Derek Marin- ‘While She Sleeps’ w Pete Grove and Modest D remixes on Thoughtless+free download

Thoughtless presents… TLM039: Derek Marin – While She Sleeps EP w/remixes by Pete Grove and Modest D.

TLM039: Derek Marin – While She Sleeps
with Pete Grove and Modest D remixes

Label: Thoughtless Music
Format: Digital EP
Release date: July 13, 2010

Free download While She Sleeps
It’s taken 39 releases to come full circle, but after debuting on Thoughtless with our inaugural EP, Brooklyn’s Derek Marin is finally back in the fold with “While She Sleeps” – and it was definitely worth the wait.

How deep can a track be yet still maintain undeniably wide appeal? Derek explores just that with his title track, a breathless deep house stunner sure to send shivers through even the hottest summer dance floors. A rather large bass line carries the track forward, inviting everyone into the rhythm with its subsonic bounce, as resonant chords set the tone for the iconic melody to unfurl in the break: pure magic.

Pete Grove enters the fray with not one but two solid remixes, the first employing subtle latin percussion to impel the original’s housier elements with enhanced drive and focus – while the second favors his trademark buzzing synth cuts to give it a slight electro feel.

“Rakimuse” constitutes the flip side, melding addictive low-end rhythms with swirling chords and mysterious female intonations for yet another burner.

Finally, Derek reinterprets “Rakimuse” under his own Modest D alias, highlighting dubby edges while adding a haunting Rhodes line for a somewhat muted yet no less potent affair, perfect for the end of a long night out.

If she’s sleeping through this, I hope she’s having amazing dreams – because she’s got no idea what she’s missing…


01. While She Sleeps
02. While She Sleeps – Pete Grove Rapid Eye Mix
03. While She Sleeps – Pete Grove Funk Deprivation Mix
04. Rakimuse
05. Rakimuse – Modest D Remix

“Nice deep house tunes.” – Fine Cut Bodies

“Great release!! Rapid Eye remix is amazing! Will play for sure. Thanks for sending.” – Signal Deluxe

“Original version of While She Sleeps is my favorite…” – Mateo Murphy

“Modest D on form again.” – Nick Warren

“Rakimuse! Crunk me with your blizzam-stick! Also Funk Deprived mix is far from 😉 WERD.” – Deepchild

“Support” – Richie Hawtin

“Very cool all around.” – Chris Fortier

“Hey, nice Modest D remix, will play!” – Estroe

“Great label – another cool release – good remixes – support.” – Slam

“Digging the whole thing… While She Sleeps has a groovy feel with nice electronic sound throughout. Other mixes are equally good and jamming in their own right.” – Lucas Rodenbush

“I like Rakimuse, full of deepness and groove. I will play for sure.” – Soundspace

“Excellent tracks. Difficult to pick a fav, though today I’m really feeling the remix from Modest D.” – Tyler Stadius

“Support” – 16 Bit Lolitas

“Support” – 2000 and One
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