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International Sensation Agnes Obel Brings Philharmonics To The U.S.

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International Sensation Agnes Obel

Announces U.S. Release of


(April 12, PIAS America)

Listen to “Brother Sparrow” HERE

Agnes Obel Announces SXSW Show

“…her harp figures and affinity for animals bring to mind Joanna Newsom, though the pervasive sense of half-lit stillness in her music and delivery more strongly recalls Ane Bruno or Jose Gonzalez.”
– The Independent
“An exceptionally sparse debut, but utterly disarming too.”
– BBC Music
On April 12, internationally acclaimed songwriter/composer Agnes Obel will release her debut album, Philharmonics in the U.S. on PIAS America. For a sample of Agnes’ arresting debut, check out “Brother Sparrow” here .  Agnes will be making her stateside debut this Spring at SXSW.
Although Agnes is a relative newcomer in the U.S., she’s made waves overseas over the past year. Born in Copenhagen and currently based in Berlin, Agnes’ sparse chamber folk has been lauded worldwide. After building substantial word-of-mouth praise across Europe, Philharmonics was originally released in Europe on Play It Again Sam. The album was hailed by critics who compared Agnes to the likes of PJ Harvey, Joanna Newsom, and Roy Orbison. The album topped the charts in Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and in France where publications like Le Monde and Le Figaro prominently featured Agnes as a new artist to watch. Following the release of Philharmonics, there were a series of sold-out dates in The Netherlands, France and Denmark. And in a bit of fortuitous happenstance, Agnes’ debut was certified Gold in France on January 21st, which also happens to be St. Agnes Day.
Listening to Philharmonics, it’s easy to see what’s made Agnes such a success. Stripped down and centered around her evocative voice, Philharmonics is striking work. Opening with the haunting instrumental of “Falling, Catching,” the song melds into the plaintive ballad “Riverside.” The lilting harp-based tracks like “Just So” and “Beast” rub shoulders with the poignant melodies of “Avenue.”  “Brother Sparrow” begins as a mournful elegy that morphs halfway through the song into an upbeat bit of chamber folk. From start to finish, the album is as beautiful as it is sparse.
Agnes Obel at SXSW:
Saturday March 19, 7:30PM
St David’s Historic Sanctuary 


A Letter From Kevin Saunderson (w free download “The Sound” – Reese & Santonio (1987, KMS Records))

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 Dear friends, fans and members of the music industry
Today I’m giving away as a free download one of the productions I am most proud of:
“The Sound” – Reese & Santonio (1987, KMS Records)
Click Here To Download Now 
I recorded “The Sound” back in 1987 and released it on my own KMS Records label. It was a massive hit at New York’s Paradise Garage and in Chicago and of course Detroit. Once it hit the UK it became one of the earliest Detroit anthems all around Europe, a huge underground record across the globe – a true desert island techno track. It is such a special record to me because it was one of my first really successful productions and I hope that you all will enjoy this free, fresh digital download of my original 1987 version.
The reason I have decided to give this track away for free is because of a situation that recently developed involving the unauthorized sampling of “The Sound” by Italian producers Giacomo Godi & Emiliano Nencioni (Supernova) in their release “Beat Me Back” on Nirvana Recordings. It came to my attention that they are licensing and selling, with considerable success, this track which is nothing more than a continuous loop of the main hook from “The Sound.”
For me to hear ‘Supernova’ taking an extended loop of “The Sound” and claiming that this is their own original composition and production is both dishonest and disrespectful. My first thought was that they were perhaps naïve, but as they have apparently been recording together since 2002 this seems unlikely. In any event this is completely unacceptable, we cannot continue to let this kind of wholesale rip off go unchallenged and tolerate “artists” who completely sample recordings, add nothing of their own and then release the results as their own work.
I have a huge affection for sampling, it’s how some of the most inspiring and ground breaking tracks of our times were created. We’ve pretty much all sampled records at some time, and cleared the sample so we can use it on our releases, but it is just not cool to take someone else’s music, create a big old loop of it and then put your name on it and try to have success entirely off the back of another artist’s efforts. This really has got to stop. For this reason, I have uploaded the Godi/Nencioni version of “The Sound” to Soundcloud so that you all can download this for free if you so wish. These producers and their record label should not be profiting from my back catalogue… this is not their track to sell.


