Download:Anti-Pop Consortium XLR8R Podcast 166

Download:Anti-Pop Consortium XLR8R Podcast 166

01 Danger “1130” (Ekleroshock)
02 HPrizm/Audio “Drmanhattan” (Prizmfoundation)
03 HPrizm/Audio “Whipping the Brownsville” (Prizmfoundation)
04 Trae “Inkredible (Instrumental)” (Screwed Up Click)
05 M. Sayyid/Airborn “Brock Lesnar (Instrumental)” (Electric Arms)
06 M. Sayyid/Airborn “Temptation” (Electric Arms)
07 Araabmuzik “Stopit Five (Instrumental)” (Dipset)
08 M. Sayyid “Popcornshrimp” (Electric Arms)
09 E-40 “The Server” (Sikwidit)
10 HPrizm/Audio “Coliseum” (Prizmfoundation)
11 Rahtid Sound “So Hard (Remix)” (Rahtid)
12 Vyle “Everything All Black”
13 Jadakiss “The Champ Is Here (Part 3)” (DJ Drama)
14 Dr. Dre feat. Nas and TI “Topless” (Aftermath)
15 HPrizm/Airborn “Thru the Wall” (Prizmfoundation)
16 Like Animals “Let’s Be Patriots”
17 Cinematic Moves “Dolphin/Ocean Aquanaut” (Wardolphin)
18 Banco Manco “Unknown”
19 HPrizm/Audio “Goofyseq” (Prizmfoundation)
20 M. Sayyid/Airborn “Sayyid over Araab (Freestyle)”


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