M A N I K -Armies Of The Night


Scoring the soundtrack of a new electronic frontier, the young New Yorker named artist to watch of 2011 by Mixmag and DJ Mag, M A N I K delivers a prototype debut album ‘Armies of The Night’ for Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings.

As the trend for stateside dance music continues to take hold, NYC born and bred M A N I K propels it further forward with a sublimely original album. Stitched together by Ovum creator, Josh Wink, ‘Armies…’ is a continuous ebb of energy that continues to surprise as it gains momentum.

Inspired by his surroundings in New York City as well as the 1979 cult classic film, ‘The Warriors’ M A N I K portrays the raw urban grittiness of the city and mimics the picture’s rendering of the underground gang world. Track titles such as ‘We’re From Coney’, ‘City Kids’ and ‘Don’t Stop Don’t Run’ as well as frequent samples hint at this arcane theme.

Touching on a slow and seductive take on house music that fellow Americans Soul Clap, Nicolas Jaar and Wolf + Lamb have brought to the forefront of consciousness, but elevating it to new plains fusing jacking beats, acid funk basslines, and creative hip-hop sampling techniques, M A N I K carves his own niche sound through ‘Armies Of The Night’.

A diverse collection that ripples across generations, ‘Armies Of The Night’ reaches into the glamorous world of disco in ‘Nightfall’, taps into classic jacking house for ‘Ruckus 8OH8’, plays with urban flavours for ‘Haterville’ (made specifically for the Haters) and ‘Another Day’ and dives in to the eerie futuristic plains of techno in ‘Don’t Stop Don’t Run’, all the while maintaining an intoxicating nocturnal spirit.

Interspersed with playful interludes featuring M A N I K’s peers and influences, this musical voyage continually involves the listener in an interactive story of how it came to be. The result is an album that matures with each listen, apt for every situation and a true reflection of M A N I K’s pure and honest musical philosophy.

Label: Ovum
Cat no: OVM-90112
Web: www.ovum-rec.com
Released: Monday May 23rd, 2011


  1. My Hood – Armies Of The Night (Intro)
  2. Need Your Lovin
  3. Nightfall
  4. City Kids
  5. Pipedreams – The Lost Mixtape Skit
  6. Don’t Stop Don’t Run
  7. She’s Slow Motion
  8. Ruckus 8OH8
  9. Haterville – The Message (Interlude Skit)
  10. Lose My Mind (Album Edit)
  11. Streets Are Deep
  12. DeLorean Soho
  13. Kent Ave
  14. Another Day
  15. Queensboro
  16. We’re From Coney
  17. The Way Home (Outro)

Moving with pure sophistication, it’s hard to believe M A N I K’s first release was a little over twelve months ago in 2010. The 25 year old was captured by the sounds of R&B and hip-hop growing up in Queens, New York City. Surrounded by a culture where the likes of Mobb Deep, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest were in the mainstream consciousness, Chris Manik AKA M A N I K began to produce his own brand of music at the age of 13, playing with basslines and soon integrating his own live instrumentation as he took up the trumpet and piano during school.

A firm believer in following your heart and eschewing the trend or indulging in one particular style, he nurtured this open spirit to embrace all manner of musical persuasions. Building his own studios named, ‘I’m Nice Like That’ in his Queens home, he began concocting hybrid dancefloor mechanisms leading to his anthemic debut releases nurtured by US based labels Ovum and Culprit.

Although hailing from the same area code as Wolf + Lamb and sharing a similar ethos and close connection to the likes of Lee Foss and Jamie Jones, M A N I K has never played a part in any one camp, maintaining his own unique identity and becoming mutually admired by a diverse array of artists.

This philosophy rings out in, ‘Armies Of The Night’ as M A N I K takes centre stage with a 17 track odyssey into the distant realms of beat-centric music.

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