Concord Dawn “The Enemy Within” LP (RISECD03)+Forever (Official Music Video)


Nestled within what old-world Englishmen would call The Antipodes, New Zealand is truly an exceptional place. Taking huge pride in their native musicians, radio stations are bound by law to give over a fixed percentage of airtime to New Zealand artists.

This results in a rather special situation for independent dance music producers, such as Auckland raised Matthew Harvey, a.k.a. Concord Dawn. With a level playing field underground genres like drum & bass have thrived in New Zealand, with producers being lumped in alongside traditional pop stars and rock bands.

It’s no overstatement to say that Concord Dawn is an institution in NZ, proven by the presales for ‘The Enemy Within’ on iTunes New Zealand which saw the album slot in at a rather healthy #2 just between Shihad (NZ’s biggest rock band) and Maroon 5.

Featuring a selection of guest appearances, from fellow NZ D&B dons Bulletproof and Cern, to ‘80s pop star Rikki Morris ‘The Enemy Within’ provides a rich tapestry of tastes and flavours across the drum & bass spectrum that will prove to be just as popular on the world stage as it is at home.

Concord Dawn
The Enemy Within

01 Forever Ft. Rikki Morris
02 Kingdom Of Fear
03 Move Ft. JDubs
04 Burn At The Stake Ft. Cern & Bulletproof
05 One And Only Ft. Rido
06 The Enemy Within Ft. Thomas Oliver
07 The Sum Of All Things Ft. Bulletproof
08 Easy Life Ft. Nina McSweeney
09 The Space Between Us
10 This Is All There Is
11 Coda Ft. Paul McLaney

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We Have now Synth -Drum N Bass?!

Concord Dawn feat. Rikki Morris – Forever – Official Music Video


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