Download Hot Sugar’s Innovative and Infectious Debut EP HERE

Click HERE to Download Hot Sugar’s Genre-Defying

New EP, Muscle Milk, for FREE!

Click HERE to watch Hot Sugar make a beat using sounds constructed in his apartment

  The refreshingly diverse collection of songs is the beat wizard’s debut release and touches on everything from futuristic funk to whimsical indie pop to glitchy IDM.  The man behind the moniker, Nick Koenig, has harnessed his endless ambition and a restless creativity to make music with a distinct style and a truly chameleonic sound.
Dame Dash’s Creative Control recently caught up with producer Nick Koenig, a.k.a. Hot Sugar, to document his unique process of making beats and capture his charmingly awkward sense of humor.  Click HERE to watch Koenig in action (and note that all the sounds used in this video were recorded live at this session.)
For the past several decades numerous musicians have created recordings using found audio.  It is usually done in a manner that highlights the unusual nature of the source. Koenig, on the other hand, manipulates his samples until they’re tweaked beyond recognition.  For example, if one of his kick drums sounds like it came from a drum set, it’s more likely to be the sound of a car running over a juicebox, if not a fire cracker pitched down and chopped up, etc.
Having mastered this experimental technique, Koenig has a nearly unlimited palette of sounds to work with and his beats cover a massive array of genres.  “F**kable” is a slice of oddball digital funk while “Don’t Cut Down My Tree” is a grimy banger, and “Color Wars” features the soulful, lo-fi croon of Aaron Livingston (The Roots, RJD2).  Muscle Milk is a mere appetizer for Hot Sugar’s forthcoming work.  With multiple other projects in the works, including a full-length slated for later this year, he is already living up to the promise of being one of the most exciting and innovative producers on the scene.



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