Download:DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn -XLR8R Podcast 158

Ever since the news broke that venerable UK label Planet Mu had signed young juke experimentalist DJ Nate, a whole new wave of juke- and footwork-related excitement has taken hold in the music world. When it was later revealed that the label had also snatched up music from fellow Chicago producers DJ Roc and DJ Rashad, the hype reached a whole new level. Admittedly, XLR8R hasn’t been immune to all the chatter about this hyperactive sound from the Windy City; our next issue will include an in-depth look at the city’s juke scene, we’ve invited DJ Rashad to headline the next installment of our monthly TURRBOTAX® party this Friday in Brooklyn (alongside live sets from Pictureplane and Ghosts on Tape), and we’ve also tapped him to put together an exclusive mix for this week’s edition of our podcast series. Assembled with the help of his frequent partner DJ Spinn, the mix is a relentless flurry of unreleased tracks, high-speed percussion, and chopped-up vocal samples that’s more than likely to break some ankles.

Download:DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn -XLR8R Podcast 158

01 DJ Spinn “Blow My Mind”
02 DJ Rashad “Animation”
03 DJ Rashad “Ghost”
04 DJ Manny “All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)”
05 DJ Rashad & DJ Lucky “Love You (Yes I Do)”
06 DJ Spinn “Good Good Ish”
07 DJ Earl “Traffic Stop”
08 DJ Rashad & King AG “We Gon Make It”
09 DJ Spinn “Exhibit G”
10 DJ Manny “Funky Worm”
11 DJ Spinn “I Really Feel For You”
12 DJ Rashad “Internet”
13 DJ Manny “Nothin to Play With”
14 DJ Manny “Goin In”
15 DJ Spinn “Kush Pack Lound”
16 DJ Rashad “Kush Pills & Weed”
17 DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn “I Go Crazy”
18 DJ Spinn “Super High”


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