Free MRK1 Download – Future Dubstep:04

MRK1 launches his hotly anticipated new DJ mixed compilation “Future Dubstep 04” featuring monster dubstep anthems from the likes of Kiss FM’s DJ Hatcha, Crazy D, Cotti, Rebel Sonix, Chimpo and Kissy Sell Out favourites Jeuce, with underground rising stars like iBenji (supported by Rusko), Eshone and Sashaslay. RMS ft Soho – Cold (Hatcha & Lost Remix) even picked up a prime time spin on BBC Radio 1 from Mistajam!

Following on from the ferocious success of Future:Dubstep:03 – our biggest selling album of the year 2010 – MRK1 returns with another slammin selection of the finest Dubstep cuts from some of the scene’s strongest production talents.



1. MRK1 – Home
2. EshOne – First
3. Stenchman – Purple Cow
4. Distinction – Bionic Bug
5. Magic Mash – Beat Bass
6. Ellenyi – Life Turned Up Loud (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
7. MRK1 – Thriller
8. The Str8jackets feat MC Chickaboo – Move and Rock (Vibeizm Dub)
9. MC Flipside – Candy Coated (Vibeizm Dub)
10. Fonzerelli ft Ellenyi – Moonlight Party (Super Hoo Men Remix)
11. Tim Ismag – Body
12. MRK1 – Cardiac Arrest
13. Trowa – Black Pyramid
14. R.I.O. – What If (MRK1 Remix)
15. Sluggo – I Get Violent (Itchy Robot Remix)
16. MRK1 – Sizzler
17. MRK1 – Move Your Soul
18. Ellenyi – I Don’t Know Your Name (Vibeizm Dub)
19. RMS – Cold (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
20. Jeuce – Play (MRK1 Remix)
21. Rebel Sonix – Turkish Delight
22. Ellenyi – Life Turned Up Loud (Vibeizm Dub)
23. Cotti vs Crazy D – Believe Me Not
24. Sashaslay – Anthem Dogs
25. Cut and Splice – Spend the Night (Vibeizm Remix)
26. iBenji – Broken Box
27. Grimejah – Keep Strong
28. Chimpo – Fling Out Ya Limbs
29. Hypes – Onit (Requake Remix)

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