Kevin Saunderson – KMS Records, Detroit USA

Kevin Saunderson Home

The Revenge -ReekinStructions on Z Records,April 25th

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The Revenge has quickly reached dizzying heights in recent years, conquering a style that escapes labeling and crowned the king of the edit. With ‘Reekin’Structions’ he finally delivers his debut album for Z Records.

Featuring ten reconstructed productions, ‘Reekin’Structions’ glistens with a silvery sheen and masters a standout soundtrack to satisfy all manner of music lovers. Bubbling with sultry soulful vocals, brass funk solos and inspired dancefloor moments, The Revenge illustrates his talent for reinvention and reaffirms why he has become a spearhead for a new musical trend in this debut album.

This supple and tactile collection of tracks approach sounds of the past and create new inspiration for the future. Fashioning classics from Mid-Air in the style of Metro Area, adding pace and glamour to The JonesesSummer Groove’ and setting Velvet Hammer in a luminous filtered-disco ball of light, The Revenge showcases a deep passion and understanding for music in ‘Reekin’Structions’ and constructs an imaginative breathing body of work that is sure to find favour where it lands.

The Revenge has led the path and become king of the re-edit, trailblazing a movement towards reinventing music that hit over the past two years. As dance music became of age and embarked into its twenties, producers began to become nostalgic for sounds of the past and every style of music was revisited for inspiration for current dancefloors. The Revenge shaped this inclination, finding fans from every musical persuasion and producing some of the best loved records of the decade.

Graeme Clark AKA The Revenge is an unassuming musical hero. Hailing from the isolated east coast of Scotland, he spent his early years forming a special obsession with his dad’s old drum machines and his parent’s diverse music collection that spanned rock, soul and funk. Interspersed with the glory of eighties daytime radio, these key elements shaped him to become an avid record collector and eager music producer, making his first tracks in his teenage years. 

The Revenge is his alter ego that he engulfs through a personal process of dissecting and re-imagining music. His fluid approach and vibrant style has captured followers of nu-jazz, vintage funk, forgotten disco through to cutting-edge house and raw dubstep. Eschewing trends and making his own pattern for music production, The Revenge is redefining dance music as we know it (and it in turn is finding it difficult to label him).

Rising to notoriety through his prominent re-edits, The Revenge has matched this success on original productions on his own labels Instruments Of Rapture and Five20East. His engineer experience has been turned to material for Mark E, Jisco, Under The Shade and Fine Art Recordings. His other collaborative projects include Deportivo Street Team, OOFT!, Cronk Family Enterprises, The Hong Kong Micros and 6th Borough Project, who he will also release an album with this summer. 

Now harbouring production skills for over 15 years, Graeme continues to put his fingers to work on a variety of projects in the studio. Recent material has found its way onto seminal labels such as DFA, Buzzin´ Fly, Domino, Pokerflat, MCDE and Dessous. Through these and regular touring to all far flung reaches of the globe, his audience continues to grow at lightning speed.

Embracing pure disco heads, funk fanatics, soul worshipers and all contemporary electronic music lovers, ‘Reekin’Structions’ marks the rise of The Revenge as one of the pioneers of a generation, rediscovering classic moments from decades gone and refreshing them through his individual interpretation.

