Dialtone to release Invierno compilation on December 13th w with Sean Danke, Go & Morgon, and more+free download

Dialtone proudly presents…
Invierno compilation
w/ Sean Danke, Valtierra, Chris Kracks, Flau Ertz, Go & Morgan, and more.

ARTIST: Various

TITLE: Invierno

LABEL: Dialtone
RELEASE DATE: December 13th, 2010

Free download of “Apricot – Woodsmoke”
Apricot – Woodsmoke by extramusicnew

Dialtone podcast series: http://dialtonerecs.podomatic.com
Our last release of the year comes strong and to celebrate our fifth anniversary we made a selection of 12 awesome tracks by various artists from around the world.

1. Siller – Frisby
Frisby is a deep sexy house track with a nice emotional vibe.

2. Apricot – Woodsmoke
Woodsmoke is a wild, melodious minimal track that invites to loose your soul.

3. Sean Danke (Affin) – Up
With his well known house style it’s a definitely must in your crate.

4. Giorgio Reni – Flash Van
Flash Van is an awesome housey interpretation. If you are thinking what to put for your warm up this is a jewel.

5. Manuel Belgrano – Gleam
Gleam can’t get any deeper. We love it!

6. Valtierra (Malatoid) – Askart
Askart is minimal house for your ear orgasms.

7. Chris Kracks (Documenti Sonori) – Hey Bro
Hey Bro is a deep techy track that makes you dance all night long.

8. Nahutek – Lupo Ship
Lupo Ship is tribal and groovy.

9. Odisseas – Unkle Ega
Unkle Ega is house music in all it’s splendor.

10. Angel Brizuela – Sabor Amor
Sabor Amor is a tribal, non stop grooving and spoken word track great for your beach parties.

11. Flau Ertz (Snubb) – Cactus Mood
Cactus Mood is a technoish track that is perfect for setting every dance floor on fire.

12. Go & Morgon (Subtrak) – Moon Kite
Moon Kite is a techno track with lots of groove stabs and a nice breakdown.

Enjoy this Season’s Greetings with your friends and family and stay tuned for Dialtone in 2011. Peace out!

01 Siller – Frisby
02 Apricot – Woodsmoke
03 Sean Danke – Up
04 Giorgio Reni – Flash Van
05 Manuel Belgrano – Gleam
06 Valtierra – Askart
07 Chris Kracks – Hey Bro
08 Nahutek – Lupo Ship
09 Odisseas – Unkle Ega
10 Angel Brizuela – Sabor Amor
11 Flau Ertz – Cactus Mood
12 Go & Morgon – Moon Kite

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