Pantamuzik celebrates 10 years with compilation feat Jay Haze, Argenis Brito, Monopolar, Razz out December 26th+free download

Pantamuzik proudly presents…
Various – 10 Years of Pantamuzik EP
Featuring Jay Haze, Argenis Brito, Monopolar, Signal Deluxe, Pablo Decoder, and more!

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: 10 Years of Pantamuzik EP
LABEL: Pantamuzik
RELEASE DATE: December 26th, 2010

Free download of “Miguel Toro’s ‘Kurduca (Piek Remix)'”

Miguel Toro-Kurduca (Piek Remix) by extramusicnew
Humberto Polar (Pantamuzik founder, member of Monopolar):
‘When I started Pantamuzik, back in 2000, no digital music downloads were sold at all, vinyl distribution was an insane investment in Latin America (still is) and nobody djed with CDs.
So, if you were a musician as I was, trying to establish an ethos about creating a real Latin-American breed of electronic music that didn’t sound like an idiot putting some congas on top of some loops, you had to be really patient and in good terms with your own suicidal tendencies, financially speaking.

Maybe Argentina and Chile had a bit more presence in the alternative dancefloors due to talented musicians and DJs that made a name in Europe such as Franco Cinelli, Pier Bucci or Ricardo Villalobos. But if you were a Peruvian, living in Colombia and heading to Mexico as I was, things looked much tougher.
But here we are. As we said in the very beginning, the world doesn’t need another dance music label, especially the Third World. But we did it anyway.

Eight CDs and 15 digital releases in a decade are not a lot, but they speak clearly about how carefully we choose the music we release. Whenever we believe in an artist or a track, we support that music with all our heart, playing it, spreading it no matter how difficult that is nowadays, in a polytonal world where everybody is able to make himself heard, for the good or the bad.

Now we live in Mexico City. Razz, another ex-pat, from Argentina joined me a couple of years ago and we spend long hours listening to demos from Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela… sometimes we DJ our catalog in clubs in the city, the country, the continent – and we can’t help smiling when we realize that hundreds of people dance frenetically to this music we Latin-Americans love and understand. It’s very likely that no German or UK label would ever listened to the dudes we release, maybe yes… anyway, we are here for the love of our music and our culture and we hope we can survive many more years doing exactly the same.

01 Razz – Altiplano (Argenis Brito Remix)
02 Monopolar – Me Preocupan Otras Cosas (Original Mix)
03 Miguel Toro – Kurduca (Piek Remix)
04 Israel Vich & Miki Gonzalez – Los Boras (Original Mix)
05 Jay Haze & Guajira – Guajira (Special Edit)
06 Signal Deluxe & Donovan – More Love & Sweet Divine (Original Mix)
07 Pablo Decoder & Capo – Imposible (Club Edit)


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