Label: Z Records
Cat no: ZEDDCD023
Released: Monday April 25th, 2011


  1. Mid-Air – Ease Out (The Revenge edit)
  2. Johnny Adams – Feel The Beat (The Revenge edit)
  3. Sargeant & Malone – Love Message (The Revenge edit)
  4. Velvet Hammer – Party Down (The Revenge edit)
  5. The Joneses – Summer Groove (The Revenge edit)
  6. Chapter Three – Smurf Trek (The Revenge edit)
  7. Electric Smoke – Freak It Out (The Revenge edit)
  8. Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro (The Revenge edit)
  9. Vance & Suzanne – I Cant Get Along Without You (The Revenge edit)
  10. Nel Oliver – Dream On (The Revenge edit)


Tour Dates 2011:
11th Feb : Bristol / Freejive
18th Feb : Milan / Tunnel Club
24th Feb : Berlin / Kaleidoskop Jazzanova
26th Feb : Zurich / Zukunft
5th Mar : Glasgow / Sub Club
10th Mar : Madrid
18th Mar : Bologna / Kinki Club
19th Mar : London / Corsica Studios
26th Mar : Portugal / La Gare Club
2nd Apr : Paris / Showcase
7th Apr : Istanbul / Otto Asmalimescid
8th Apr : Izmir / 1888
15th Apr : Israel / Breakfast Club
19th April: Rome / Italy
22nd Apr : Budapest
30th Apr : Dundee / Autodisco
13th May : London / Plastic People (Album Launch Party Date TBC)
20th May : Amsterdam / Melkweg
21st May Cork / Ireland
27th May : Newcastle
1st – 20th June : Australia Tour
5th August : Sardinia, Italy

Chrissy Murderbot- “Bussin’ Down” EP on Planet Mu,April 4 w/ Juke Legends Spinn & Rashad, MC ZULU …(Stream)!

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Planet Mu to Release Chrissy Murderbot Single Bussin Down

(April 4, Planet Mu)

Features Juke Legends Spinn & Rashad,

Dancehall Breakout MC ZULU

“Chrissy provides a unique perspective as one of the earliest people to connect the dots,
laying the groundwork for the explosion of interest in juke and footwork by the UK bass
community and beyond”
 Resident Advisor

“A tireless enthusiast and standard-bearer for Chicago juke music, playing an
instrumental role in bringing the music to Europe and beyond”
– FACT Magazine

“quintessentially Chicago”

Chrissy Murderbot is a Chicago resident who you might know from his playful mutant juke remixes that have popped up across the internet on Pitchfork, Fact and Stereogum. Or for his incredibly disciplined ‘My Year Of Mixtapes‘ blog, where he’s recorded a mixtape a week and put it on Mixcloud. Or perhaps his previous incarnations working in his beloved Jungle genre or with disco edits and good old house.

Bussin Down is the first single from Chrissy for Planet Mu. His style here is inspired by his chosen city of Chicago’s Juke and Footwork scenes. He playfully mixes in elements of other styles of music he loves, such as R’n’B and Dancehall, to create lively hybrids with a warm hearted mass appeal that comfortably straddles genres.  

‘Bussin Down’ features Chicago footwork supremo DJ Spinn over some tasty footwork tracks featuring Spinn’s instructional lyrics, high speed jazz funk, and cracking claps and klaviers. Next track ‘Braaain’ is a unique amalgam of footwork with the classic early digital sleng teng bassline. The blend works fantastically, as Chrissy slides the originals vocal in and out of the mix in a dub style.

On the B-side Atki2 takes album track ‘The Vibe Is So Right’ featuring vocals from MC ZULU and runs it through a lush treatment that mixes Detroit washes with tight, laidback, rolling funky house drums, to instant classic effect. On B2, Chicago footwork pioneers DJs Rashad and Spinn send the originals vocal into a whirl of complex delays and layered loops over cold drums and hard techno stabs.
Watch out for the incredible video for ‘Bussin Down’ which was made with an artist grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.
Check out the full release

EMN:Our Ghosts on Tape Remix

This single is just a taste of whats to come on his ‘Women’s Studies’ album, due soon on Planet Mu.

