Real Mad- “Come”(MAL015)+Free Download “Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye”

MalLabel Music Presents:
REAL MAD – Come  (MAL015)
RELEASE DATE: March 22nd, 2011
01   Come
02 Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye (Free Download 320)

Real Mad is a brand new artist hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. His release for San Francisco’s MalLabel Music, “Come” is an attention grabbing debut recording for the young producer that bridges the gap between the growing US dubstep scene and the emerging movement in Africa. While Real Mad just started making tracks during the summer of 2010, there is a real maturity found on this collection that belies his rookie status.
 The title track “Come” starts off with a slight pop feel complete with Autotuned vocal snippets before the big bass drop reminds listeners that this is a dubstep track. It makes for an excellent balance, as Real Mad balances restraint and sheen against a tough bass line with whooshing drops. The percussion is again finally chopped setting off polyrhythms galore that make this track a solid tune worth seeking out.
 “Beverly Waves Her Hand Goodbye” fuses a heavy hip-hop downbeat with head banging drumstep percussion that pounds ominously. The melodies are a tasty mix of 8 bit sounds, rave stabs, and twisted synth lines overdriven to the point of fuzziness layered in to give the track an epic feel without being overly dark. The bass wobbles and pitches in all the right places and builds to an explosive saw tooth wave breakdown that sounds like chainsaws tearing through phone books.
Getting into electronic music was a natural progression for Real Mad who first started off his music career performing in local bands. He then became a well-known sound engineer and producer in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa. Spending many days in the studio he began exploring the world of electronic music. Testing the waters in the next style he was trying to take on he eventually found his niche in dubstep.  It was natural progression for him after years of working the studio. He learned all he could about the genre, invested in the proper gear, and began making tracks in July 2010. In November, he began shopping his creations online and made contact with Mal Harper of San Francisco’s premier dubstep imprint – MalLabel Music – which led to the release of his debut EP “Come” in the Spring of 2011. With the strength of the release he is planning follow-up recordings and an eventual tour in the near future.


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