Rustie -Sunburst EP – out 4/5 October 2010 on Warp,Listen Sampler

Finally new EP from our Favorite artist Rustie+On Warp,cant be better!
Probably, album on Warp is next…???!!!

Over the course of a crucial handful of solo releases, a split single with Joker and remixes for the likes of Modeselektor, Zomby and The Big Pink, Glasgow’s Rustie has reached the point where posting a new track on his MySpace page is enough to cause a clamor from fans around the world. The elusive young artist’s appearances at Sonar, Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder and our own Warp20 celebrations have been nothing short of revelatory.

As Rustie’s most expansive piece of work to date, Sunburst EP is pretty self-explanatory, a bright and brilliant sensory shock. Taking the rarely-linked sonics of hyper-digital video game music and bombastic, audacious prog-rock Rustie folds them into his melted plastic confection of crunk, classic electro and techno. His Warp debut starts off in epic fashion with the sci-fi stadium rock of ‘Neko’ and the masterful low-riding speaker smasher ‘Dragonfly’.

It’s the melodic waves of ‘Beast Nite’ and the mangled synths and minimal percussion of ‘Chew’ that start to reveal Rustie’s sound away from the dancefloor and looks towards how he’ll evolve towards next year’s full-length, before the rousing finale of ‘Hyperthrust’. It can feel gone in a flash, but that just means it’s time to start the record again.

Listen Sunburst EP Minimix

Preorder Rustie – Sunburst EP at
(vinyl and CD include downloads)

Rustie – Sunburst EP Tracklisting (WAP300 out 4/5 October)

1. Neko
2. Dragonfly
3. Beast Nite
4. Chew
5. Hyperthrust

Available as a limited vinyl, digipak CD or download – preorder

Upcoming live dates:

4 UK London, Koko – Soundcrash with Dam Funk, Dimlite, Paul White, Tokimonsta tickets

8 UK Bristol, Basement – Crazylegs

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