Spoek Mathambo -Control(Video)

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Control, fourth video from Spoek Mathambo’s debut album Mshini Wam, is a darkwave township house cover of the Joy Division classic ‘She’s Lost Control’. For the music video, Spoek has collaborated with one of South Africa’s most celebrated photographers, Pieter Hugo & cinematographer Michael Cleary. It explores the world of township cults, street preaches and teen gangs and was shot on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, Cape Town. The cast is mainly made up of the neighborhood kids who run their own dance troop, Happy Feet.

Spoek Mathambo ( has been putting the world onto his brave, progressive take African music for the past number of years (through his own music as well as DJing under the name HIVIP) and most recently, through the release of both his solo album and assembling a band to realise his afro-futurist dream.

Pieter Hugo ( is a South Africa artist/photographer whose work has been exhibited, published and collected internationally. He has published numerous monographs, which include ‘The Hyena & Other Men’. His most recent publication is called ‘Permanent Error’ and deals with an expansive dump of obsolete technology on the outskirts of Accra in Ghana.

Michael Cleary ( has a strong background in advertising and went into photography 15 years ago, to become a cinematographer today. He enjoys working with talented artists on personal projects.

Omid 16B & Demi presents Sounds Like Alola – Volume 1 & 2

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Alola Records celebrates 17 years of deepness by making their entire re-mastered catalogue available for the first time at all digital stores through 2011.
The first two instalments of Alola’s past, present and future have been carefully handpicked and mixed to perfection by Omid 16B and Demi. They include tracks by artists such a Trevor Loveys, House of 909, Vince Watson, Mr. C, NAV, Nacho Marco, Idjut Boys, Pete Moss, Omid 16B and many more…
“Alola was one of the finest house music labels coming from the United Kingdom in the past decade. High quality underground music on every release; Vince Watson -Mystical Rhythm is one of my favourites from many, many, great records.”
“Alola was one of THE labels for me… such a consistently high quality of music and a great roster of artists. I still have them all on vinyl – nice to see you back again!!”
“Alola was sometimes deep, sometimes melodic, but always cool. It was never one specific genre, crossing the musical boundaries, yet retaining its core underground sound was always its speciality.”
“The list of dj’s carrying Alola vinyl around the world encompassed everyone and anyone who ever professed to having a decent taste in music. Long live Alola!”
“Alola was a seminal deep house label that broke down the divisions between house & techno with a depth that was & still is extremely hard to parallel.”
“16B Productions – Secrets: one of the best deep house tracks of the 90s. When Omid created this, Trail of Dreams, and Voices all in ‘95 & ‘96 he put the house music world on notice.”

Sounds Like Alola – Volume 1 & 2
Released worldwide 29th March 2011 (Beatport exclusive 1st March 2011)

OMID 16B presents SOUNDS LIKE ALOLA – Volume 1 – ALOD001
01. Omid 16B – The Boy That Never Sleeps (new and unreleased 2011)
02. Pete Moss – Give You Love (back cat. 2003)
03. Eli Nissan – Uplifting Blues (back cat. 2001)
04. Omid 16B – Sky As A (new and unreleased 2011)
05. Omid 16B – Evo Lustation (new and unreleased 2011)
06. Anthony Teasdale – Santa Monica (back cat. 1999)
07. Omid 16B – It Doesn’t Have To End (new unreleased mix)
08. Omid 16B – Re-Arranged (new and unreleased 2011)
09. Omid 16B – Jungle Home (new and unreleased 2011)
10. Omid 16B – 3am (new and unreleased 2011)
11. SexOnSubstance – Leads To Love (new and unreleased 2011)
12. Omid 16B – Who Are You? (new and unreleased 2011)
13. Omid 16B – At Night (new and unreleased 2011)

