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My Morning Jacket Announce Circuital Release Date, Release 4th T5 Download

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My Morning Jacket to Release New Album, Circuital, on

May 31st through ATO Records

This week, the countdown to Circuital presents “It Beats 4 U” 
from the Z performance at Terminal 5 on October 22nd, 2010. 

Click here for your direct download to the song.

Click here to download the countdown’s first song, 
“Butch Cassidy”, recorded live on October 18th, 2010.

Click here to download the countdown’s second song, 
“The Way That He Sings”, recorded live on October 19th, 2010.

Click here to download the countdown’s third song, 
“One Big Holiday”, recorded live on October 21st, 2010. 

On April 12th, the countdown ends with a new song from Circuital

For more info on the upcoming download dates go to the band’s website


BBE presents Kataylyst feat.Stephanie McKay ‘Day Into Night’

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Released: 2011-04-18
We are very excited to bring you the new single by internationally renowned, ARIA and J Award nominated producer Katalyst! The Sydney based producer is back with a brand new single ‘Day Into Night’ featuring Stephanie McKay.

Katalyst is the Sydney based producer Ashley Anderson of international acclaim. All of his solo releases have been nominated for ARIA Awards in Australia and there’s a strong fan base established for his work worldwide. He also runs the Invada label in Australia with Portishead’s Geoff Barrow.

Taken from his soon to be released fourth full length album, ‘Day Into Night’ features one of Katalyst’s favourite soul singers and long time collaborator Stephanie McKay (USA).

‘Day Into Night’ is a reggae soul number that’s sure to be a classic summer tune. Stephanie’s sweet vocal melodies flow effortlessly over the driving bass and guitars, which will no doubt make ! you nod your head.

Katalyst has been busy in the studio for some time now crafting the follow up to his 2007 album ‘What’s Happening’, an album met with great acclaim (including a triple j feature album). ‘What’s Happening’ went on to be picked up for worldwide release on BBE. Katalyst followed up the release with new project Space Invadas, his collaboration with Steve Spacek. The duo has been nominated for a 2010 ARIA award and have gone on to be signed internationally. The Space Invadas album ‘Soul:Fi’ just saw its international release on BBE in February 2011.

‘Day Into Night’ gives us a taste of what’s to come on the new Katalyst album, the title of which he is keeping close to his chest.

Digitalism -I Love You, Dude ! New Album Coming in June!

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(V2 / Cooperative Music/Downtown)
With a new album ready to drop on June 21st, Digitalism is back in action with their latest record I Love You, Dude, following up 2007’s Idealism, an album described by Pitchfork as solidifying the Hamburg team as “the artists probably most dedicated of all to the idea of merging rock and electronic dance music” out of all their contemporaries aiming to get the indie rock kids on the dancefloor. If you were at a party at any point in the year that album dropped, you are familiar with Digitalism’s tunes as they were blasted out of every home stereo and club soundsystem across the globe from here to Australia.
Music lovers from an early age, Jens Moelle and Ismail ‘Isi’ Tuefekci worked in music before they were propelled into the limelight. They came together when Jens, working afternoons in Hamburg’s Underground Solution record shop, became friends with Isi, who worked at a vinyl distributor. The two quickly bonded over their love of vinyl and became a DJ tag team. They were soon using early CD-writers to burn their own edits, and in jokey tribute to Bob Sinclar’s Africanism All Stars project and to their own love of electronic dance music, they scribbled the word ‘Digitalism’ on the CDs to identify them for playing out. A band was born and their 2005 tune “Zdarlight” put them on the radar of a new network of young DJs across the globe pushing club culture in a heady rock direction.
Soon they’d honed a live show that became hugely in demand and took them all over the world, with firing tunes such as “Jupiter Room” and “Pogo” backing up the hype alongside remixes for Depeche Mode and Daft Punk. They toured the Idealism album for a couple of years and then went to ground, cutting back to a few DJ dates a month so they could concentrate on crafting I Love You, Dude in their Hamburg bunker studio.  The new album further serves their aim of getting everyone to dance with 10 tracks each of with their own vibrant identity, this is the sound of a band welding dancefloor pugilism onto crafted sonic sculpture. The band set the bar high for themselves, featuring tracks like  “Forrest Gump,” co-written with Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, “Circles,” with its Who-ish keyboard and apparently existential lyrics, and stand out track “2 Hearts,” a curveball of a pop song.
US tour dates are on the horizon….

