Denis A – Sith (DAR016)

Denis A – Sith
(DAR) DAR016
12” Vinyl & Digital
Made in Russia
12” Vinyl Release 04/10/10
Beatport Exclusive 18/10/10
General Digital Release 08/11/10


Denis A’s DAR label is really on a creative roll in 2010, having already unleashed a series of stunning tracks from the man himself, Moscow’s rising star is making its mark around the globe with each new release. Now Denis A returns from an inspirational summer hiatus playing huge events in Ibiza, Germany and Ukraine, with two more stunning adventures in electronic dance music.

Sith is an intense percussion led throb monster with a superb breakdown, showing exactly why Denis A’s progressive attitude is turning so many heads right now.
Korriban shows a very different side to Denis A’s production skills, with its deeply dubbed out hypnotic attitude that delves deep into dubbed out late-night territory for those more mellow moments. Both tracks have been mastered by the mighty Robert Babicz, so you know they will sound amazing on a big sound system.

You might also like to delve into some of the DAR back catalogue on your audio travels.
For example, Ocean (DAR010) with its lush, hypnotic melodic beauty, and anthemic shimmering energetic Monaque Remix, has remained on people’s playlists for months, and has been getting repeated plays from Sasha. Denis has also unveiled some of the hottest new Eastern European remixers from Russia, Ukraine, and Slovenia, over two Remix EPs (DAR011 Part 1 & Part 2), with their interpretations of some of the DAR label’s best tunes to date… Chemical Test, Heaven and Mirage. Since then, Denis A has continued to blur the boundaries between genres with more timeless electronic dance music in the form of Brutalizm and Muai Thai In Bangkok (DAR102), and the intense acidic analogue atmosphere of Test Drive (DAR013) and percussion fuelled Ahnenerbe (DAR014). Finally, don’t miss out on the intense elongated epic Z (DAR015) with its superb euphoric breakdown. If you were a fan of that whole “Northern Exposure” vibe, you’re going to love it!

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One Response to “Denis A – Sith (DAR016)”

  1. All releases by Denis A is really cool and massive.

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