DEMI presents SOUNDS LIKE ALOLA – Volume 2 – ALOD002
01. House of 909 – Blandford Superfly (back cat. 2002)
02. Pete Moss – Strive to Live (Omid 16B Mix) (back cat. 2003)
03. 16B – Secrets (Late Night Mix) (back cat. 1999)
04. Remote Control – Tranquility Base (back cat. 2003)
05. The Novak Project – Testament (back cat. 1997)
06. Marco Da Mata & Matthew – Dancing With Elephants (new and unreleased 2011)
07. Vince Watson – Beneath The Sound (Powder Beats) (back cat. 2001)
08. Remote Control – 4pm In Frisco (back cat. 2003)
09. Remote Control – Reflexions (back cat. 2003)
10. 16B – 2 Cold (back cat. 2003)
11. NAV – Space Chase (Demi’s Back To The Future Edit) (back cat. 1996)
12. Trevor Loveys – The Live Track (unreleased 2011)
13. YMC – Jazzamatic (back cat. 2000)
14. Eli Nissan – Uplifting Blues (back cat. 2001)
15. Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythm (Omid 16B Rmx vs Original Mix) (back cat. 1999)
16. SexOnSubstance – Cactus (new and unreleased 2011)

“When I started ALOLA back in 1993 with £500 I’d borrowed from my dad, it was an outlet to release my own music and slowly, music by like-minded artists whom I admired… After 17 years it’s time for the past, present and future to fall in sync.” Omid 16B Nourizadeh
The idea is that the ALOLA back catalogue will be slowly introduced to the digital world through 2011, along with new material. It would be pointless to just throw it all out at once; this is music to be savoured; in a disposable world this is music to be treasured for a long, long time.
Omid’s desire to present so much music in a coherent way has led to the decision to release a series of mix compilations, combining forgotten back catalogue classics with unreleased material by ALOLA artists to add something fresh to the whole concept.
“I’ve approached some of my favourite DJs who have had some affiliation with the label and some who were part of the label to mix a variety of comps with me through 2011. Who better could I want to do the first one with than Demi? He did his mix unintentionally when I gave him all the old ALOLA vinyl a while back, which made me realise again how much music had gone through my ALOLA heart! He’s put a mix together what showcases some of the moments in the label’s history when things couldn’t go unnoticed, even if you tried; the pure elements of house music through to jazz and electronic bliss.” Omid 16B
“As the late, great Jimi Hendrix once said, ‘our music is like a jar of candy, everything’s all mixed up!’ And to substantiate that wonderful anecdote with one of my own that I adhere to, ‘expect to be given what you want, not necessarily what you expect’, founded on two words that encapsulate this school of thought: Relevance and Significance. The past is the future of the present and the relevance and significance of the re-launch of ALOLA quite simply ticks all the boxes that need be. This is my debut solo mix for an official release and I would happily leave it to be my last, because if ever I wanted to encompass all that I represent as a DJ, then what I present to you here is my blueprint. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Omid, whose labour of love is a continued source of inspiration to myself and to many who choose to follow their dreams. And a special mention to all the artists whose music was selected to represent and reflect my perspective on a label that continues to represent music in its highest and purest form. This really was a labour of love and a joy to put together. Long live ALOLA!” Demi
Omid admits that being totally blown away by Demi’s mix meant he had reservations about doing one himself, so decided to do one that showcases mostly his own material that’s set for release in the future on ALOLA, allowing the past, present and future to fall in sync.
“I did use a few tracks by other artists like Anthony Teasdale, Eli Nissan and Pete Moss, which accidentally added another idea to the concept: you can do whatever the f**k you want, as long as it sounds like ALOLA!” Omid 16B
Check for further information about all Alola releases.

Classic Alola albums available digitally for the first time…
Trevor Loveys presents 2nd Nature – Era
Pete Moss – In Your Dreams
Omid 16B – Everything All Of Them Every Year
Omid 16B – How To Live 100 Years
Omid 16B – Sounds From Another Room
Various Artists – More Space To Dance
New EP coming…
Omid 16B – At Night EP (Alola)