The Green Children- Dragons (Part 2 of ‘Encounter’) Video

The band is giving fans the chance to stream “Dragons” off of their forthcoming release, Encounter, available online and in-stores October 12th. Encounter will feature 12 original tracks ranging from dance-driven to acoustic ballads including “Tell Me,” “Black Magic,” and the album version of the new single “Dragons.”

Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan are The Green Children, a musical duo whose songs blend ethereal pop with post-modern dance beats. The two European-born artists and songwriters met while attending the Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts, an English university co-founded by Sir Paul McCartney. Their first album, Encounter, is set for worldwide release on Los Angeles-based Spinside Records in October 2010, and distributed by ADA and ADA Global.

The Green Children’s music reflects their (self-described) nomadic lifestyles and influences ranging from underground trip hop and electronica to alt-rock and classic pop. “We have both traveled quite a lot since we were very young, and are fans of many different kinds of music,” says Marlow. “Our songs come from the heart and the spirit. Sometimes it feels like we almost channel things that have happened along the way. We don’t have any rules about making music.”

The Green Children’s debut release is the DJ Paul Oakenfold remix of the new song “Dragons.” The digital single also marks the inaugural release from Spinside Records, the artist-centric imprint that’s a new division of Inside Recordings, the independent label formed by Jackson Browne and his management company. Three other remixes of “Dragons,” by Digital Dog, will hit clubs in September 2010.

Their debut full-length, Encounter—to be released in association with Knightingale Entertainment—will follow the remixes. It features 12 original tracks ranging from dance-driven to acoustic ballads including “Tell Me,” “Black Magic,” and the album version of “Dragons.”

Milla and Marlow each grew up against a backdrop of enchanting legends and natural wonders, and take artistic inspiration from their charmed birthplaces. The duo’s name comes from the medieval British tale of the green children, a mysterious story from the village of Woolpit in South East England. Marlow’s home town is Warwick in Central England (close to where Shakespeare lived), and Milla hails from the seaport village of Alesund on the west coast of Norway, a spectacular locale surrounded by breathtaking fjords. Their music, which has been called “cinematic fantasy pop,” is naturally infused with folklore and magic, lyrically and through its euphoric sounds.

“Since as early as I could speak, I remember walking around, making up songs all the time. I wanted to create things that reflected the beauty I saw,” says Milla. “Even today, when I get excited about a song, I think about keeping that childlike energy alive, and to make music that has romance and spirit.”

The Green Children are also dedicated to channeling their creative energies to positively influence the planet via The Green Children Foundation, established in 2005. “We want to use our voice for a bigger purpose. Having our music help others is a natural progression,” says Milla.

In 2005, Milla and Marlow visited Bangladesh and India to explore the practice of micro-credit in the developing world. They were inspired by the pioneering Bangladeshi Grameen Bank, founded by economist and Professor Muhammad Yunus. On their second trip to Bangladesh, they shot a music video celebrating the bank’s largely rural women borrowers. When Yunus won a 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, The Green Children released a commemorative CD/DVD throughout Norway. The promotion raised funds for The Grameen Green Children Eye Hospital in Bangladesh, which opened in 2008.

In addition to finding financial opportunities and sustainable solutions to aid the poor, The Green Children Foundation supports causes including empowering women in the developing world, environmental initiatives, and fostering ideas to make the world a better place.

That same positive spirit colors their beat- and beauty-filled music. “We want our songs to bring people to that magical place that we’re trying to get to ourselves,” says Milla. “We don’t want our minds get in the way of the messages our hearts want to send out.”

Preview The Green Children Release Paul Oakenfold Remix for Dragons(preview)’Encounter’ album October 12


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