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Yawning – Noah

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Noah (EP)

Release Date: 12 Nov 2010
Noah is the first release of Jun who records under the monkier “Yawning” on Fluttery Records. His previous release Selected Works, his band Gargle and their contributions to Draff Krimmy project made the label to track this gifted artist. He offers instrumental music especially influenced by ambient, modern classical and post-rock. Enjoy the tranquillity.

This EP is in distrubution. More store links coming soon.Kunaki and Bancamp will still be the best offer.

Matt Finney (poet / musician)
I received an email from Jun asking me to write a bit about his new EP “Noah” for Fluttery. He’s been a dear friend of mine since I met about a year or so ago. He’s one of the nicest and gentlest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. One of my few true heroes. He also happens to be one of my all time favorite musicians. I remember listening to his Heat Death Records album Selected Works and being completely and utterly blown away. It was all I listened to for a year. No fooling. I have so many great and painful memories attached to them and those are just the demos of his! Noah shows Jun moving into more mature territory. More heartbreaking and tender territory while we’re at it.

It’s been quite a ride watching him craft these songs. The idea came about when I lost someone that was so dear to me and I never even had the chance to see him. I was devastated for so long. All I had left to turn to were my records and Yawning was always there for me. That’s about as cliche as it gets but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the truth. I remember telling Jun about the rough time I was having and he became a confidant in many ways. I hope I was one to him as well. He was going through his own battles at the time. He told me that he was unsure if he’d make another solo album. I begged him to keep recording, even if they were rough sketches that only I could hear. I told him how much his music meant to me and how I needed something to lean on. I can tell you right now that this become a crutch to me.

This is the best ep of 2010. One of the best in general if my opinion is worth anything. I doubt you’re gonna find a record that will shake you like this. The moments of hurt and joy are displayed in ways I’ve never heard before. All of my attachments to it aside, this should be required listening for everyone. You’re not gonna find too many composers on Jun level and when he’s working with emotions that we’ve all felt at some point, there’s very little to feel alone about. Thank you so much to Jun for making this album. I think I’ve rambled on long enough. It’s time for you to listen and to buy it. I dare you not to be moved.

Best Digital Price Bandcamp

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Katy B – Lights On feat. Ms. Dynamite (Skream Remix) (Stream)

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9th cloud – Round and shiny times EP (Out December 9th)(+Free Download)

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Artist : 9th cloud (France)
Style : Abstract Beat / Electronica
Release : Round and Shiny Times EP (3 tracks)

We’re happy to present the latest release from Monkey Moods Collective.A new abstract beats EP after 3 years of silence
+Free Download title track,we like it a lot,check below bandcamp link for 2 other tracks and buy
9th Cloud – Round and shiny times by extramusicnew
Now on Bandcamp. Name your price for the 400 first downloads.
Limited 50 copies handmade CDr version on Bandcamp :
In january on usual digital stores (itunes, boomkat, napster….) with extra remixes.

Tokyo Dawn pres.Opolopo-Voltage Controlled Feelings

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Release date December 3rd 2010
Label code TDR10-005
Distribution Digital / CD worldwide
Release page:
Production Opolopo (Peter Major)
Vocals :Amalia, Erik Rico, Farah (Incognito), Sacha Williamson
Genres: Electro, Boogie, 80s R&B, Techno, Future Funk

Track List
01. Glide 04:13
02. Kobayashi Maru 05:44
03. Our World feat. Erik Rico 04:56
04. Reversed feat. Blacktop & Amalia 05:49
05. Voltage Controlled Feelings 05:25
06. The Singularity 05:41
07. Take It Slow feat. Sacha Williamson 05:32
08. Step Into The Light 04:48
09. Bonafide feat. Amalia 04:46
10. Waiting feat. Farah 06:02
11. The Wow Signal 05:56
12. Tweak My Knobs 05:20
13. Ballad For Amalia 07:03

‘Voltage Controlled Feelings’ is the sonic testimony of more than two decades of serious electro, funk and boogie studies from Swedish synth commander Opolopo!
Blending epic Blade Runner soundscapes and Krautrock sequencer lines into cruising west coast beats and beyond, he proves that science fiction and funk are not only compatible, but have always belonged together. ‘Voltage Controlled Feelings’ is a newly discovered planet orbiting a distant star, that also pays homage to the synthesizers, drum machines and the artists who influenced Opolopo’s music. Echoes of Prince, Herbie Hancock, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Isao Tomita can be heard throughout the album.

Fellow electronauts include L.A. vocalist Erik Rico, known for his work with Marc Mac and Tupac Shakur, Farah from UK hit collective Incognito, Toronto-based jazz vocalist Sacha Williamson and Stockholm-based vocal talent Amalia Miz Fuze Townsend.

Supported by respected funkateers such as Dam-Funk, King Britt, Daz-I-Kue and Laurent Garnier, you best put on your finest space suit and dappest boogie shoes to catch the Opolopo starcruiser!