple years when I first wrote it, but ended up never finishing it until now. The title refers to a brief but passionate affair between two lovers – the trains running on opposite tracks pass each other on the way to their ultimate destinations, just as eventually the affair comes to an end. Itʼs also a reference to the book of the same title by Andrew Vachss.”

The Remixes
Brun Brown, one half of legendary duo Swayzak, deconstructs the track into its individual elements, and delves deep into bass heavy reverb-drenched dub techno with “Brunʼs Duhb”.

Nude Photo Musicʼs own Dj Caltrop returns with another lush mix paying homage to classic italo and electro sounds, with melodic synths and analog electronic drums.

Closing out the remix is a driving techno-bass mix from one of Portlandʼs rising techno producers, Chris Firenze.

“Cool original – and good remixes – strong release – thanx” – SLAM

“SWAYZAK flavors are always fruity!” – DEEPCHILD

“Superb package here… with the Swayzak being an exceptional stand out. Cheers for it.” – Q-BURNS ABSTRACT MESSAGE

“Quality deepness all around – each mix has its proper time and place; I could see playing all of them in the right setting. Thanks for sending!” – NOAH PRED

“All mixes are superb… really like the original and dj caltrop’s remix” – LUCAS RODENBUSH

“The Swazyak mix is cool” – SAMUEL L. SESSION

“5/5” – DUBFIRE

“Sweet, summery groove. The original for me.” – TYLER STADIUS

“I love the original, full support thanks for sending” – SOUNDSPACE

“Beautiful Swayzak remix! We’ll play for sure” – SIGNAL DELUXE

“Original mix for me, Brun’s dub is really wicked also,big and thick sounding. Will definitely be playing, this is perfect music for the Funktion 1 system..” – JAY TRIPWIRE

“Loving the synth work in all of these. Moody and modern. Feeling the Swayazk remix the most, but they are all stellar!” – ANDROID CARTEL

“All of the tracks are really good. My favourite is the “Swayzak Mix” and l will play this out.” – ANTHONY PAPPA

“Very solid release! I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Two Trains Running’. The original is sexy, deep and hypnotic, feels like a great pool party lounge-type jam. Swayzak’s mix is very dark and cerebral. The Caltrop mix has a nice gallop to it, I like the retro electro melodies and the twist on the original bassline. Chris Firenze is bringing the heat, this track is going into my ‘virtual’ DJ bag for sure! Nice chugging rhythms & futuristic percussion, really cool effects lurking about as well. All tracks on this release would go over well with me if I heard them out, and I plan on playing the Chris Firenze mix. ” – WESLEY DYSART, Steamtown Records

About Nude Photo Music
Nude Photo Music is an independent electronic dance music label based in Portland, Oregon.

We are exclusively focused on Techno/Electro/House/Minimal styles, with an emphasis on quality production and melodic content.

The goal and direction for the label is to release elegant, sophisticated music for the dance floor, that traces its lineage back to the classics, but is connected to a vision of the future.

For more info on Nude Photo Music:
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