Ghostly Celebrates 100 Releases (Manzoku: The Ghostly Bento) With SF/LA Shows and Give-Away

For Ghostly International’s hundredth release (GI-100), we wanted to commemorate the occasion with something more than music, something bigger, more permanent—a humble monument to our first decade’s work and a gift to our loyal fans. With that in mind, we give you Manzoku: The Ghostly Bento.

The Ghostly Bento was inspired by Japan and its tradition of quality, service, and design—values that Ghostly has always cherished. “Manzoku” is a Japanese word that roughly translates to “satisfaction.” Thus, the Bento is an intimate celebration of satisfaction in multiple forms—tactile, visual, aural—packaged in a handcrafted wooden box, stained and etched with a stunning image by LA artist Dosa Kim.

The Ghostly Bento is extremely limited in quantity (only 50 boxes were made) and handmade by a team of artists, designers, and craftspeople working closely with Ghostly International. Typical Japanese bento boxes pair disparate flavors within one container, and The Ghostly Bento is no different: nestled in the box’s three compartments, one finds a squid-adorned edition of Horizon Line / Ghostly By Night, our era-defining double-disc compilation; a silk Ghostly tie, featuring Dosas design screen-printed by Cyberoptix; and a pair of wooden Ghostly chopsticks.

The result of creative collaboration, meticulous detailing, and old-fashioned hard work, Manzoku: The Ghostly Bento is a ceremonial token of satisfaction—both ours and yours.

Ghostly (Manzoku: The Ghostly Bento)
release date: July 20, 2010

Disc 1
1 School of Seven Bells – Half Asleep (Lusine Remix) [Exclusive]
2 Tycho – Adrift (Shigeto’s Adrift A Dream Remix) [Exclusive]
3 Choir of Young Believers – Claustrophobia (Peter Antlers Remix)
4 Osborne – Afrika (Bullion Remix)
5 Mux Mool – Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix)
6 Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys – Git (Max Tundra Version) [Exclusive]
7 Deastro – Kurgan Wave Number One (Solvent Remix) [Exclusive]
8 Dabrye – Air (Madlib Remix) [feat. Doom]
9 Lusine – Twilight (Jeff Samuel Remix)
10 Dykehouse – When You Come (The Russian Futurists Version) [Exclusive]

Disc 2
1 Lusine – Operation Costs (Disassembled Mix)
2 Deastro – Mowgli The Linx
3 Matthew Dear – Rally Rasser Good [Exclusive]
4 Shigeto – Sky Of The Revolution
5 Mux Mool – 1st And 4th
6 Richard Devine & Telefon Tel Aviv – CWCIII [Exclusive]
7 Pale Sketcher – Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)
8 Michna – No Back Seat [Exclusive]
9 Solvent – Life-Size Image
10 The Sight Below – Unforetold [Exclusive]

To celebrate their 100th release Ghostly is giving away two copies of their limited edition Manzoku Bento Box and tickets to the upcoming Ghostly A/V shows in SF and LA. To enter visit XLR8R’s contest page.

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