Nick Warren – In Search Of Silver (Original + Martin Buttrich Rmx)(Preview)

Nick Warren
1. In Search Of Silver (Original Mix)
2. In Search Of Silver (Martin Buttrich Remix)
(Bedrock) BED94
Release: 25th Oct 2010
Ltd Edition 12” Vinyl & Beatport Exclusive


Martin Buttrich Remix

Nick Warren is a man who needs no introduction to any self-respecting music fan. Over the past few months Bedrock have been teasing fans and music lovers with versions of In Search Of Silver. First it appeared in the mix as a special edit on CD2 of John Digweed’s Structures mix, then the lush beauty of Nick’s glorious Ambient Mix was a fitting finale to CD1 on the just released stellar Bedrock 12 compilation.
Now, at last, it’s time for the Original Mix and Martin Buttrich Remix to be unleashed. From the teasing deep bass and keys intro, the Original Mix oozes style and class that is trademark Nick Warren. Heaven sent beauty ebbs and flows towards the dubbed-out break all underpinned with a low-slung grinding bass-heavy groove. This is a perfect lesson in sophistication. Germany’s groove craetor Martin Buttrich raises the energy levels with a swirling tech-edged interpretation that keeps the sophisticated attitude of the original intact and adds layers of energy and excitement. Utter perfection.
In Search Of Silver is a superb example of why Nick Warren is such a respected DJ. When he plays out you will always hear that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. On the floor, where it really matters, the crowd experiences all the peaks and troughs that make Nick’s sensibility so unique. He might start with his deeper take on house, gradually morph into harder territory; then, once Warren has the throng fully in his grip, sweating and losing themselves in the music, moving on instinct, he takes them to points unknown they never expected to go. That is the sound of In Search Of Silver.
Martin Buttrich is something of a mystery. Quiet and unassuming in real life, Buttrich is the quintessential silent studio partner. Or at least he used to be. In collaboration, he’s produced pop (The Sugarbabes), Italo house (Sounds of Life) and progressive (over one hundred collaborations with Timo Maas). But it wasn’t until 2006 that Buttrich came to prominence under his own name, releasing 12”s on Four:Twenty, Poker Flat and Carl Craig‘s Planet-E (‘Full Clip’). Buttrich still collaborates, chiefly working behind the studio desk for Loco Dice, but it is now in his own right that he is a shining star as his remix here shows perfectly.

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