Neon Circus -‘Don’t Get Panicked’


Released 23rd August 2010

‘Don’t Get Panicked’ is the debut album by Neon Circus, released through Jacket Pocket Records. The album follows the band’s singles ‘Future Disco’ and ‘Digit-Izm’, which have been supported by BBC Introducing and XFM. 

Taking inspiration from classic albums by LCD Soundsystem, Leftfield, Death in Vegas, The Stone Roses and DJ Shadow, the 14 tracks on ‘Don’t Get Panicked’ see the band pack together punk-funk basslines, future-disco drums, washes of ambient synthesisers, tight riffs and drawled rock ‘n’ roll vocals. Their style has evolved from an ethos of striving to create music that is powerful and original.

Mackinlay Smith and Dan Gooch formed Neon Circus in Leicester in 2008 after having played in many local bands. Striking off together, the duo bought what recording equipment they could afford and moved into a garage attic. Here they set up what would become their studio and music refuge, filled with the albums they loved. Able to write and record on their own terms, tracks began to emerge from long nights of creative excess; eventually growing to form ‘Don’t Get Panicked’. After meeting at a warehouse party in the back streets of Leicester, Dominic Kealey became the third member of the band, eager to add more passion to band’s ethos.

Live, they incorporate samplers, laptops, vocals and percussion resulting in a fluid show which has more in common with a DJ set than a traditional band gig. Having played several gigs in their home town alongside such DJs as BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Neon Circus played their debut London gig on 25th June at Slipped Disco’s UFO @ Big Chill House, London. A UK tour follows later this year.

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