Omid 16B – Rain/Passi​on Of Zorro (Bedrock Digital)

Omid 16B
1. Rain
2. Passion Of Zorro
(Bedrock Digital) Beddigi08
Release: 28/02/11

Omid is an artist who isn’t just a DJ/producer, but also a songwriter and musician who has played a range of musical instruments from an early age and has spent most of his life involved in music. Head of the SexOnWax, Disclosure and Alola labels, he is seen as a key tastemaker across the electronic music scene. As a respected artist of high calibre Omid has released several albums to critical acclaim, and released an epic number of amazing singles and remixes over the years. He has created a distinctive style and unique expression that constantly inspires, and is nothing short of a true showman. So you can understand why this Bedrock release is going to cause a commotion.

‘Rain’ was written straight after a long 60-date tour with SOS, which resulted in some key changes in Omid’s life, getting the balance right. Another change was, a decision that he would stop just releasing on his own labels and think of the people he would most like to work with. John Digweed heard ‘Rain’, tested it out and signed it immediately to Bedrock. It’s a pure example of Omid’s epic musical genius, uplifting, anthemic, and downright danceable to the extreme. This is one not to be missed! This is a master at work!

But don’t forget ‘Passion of Zorro’, as it pounds, sashays, flutters, and, as always with Omid, it groooooves. Through chimes, keys, percussion and an acrobatic summersault (or three) it will exhilarate dancers at every grinding turn and breakdown. For anyone who doesn’t know, Zorro means ‘fox’ in Spanish. However, while foxy and wise it is, not even an eagle’s flight could be as elegant as this melodic journey into the heart of Señor 16B. Sweaty, spirited, punchy and funky with its cascading rhythms, this is a track to get lost in…

Selected Forthcoming Omid 16B DJ Dates:

March 23: DJ Mag Pool Party @ The Shelborne hotel, Miami

April: 4-9 Snowbombing Festival, Mayrhofen, Austria

April 23: Bedrock, Glasgow UK

Further Omid 16B Info:



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