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Tensnake – Coma Cat Remixes

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New Round Table Knights and Treasure Fingers remixes, one of the records of the summer .
Out 08/09/10


Download:Cosmin TRG – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

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Catch Cosmin TRG live in Room One alongside Ms Dynamite, Redlight, MJ Cole & Serocee, Addison Groove (LIVE) and Hatcha on Friday 20th August. The Hessle Audio residency continues the same night with 2562 and Blawan joining Ramadanman, Pangaea and Ben UFO in Room Three.

Download:Cosmin TRG – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

1. Unknown – Unknown
2. Falty DL – St. Marks (Cosmin TRG remix)
3. MRSK – Close to Me
4. Nick Lawson – You Look Good
5. Ezequiel Sanchez – Going to Dance (Catz n Dogz Remix)
6. Soul Clap – Break 4 Life
7. Cosmin TRG – Sores of Attraction
8. Frozen Border – FB05 A
9. Glimpse – Emplyable Enjoyable (Marcel Dettmann remix)
10. STL – Subway Hustle
11. Recloose – MYM
12. Cosmin TRG – Liebe Suende
13. Heartthrob – In My Room
14. Doc Daneeka – Hold On
15. Oracy – Bass Mood
16. Pfirter – Arcon
17. Lone – Pineapple Crush

Juliette Commagere new album The Procession October 26th +free MP3

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Juliette Commagere’s Solo Album Gets New

Release Date; LA Show with Air Announced

Album In-Stores October 26th on Manimal Records

Click HERE to Stream/Download “Impact”

Juliette Commagere’s new solo album The Procession has a new release date (October 26th on Manimal Records) and the chanteuse is excited to be opening for Air on Ocober 23rd at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. 

 Juliette catch you up on her life since he releases her solo debut in 2008:

So here we are–year and a half later, and once again I have the task of making my life seem more interesting than it really is. In all honesty, it has been a pretty good year since my first solo record came out, and debbie downers like me don’t use that term loosely.  I made a new and even more epic record, got married, got a new dog, got a new hairdo, toured around the world, made some money, spent it all, and played with some strange and not so strange bands. Which subject should I tackle first? My hairdo? It’s amazing.

Okay so the other bands: The Bird and the Bee, PusciferMaynard James Keenan’s side project), Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders and Joachim’s pops Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe. Yes, I am quite a versatile little lady. I used to be a snob and never want to play with other bands, but I’m so happy I started doing it because I love it!  I have known Inara Georgefor a long time since we went to the same high school, and anyone who’s lived in L.A. long enough knows that going to Crossroads HighSchool is kind of like belonging to some rich and artsy cult. (Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel, Jack Black, Gillian Welch, the Haden family, The Like, Inara George, Rooney, Jason Ritter, Simon Helberg, are all graduates) Puscifer on the other hand is what you might call a strange band. A strange band that likes expensive wine.. But there is definitely a part of me that dabbles in the dark side.  We did a bunch of shows in Vegas and Joachim and I always fantasize about getting married in Vegas when we’re passing through, but we’re usually too lazy. So when Maynard offered to marry us onstage, how could I say no?  Needless to say Joachim’s mom was horrified and asked if we think marriage is a joke and do we not take it seriously and, well, the answer is yes. I hesitated over whether or not to even mention it here because I sort of hate married people. They are really annoying and I always vowed to never become one of them. But that tax man keeps coming around and PF Changs ain’t free.
Touring: Aside from almost going down in a blaze of glory on an 11 hour Korean Airlines flight from hell, I’d have to be a real asshole to say that touring Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia wasn’t one of the best experiences of my life.  Comedy babble aside–I personally love to travel, and it is in these foreign environments that I truly feel inspired.  I see things with clear eyes, I miss the people I love, I experience things I will never forget, and I feel wistful and romantic instead of slovenly and bored. Foreigner was written while on the road in Europe, and Plantsong, in which I enlisted friend Jon Hassell to lend his melancholy sound, I wrote shortly after my Grandmother passed away while I was in Australia. Essentially “The Procession” is a metaphor for life, about trying to move forward, about the things that we make happen and accepting the things that are out of our control, about a longing and a yearning that is deep inside of me and that searches for a way out. I may never find a way to express it, but in “The Procession” I give it one more try.
Oh–and fyi, I’m not French Canadian, I’m a mother fuckin’ Mexican.
-Juliette Commagere
Juliette Commagere – The Procession Track List:
Eats From The Inside
How I Look For You
The Procession
Hovering In The Wings

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airpod 6: Kate Simko The Deep Side of Chicago & Detroit(download)

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airpod #6 : Kate Simko 
Deep Side of Chicago & Detroit

Straight from her decks in Chicago, Kate Simko drops a summertime mix that cuts right to the essence of the sound of Chicago and Detroit. Highlighting classic labels and producers, as well and shining new talents, the music takes us on a journey from deep to techy, but always full of soul.

Ahead of her forthcoming album on Spectral Sound, Kate has collaborations due with both Tevo Howard (Beautiful Granville) and Derek Plaslaiko with the ‘Opinionist’ EP on Introduction Records.

Kate will be based in Berlin during September and available for European live/DJ tour dates.

 Listen to mix now(download)or  here

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Irregular in timing and musical in nature, airpod is a continuing fable of slightly off-centre musical compositions stitched together by the cosmopolitan crew of DJ’s known collectively as air london. Subscribe to the series and have the latest chapter beamed directly to your latest listening gizmo and enjoy the most recent musical musings from the maestros who are on the front line of underground electronic music…

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Röyksopp -This Space (Free Download)

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About This Space:
We have swum out of the mire to present you with a ‘farewell to summer’ tune. It is a melancholic mash-up of sorts, using elements from a few sources, with the track ‘This Space’, by the excellent Woolfy vs. Projections as the starting point. As usual, we have gone on a complete journey with this, and think we have come up with a perfect late summer cinematic – we hope you agree!

Download: Röyksopp -This Space



Download:Rebel Sonix DJ mix Summer 2010

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Download:Rebel Sonix DJ mix Summer 2010
Direct or via

1. Rebel Sonix vs Empire Isis feat. Joachim Says and Jamie Wallace – Get Up On It
2. Rusko – My Mouth
3. Doctor P – Rasputins Gold
4. Rob Sparx – Arcade/MIA – Bucky Done Gun (Acapella)
5. Joker, Ginz – Re-Up/Bassnectar feat. Seasunz- Cozza Frenzy (Acapella)
6. DJ Riot – Mermaid Dub/Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Jennifer – Who’s Afraid of Rio? (Acapella)
7. Joker – Tron/The Jinks feat Johnny Dangerous – Dynamite Music (Acapella)
8. Doctor P – Sweet Shop/Dizzee Rascal – Stand Up Tall (Acapella)
9. Ed Solo, JFB – I Need You
10. Rebel Sonix – Turkish Delight/Ricky Rankin – Marijuana (Pon Di Corner) (Acapella)
11. Rebel Sonix – Samhain
12. Rusko – Raver’s Special
13. Rebel Sonix – The Ankle Grinder
14. Rebel Sonix – Vodka Is Evil
15. Spekrfreks, Billy Newton Davis – Back it Up (SPL Vocal mix)
16. High Rankin – Meow Meow
17. Ill Bill Batchelor, Mr Boogie – Dead Junglist
18. Cyberoptix – Geisha

Mixed and Scratched by Rebel Sonix

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