Kraddy – Labyrinth EP

The brand new EP from KRADDY, Labyrinth, drops digitally on November 9th, 2010, with CD’s available through major retailers and online outlets. The official EP release party will be held at Low End Theory in Los Angeles, CA on November 10th, 2010. A nationwide tour will launch in December following the artist’s performances with Pretty Lights at The House of Blues, and will sweep through the US during the winter of 2011. The first Labyrinth single No Comply is available now, along with EP pre-sales, at
Labyrinth, released in collaboration between Alpha Pup Records and Minotaur Recordings, is a crowd moving affair loaded with powerful rhythms, epic symphonics, and savage gauntlets of body-throttling bass… a style Kraddy likes to call, “Led Zeppelin 3000.” The 5-track original collection includes elements of hip hop, dubstep, dancehall, and rock that are woven together to create a brutally pounding EP – a musical experience that is sliced through with soul and banged from the brain of one of the West Coast’s most prominent future sound pioneers.
Loosely based on the story of the hero’s journey, Labyrinth is an archetype of that journey. A hero’s quest to face down fear and stand up to the monsters within; to come out scathed but triumphant.
A founding member of the groundbreaking electronic group The Glitch Mob, Kraddy has embarked on his own to more truly pursue his unique style, which continues to emerge as a fully hybridized sound riddled with analog grunge, digital tweaks and blunt force trauma. Captivating the listener in a maze of bold sonic innovations, Labyrinth is truly a musical adventure, a soundtrack for the hero’s journey that every human must make.
Download now No Comply Kraddy-No Comply by extramusicnew
track listing for LABYRINTH :
1. Mono
2. No Comply
3. Let Go
4. Into the Labyrinth
5. Minotaur

The debut single No Comply, as well as his Dirty Got Soul mix, is available as a free download through the Kraddy website at

The Los Angeles-based electronic-music Don known as Kraddy has always brought the undiluted sound of the underground to new audiences. From his work as a founding member of the infamous Glitch Mob to his groundbreaking solo work, Kraddy (born Matthew Kratz) has always been known for shattering genre conventions while moving crowds everywhere from Red Rocks to L.A.’s famed Low End Theory club. From his breakthrough 2008 hit “Android Porn” to the innovative bangers comprising his latest EP Labyrinth (Alpha Pup), Kraddy continues to hybridize hip-hop, dubstep and dancehall with face-melting panache and rock and roll bravado. But the man himself was as surprised as anyone when the mainstream crossed over to him.

About Kraddy
With its epic melody, dramatic builds, and speaker-shuddering bass drops, “Android Porn” was hailed as the anthem of the decidedly maverick “glitch hop” movement, getting remixed by everyone from Mochipet to breakbeat icon Si Begg. Soon, however, the song started appearing beyond the sweaty, crowded dance floors that are Kraddy’s mainstay, getting licensed for TV shows like “America’s Best Dance Crew” and “America’s Got Talent”; a Hungarian dance troupe’s outrageous performance to the track quickly became a YouTube sensation. Having a format-obliterating viral smash made it easier when it became clear his alliance with West Coast electronic-music legends the Glitch Mob was ending. “It was an amicable split—we all agreed I’m more of a solo artist,” Kraddy recalls. “With the Mob, it was hard to have a clear voice; I was restrained—it grew apparent that I had a different vision then they did. ‘Android Porn’ kicked a door open in my mind, and I saw a whole host of new possibilities.”
Indeed, those fresh avenues are explored to the fullest on Kraddy’s latest EP Labyrinth, overflowing with grandiose symphonics, soulful emotion, pounding rhythm and crunching low end. “My new material had to cause blunt force trauma,” he explains. “These songs are as heartfelt as it gets, but chug like a locomotive. I just love hotwiring thick analog grunge with those unexpected digital tweaks.” Labyrinth also represents Kraddy’s new association with the revered Alpha Pup label, home to future-music geniuses like Nosaj Thing and Free The Robots. “I really wanted to work with Alpha Pup,” Kraddy says. “[Label founder] Daddy Kev is a visionary: he always has a vista of what’s going to happen next with music, and I wanted to be a part of that.”
Labyrinth signifies the pinnacle of a musical evolution that began when Kraddy moved from his native New York to San Francisco. He soon became a mainstay of that city’s beat scene: changing the game with his 2003 debut album, Truth Has No Path, Kraddy continued to gain notoriety with a series of unorthodox releases, from “Faux Show” (a raw remix of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”) to his second full-length, The Illegal Album, which fused Kraddy’s radical production chops with classic hip-hop/dancehall acapellas. Moving to L.A while releasing notable remixes for the Infesticons and Mochipet and a series of coveted bootleg mash-ups and mixtapes all built to Kraddy’s latest evolution, which has moved beyond pure electronics: his live shows will soon feature a live drummer, taking Kraddy even closer to a style he calls “Led Zeppelin 3000.” “It’s full and epic and shameless, but Kraddy-style,” he laughs. “That’s what I’ve always want to do, and now I’m doing it.”

EMN:Dont Miss This EP,so creative-crunk vs glitch vs synth-over and over…world of labyrinth

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