Francesco Tristano – Idiosynkrasia with Carl Craig out November 2010

Infine Music will release Francesco Tristano’s new album Idiosynkrasia this winter.

With the aim of “bring[ing] the piano into the 21st century,” Tristano recorded Idiosynkrasia with venerated producer Carl Craig at the Planet E Studios in Detroit. The celebrated pianist is no stranger to collaboration, with previous full lengths Not For Piano and Auricle/Bio/On featuring production input from Murcof and Moritz von Oswald respectively, and a number of live performances over the last year with the SHAPE project, alongside Craig and von Oswald.

Adopting a more traditional album format after Auricle’s duo of sprawling 20-minute arrangements, the nine track Idiosynkrasia continues Tristano’s “quest for an idiosyncratic language that is somewhere between acoustic and electronic.” As the teaser video below suggests, the core sound of the album will be the influence of Craig’s deep space treatments applied to Tristano’s acoustic piano. Audio snippets of album tracks “Mambo” and “Single and Doppio” point towards deep and dramatic transformations with experimental electronica accents, while title track “Idiosynkrasia” is a nod to more upfront dancefloor fare.

1. Mambo
2. Nach Wasser Noch Erde
3. Wilson
4. Idiosynkrasia
5. Fragrance De Fraga
6. Lastdays
7. Eastern Market
8. Single and Doppio
9. Hello-Inner Space Dub-

Infine Music will release Idiosynkrasia in November 2010.



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