Robot Koch -Songs for Trees and Cyborgs

Berlin-based producer Robot Koch will release his first solo album, Songs for Trees and Cyborgs, early next month on Project: Mooncircle.

Perhaps best known for production work with BPitch outfit Jahcoozi, Koch is a multi-talented producer who works under a variety of different monikers: as The Tape he specializes in sprawling post-rock, while Jahcoozi blend dance hall, dubstep, break beat and whatever takes their fancy. His work under his own name is equally diverse, but tends to hover in between a dubstep and post-hip-hop region that calls to mind artists like Flying Lotus. His new LP will be the second under his own name, following last year’s Death Star Droid. The album features guest appearances by Planet Mu’s Boxcutter and Berlin-based beatsmith Doshy.

01. Water and Solutions
02. Cloud City (Robot Koch vs Boxcutter)
03. Powerstrip 66 (Robot Koch vs Doshy)
04. Verbal Bruises (Robot KOch vs Portable Morla)
05. Patience
06. Late Introduction
07. Night on Mars
08. Ideas
09. Threats
10. Break the Silence
11. Brujeria (Robert Koch vs Graciela Alatorre)
12. Haunted Landscapes (Robot Koch vs 1000 Names)
13. Atari You (Robot Koch vs RQM)
14. Summer Snow

Project: Mooncircle will release Songs for Trees and Cyborgs on October 1st, 2010.

(RA report)


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