MalLabel Music releases The Magic Hour LP by San Francisco dubstep duo Blackheart+Free Downloads

ARTIST: Blackheart
TITLE: The Magic Hour LP
LABEL: MalLabel Music

Free download Dialers
California is becoming the hub for an emerging mutant strain of dubstep that combines glitch, old school coastal rave breaks, and outdoor sound system culture. Think Burning Man meets Road Warrior and you’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the engine that drives veteran MalLabel recording artists Blackheart. Hailing from San Francisco, this pair of ne’er-do-wells certainly brings the hammer down with tough beats on this seven track mini LP, teaming up with some of the US dubstep scene’s biggest talents Bukkha, Ceeker, and Rastatronics to indulge in a festival of paint peeling bass lines and coarse synth melodies. But Blackheart also has the skills to make it funky, laying down hard core hyphy beats that pay close attention to the ghettotech pioneers from Detroit and the new school cats from Baltimore. But what makes these guys so amazing is their synth work – this album is comprised entirely of melodies sculpted out of pure techno influences – from old R&S to new Perlon; Blackheart hasn’t forgotten that dubstep is still music for dancing. “Creature Funk” opens the album with raunchy, chuggy, driving stepper while “Dialers,” “Madhouse,” and “Kik Mah Boots” provide the straight-forward, driving anthems.

Artwork by Ben Keyser

01 Creature Funk
02 Dialers w/ Ceeker Free Download
03 Madhouse w/ Bukkha
04 Digital Breath w/ Rastatronics
05 Kik Mah Boots
06 Madhouse w/ Bukkha (Ceeker Remix)
07 Hyperlink

DOWNLINK – “I can’t stop nodding my head, The Magic Hour LP is so fresh! Can’t wait to drop these tunes at my next show.”

6BLOCC – “BLACKHEART = CREEPY, MUSICAL, GRIMEY. I’m definitely droppin this!

DJ Odeed from HD4000 – “Blackheart has done it once again,a diverse album with a little bit of everything for everyone”

Ceeker – “This album is mass hypnoid suggestion.”

Ultraviolet – “Creature Funk is in constant rotation right now, big ups!”

Bukkha – “The Magic Hour LP is a continuous facemelting listen.”

Dub Pirates – “Blackheart holding it down, we love this album, big things.”

Blackheart bio
Formed in 2007, the San Francisco duo BLACKHEART has a unique vision of dubstep filtered through through the classic coastal break sound and the West Coast’s ubiquitous outdoor sound system culture, While their sound may be difficult to categorize, their ability to pack and rock a dance floor is undeniable. Each member has a diverse history in San Francisco’s electronic dance music scene, and as BLACKHEART have taken root in the burgeoning West Coast dubstep scene. The duo already has a discography that spans an handful of some of the US’s most prized labels, including Full Melt, Bassism, Filthy Digital, Savory Audio, and also MalLabel. Their remixes of 6Blocc’s “Bad Boy” and DZ’s “Untitled Facemelter” on MalLabel proved to be dancefloor destroyers, and their latest – “The Magic Hour LP” – is filled from beginning to end with the same vibey West Coast darkness. You can usually catch BLACKHEART live at either a MalLabel or Redline underground event – every 6-8 weeks somewhere around San Francisco. Expect more noise in the future from this rising pair of standouts.

Download the exclusive Blackheart Studio Mix 2010
MalLabel Music bio
MalLabel is a SF based music label and production company whose goal is to promote new music in creative, non-traditional event environments. MalLabel Music’s philosophy is to release dance-floor banging beatz. and produce underground interactive art events that promote label artists and headliners.

MalLabel Music has released tracks from emerging dubstep artists such as:
the Widdler,
the Faun.

The MalLabel roster includes:
El Diablo
Mycho Pan Cocoa

Label Principles
A. Produce, release, and license bass heavy dance floor oriented music with a
west coast flavor.
B. Create, film and record art inspired underground events that feature local
music and large name acts.
C. Promote MalLabel music, photos, video, and event information easily to our
targeted audience through

For more info on MalLabel Music:

For more info on Blackheart:

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    MalLabel Music releases The Magic Hour LP by San Francisco dubstep duo Blackheart+Free Downloads |

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