Locussolus – The Album out June 13

The Uruguay based label International Feel, prominently featured in many best of 2010 shortlists, is following the success of the Gatto Fritto album with their second, massively anticipated Long Player from the Disco Administrator himself , DJ Harvey and his Locussolus project

Harvey Bassett is one of the most enigmatic people you could ever hope to meet. His ‘anything goes, as and when he feels it’ approach to life and music has created some of the most out of sync, synergistic audio excursions of the past 20 years.

From his early Tonka recognition to Ministry of Sound residencies on both Friday and Saturday (so difficult was he to pigeon hole), onto his own no holds barred nights such as New Hard Left and Moist (guest starring Larry Levan), to the infamous Black Cock edits (oh and that Sarcastic Mix), the Disco Administrator has always stayed one step ahead by doing exactly what he wants, regardless of opinion, as an army of one…… a cult leader for a last generation of pirates

Having dipped his toe into the world of the Long Player with Thom Bullock on ‘Map of Africa’ he’s now ready to launch his Locussolus album with Uruguay’s International Feel Recordings.

Last year, Harvey toured Japan (complete with stage diving), Europe and Australia (no stage diving, but a Keith Moon esque destruction of his bespoke DJ equipment as the last record played, to ‘incite a little excitement and danger’) and still found time to fulfill a busy U.S schedule and complete three Locussolus singles. The tracks saw support from as disparate sources as James Holden, Francois K, Tim Sweeney, Trevor Jackson, Rob da Bank and Ivan Smagghe to name a few, as well as being included on many of 2010 best of lists.

The Locussolus album shows Harvey’s full vision, all together in one place, for the first time. To complete the journey, amazing remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, The Emperor Machine, Time & Space Machine and own Harvey’s dubbed out reworkings (and straight from the movie John Carpenter never made)….. new track Bloodbath.

This is Harvey’s Tales from the Nocturn if you like, a journey through nighttown, or what happens in Bassett world from Dusk ‘till Dawn.

And for some very lucky souls, a hand stamped, Harvey designed White Label of the alternate vocal Weatherall Remix, ah yes, the legend of Thickums, (sounding like The Stranglers on Mescallin) and new track Bloodbath.
title:Locussolus…The Album
label:International Feel (distributed by NEWS)
cat:IFEEL015 vinyl double pack
release:13.June 2011
CD Track List:

1. Gunship
2. Little Boots

3. Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

4. I Want It

5. Throwdown

6. Bloodbath

7. Tan Sedan
8. Next To You
9. I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)

10.Throwdown (Harvey’s Dub)

11. Little Boots (An Emperor Machine Special Edit Version)

Vinyl Double Pack

1. Throwdown (Harvey’s Long Dub)
2. Little Boots (An Emperor Machine Special Full Length Version)
3. I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
4. Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Dub)

Harvey will tour Europe this summer to coincide with his album’s release, taking in clubs and festivals such as Giles Peterson’s Worldwide, Berghain in Berlin and some exciting one off, unannounced parties in countries including Spain and the UK.

Berlin Tour date

PANORAMA BAR, Berlin, Germany – 25th/26th June


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