Marco Bailey ‘Dragon Man’ LP will be released on Bedrock Feb 2011

“Marco is one of those rare breed of producers whose sound crosses over from techno to house and everything in between. The reactions to his tracks from the dancefloor speak for themselves and his energetic techno infused sound always provides the best peak time club tracks. I jumped at the chance to release an album from Marco on Bedrock because I wanted to showcase not only these exclusive club tracks, but also his more experimental sounds that features on Dragon Man.” – John Digweed

Formats: 2xCD / Digital / 4-Track 12” EP Sampler
Release: 07/02/11

01. Dragon Man
02. Bill The Trumpet Player
03. Rubber Band*
04. Run Through
05. Bom Bang!*
06. Holding The Moment
07. Zephyr
08. Break The Rules*
09. Beaming*
10. Red Cell

* Included on 4-Track EP Sampler

CD2: Mixed by Marco Bailey
01. Red Cell
02. Beaming
03. Rubber Band
04. Zephyr
05. Jungle Laps*
06. Run Through
07. Watergate**
08. Break the Rules
09. Bom Bang!
10. Bill the Trumpet Player
11. Dragon Man
12. Holding the Moment

** Featured on John Digweed’s ‘Bedrock 11’ album
*** Featured on ‘Watergate EP’ Bed85

Following on from his immensely popular ‘Jungle Laps’ track on John Digweed’s Bedrock 11 album in late 2009, the storming ‘Watergate EP’ released on Bedrock earlier this year (both tracks are included here in his mix for CD2), Marco Bailey kicks off 2011 in style and passion with his highly anticipated ‘Dragon Man’ artist album.

The album format gives Marco the freedom to express himself fully and include experimental down-tempo electronica, alongside his firebrand pumped up tech-house and percussive techno bombs. The opening track, ‘Dragon Man’, with its inspired melodic beauty, shows him as an artist with broad tastes and intricate creative ability. This is followed by the confusingly titled ‘Bill The Trumpet Player’, where Marco furthers his creative experiment with the introduction of a joyous uplifting live saxophone that will see plenty of action at beach parties around the globe for years to come with its housed-up percussive backbone.

With ‘Rubber Band’, things get gritty as the tech-vibes flow and swirling energy builds incessantly upwards into ‘Run Through’, a no-nonsense heads-down ball of emotion. By the time ‘Bom Bang!’ erupts with its funked-up stroboscopic intensity, Marco Bailey is firing on all cylinders. This is a man who understands dance-floor dynamics to the max and its time to witness a master at work.

The ambient electronic interlude of ‘Holding The Moment’ allows for a brief moment of relaxation and contemplation, before the percussive fire is fuelled once more by the groovy tech-funk of ‘Zephyr’, as Marco turns up the pressure with subtle grace, lifting the energy levels with stylistic ease through ‘Break The Rules’ to the heady climax of ‘Beaming’, before bringing everything to an understated relaxed finale with more experimental electronica in the shape of ‘Red Cell’.

The immaculately mixed CD2 gives Marco Bailey the opportunity to demonstrate his dynamic DJ skills, as he weaves dextrous magic over his musical creations from CD1, with the addition of those two immensely popular previous Bedrock releases – ‘Jungle Laps’ and ‘Watergate’.

With moments to dream and time of dance, ‘Dragon Man’ is a consummate snapshot of Belgium’s finest techno DJ/Producer. Marco Bailey likes to think outside the box and explore his fascination with a diverse musical palette. His refusal to conform to a particular genre of music is both refreshing and unique. Marco Bailey is a man with a mission to entertain people with the love of techno music in all its modern guises through his unique blend of underground sounds.

As the man says…

“I have a burning, all consuming drive that can only be calmed down by getting into the music. It’s an urge that luckily gets a positive outcome in the studio when I’m working on a track just as long as it takes to get it to sound as it does in my head, or when I’m puzzling on my DJ set until it releases the exact energy that makes the crowd lose it. I can best describe this burning, consuming urge as a positive disorder. Plainly positive because it gives a meaning to my life.”

Marco Bailey’s ‘Dragon Man’ is released in February 2011.


17 Dec – Impuls Budapest Hungary
18 Dec – LUXEXPO Luxembourg Luxembourg
30 Dec – Progrecinema Zombathely Hungary
31 Dec – NYE Bang Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv Israel
01 Jan – U60311 Frankfurt/Main Germany
05 Jan – Burgos Spain
07 Jan – Casino Paris France
14 Jan – Pornographic ! Liege Belgium
22 Jan – Sounds of life Mannheim Germany
23 Jan – Afterburner, Frankfurt Germany
29 Jan – Fusion Munster Germany
05 Feb – Paris 15, Malaga Spain
11 Feb – BEDROCK, Dragon Man Launch Party, Leuven Belgium
13 Feb – U60311 Frankfurt/Main Germany
18 Feb – M87 Sarant Hungary
04 Mar- Point Luxembourg Luxembourg
05 Mar – Warehouse Stockholm Sweden
06 Mar – U60311 Frankfurt/Main Germany


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