The Revenge -ReekinStructions on Z Records,April 25th


The Revenge has quickly reached dizzying heights in recent years, conquering a style that escapes labeling and crowned the king of the edit. With ‘Reekin’Structions’ he finally delivers his debut album for Z Records.

Featuring ten reconstructed productions, ‘Reekin’Structions’ glistens with a silvery sheen and masters a standout soundtrack to satisfy all manner of music lovers. Bubbling with sultry soulful vocals, brass funk solos and inspired dancefloor moments, The Revenge illustrates his talent for reinvention and reaffirms why he has become a spearhead for a new musical trend in this debut album.

This supple and tactile collection of tracks approach sounds of the past and create new inspiration for the future. Fashioning classics from Mid-Air in the style of Metro Area, adding pace and glamour to The JonesesSummer Groove’ and setting Velvet Hammer in a luminous filtered-disco ball of light, The Revenge showcases a deep passion and understanding for music in ‘Reekin’Structions’ and constructs an imaginative breathing body of work that is sure to find favour where it lands.

The Revenge has led the path and become king of the re-edit, trailblazing a movement towards reinventing music that hit over the past two years. As dance music became of age and embarked into its twenties, producers began to become nostalgic for sounds of the past and every style of music was revisited for inspiration for current dancefloors. The Revenge shaped this inclination, finding fans from every musical persuasion and producing some of the best loved records of the decade.

Graeme Clark AKA The Revenge is an unassuming musical hero. Hailing from the isolated east coast of Scotland, he spent his early years forming a special obsession with his dad’s old drum machines and his parent’s diverse music collection that spanned rock, soul and funk. Interspersed with the glory of eighties daytime radio, these key elements shaped him to become an avid record collector and eager music producer, making his first tracks in his teenage years. 

The Revenge is his alter ego that he engulfs through a personal process of dissecting and re-imagining music. His fluid approach and vibrant style has captured followers of nu-jazz, vintage funk, forgotten disco through to cutting-edge house and raw dubstep. Eschewing trends and making his own pattern for music production, The Revenge is redefining dance music as we know it (and it in turn is finding it difficult to label him).

Rising to notoriety through his prominent re-edits, The Revenge has matched this success on original productions on his own labels Instruments Of Rapture and Five20East. His engineer experience has been turned to material for Mark E, Jisco, Under The Shade and Fine Art Recordings. His other collaborative projects include Deportivo Street Team, OOFT!, Cronk Family Enterprises, The Hong Kong Micros and 6th Borough Project, who he will also release an album with this summer. 

Now harbouring production skills for over 15 years, Graeme continues to put his fingers to work on a variety of projects in the studio. Recent material has found its way onto seminal labels such as DFA, Buzzin´ Fly, Domino, Pokerflat, MCDE and Dessous. Through these and regular touring to all far flung reaches of the globe, his audience continues to grow at lightning speed.

Embracing pure disco heads, funk fanatics, soul worshipers and all contemporary electronic music lovers, ‘Reekin’Structions’ marks the rise of The Revenge as one of the pioneers of a generation, rediscovering classic moments from decades gone and refreshing them through his individual interpretation.

Label: Z Records
Cat no: ZEDDCD023
Released: Monday April 25th, 2011


  1. Mid-Air – Ease Out (The Revenge edit)
  2. Johnny Adams – Feel The Beat (The Revenge edit)
  3. Sargeant & Malone – Love Message (The Revenge edit)
  4. Velvet Hammer – Party Down (The Revenge edit)
  5. The Joneses – Summer Groove (The Revenge edit)
  6. Chapter Three – Smurf Trek (The Revenge edit)
  7. Electric Smoke – Freak It Out (The Revenge edit)
  8. Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro (The Revenge edit)
  9. Vance & Suzanne – I Cant Get Along Without You (The Revenge edit)
  10. Nel Oliver – Dream On (The Revenge edit)


Tour Dates 2011:
11th Feb : Bristol / Freejive
18th Feb : Milan / Tunnel Club
24th Feb : Berlin / Kaleidoskop Jazzanova
26th Feb : Zurich / Zukunft
5th Mar : Glasgow / Sub Club
10th Mar : Madrid
18th Mar : Bologna / Kinki Club
19th Mar : London / Corsica Studios
26th Mar : Portugal / La Gare Club
2nd Apr : Paris / Showcase
7th Apr : Istanbul / Otto Asmalimescid
8th Apr : Izmir / 1888
15th Apr : Israel / Breakfast Club
19th April: Rome / Italy
22nd Apr : Budapest
30th Apr : Dundee / Autodisco
13th May : London / Plastic People (Album Launch Party Date TBC)
20th May : Amsterdam / Melkweg
21st May Cork / Ireland
27th May : Newcastle
1st – 20th June : Australia Tour
5th August : Sardinia, Italy

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