Deadbeat Launches BLKRTZ record label, Announces New Album Drawn & Quartered

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artist: Deadbeat
label: BLKRTZ
title:  Drawn & Quartered
date: 20/06/2011

It has been 12 years since Scott Monteith quietly launched his Deadbeat music project with an unassuming performance on the street outside a Montreal café as part of the first edition of the city’s now internationally lauded Mutek festival. And while the venues and audiences have grown steadily and seriously in the years since, the crackling dub sonics, deep grooves, and rumbling bass which characterised that performance have remained a constant in his live and recorded work, and earned him a substantial number of devoted followers the world over in the process.

Having worked with a virtual who’s who of the most respected labels in the industry over the last decade, Monteith now takes the plunge into the murky depths of labelhood, launching his BLKRTZ imprint with no less than a full album of new material. “When I received the news a few months ago that ~scape was officially closing its doors, I was incredibly sad to hear it.” says Monteith from his new home in Berlin. “Though I hadn’t worked with them in a few years, I always saw ~scape as the natural home for a very important part of my work. Not necessarily the more listening side of things per se, but certainly the most unconcerned with genre or function, from a creative stand point the most free I guess. Barbara and Stefan worked very hard to promote a great deal of quite marginalized material over the years and did a lot to help me and many other artists out personally who otherwise would have had a much  harder time of it. Though I’ll be concentrating on my own work for the first few releases, it’s my hope that BLKRTZ can serve a similarly honorable purpose in the years to come.”

In celebration of the label’s inaugural release, Monteith has teamed up with long-time friend and world renowned video artist, Lillevan, to create an immersive audio/visual performance quite unlike any other.  “Lillevan and I were invited to take part in the Cinechamber project at this year’s Transmediale festival, and though our performance sadly fell victim to the technological bottle necks of a decidedly experimental environment, we came away from it with a lot of great ideas that we felt were important to develop further. I’ve known Lillevan for a great many years now and have always enjoyed his work and company, and I think what we’ve put together something that stands out as quite unique from anything either of us have done before. Mutek has always been a strong supporter of both of our work and we’re very happy to be able to debut the fruits of our labor at the festival this year. ”

Deadbeat’s new album, Drawn and Quartered, will be released on BLKRTZ on June 20th 2011, with worldwide distribution via Kompakt.
His first official performance with Lillevan will take place at this year’s edition of the Mutek festival in Montreal.

Holy Ghost! And Eskuché Team Up For Record Store Day Release

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Available April 16 on Record Store Day

Lifestyle audio headphone innovator eskuché (es·koo·chay), is pleased to announce the release of their third installment of “Obsessive Compulsive Frequency,” a series devoted to showcasing exclusive content of emerging and innovative artist who are defining new genres today.
Beginning Record Store Day, Sat. April 16th, Volume 3 of eskuché’s “Obsessive Compulsive Frequency” vinyl series features Brooklyn based DFA recording artist Holy Ghost!, whom are known around the globe for their party starting singles and their unparalleled ability to get bodies moving on the dance floor.
Limited to 50012″ vinyl records, the installment features Holy’s Ghost’s original track “i know, i hear,” while filling the grooves on the wax is a remix from label mate Jacques Renault as well as a dub remix from Eric B. The 12″ comes with a freedigital download of the three tracks as well and can only be obtained by purchasing a pair of eskuché headphones at participating retailers nationwide.

Additionally, on April 16 in conjunction with the vinyl release, eskuché’ will also unveil a limited pre-release of it’s latest set of DJ/studio monitor headphones know only as 45. Keeping inline with eskuché’s classic, 70’s hi-fi design influence, the 45 is constructed with metal ear cups and a custom CD texture that is inspired by premium vintage audio equipment.

Following Volumes One and Two, which featured electronic sensation The Juan Maclean and 2010 breakout artist Beat Coast, Volume Three continues to further eskuché’s mission to expand the reach of artists who are creating music that reflects a commitment to innovation, art and design.

A1. i know, i hear
A2. i know, i dub (eric b remix)
B1. i know, i hear (jacques renault remix

Soul Aid music for Japan-free downloads

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In response to the recent disaster in Japan, we are supporting a newly launched website called ‘SOUL AID: music for japan’


It’s a simple platform to share music donated by artists along with their personal message for FREE. The main objective is to cheer up and give mental or spiritual support to Japanese music fans by delivering them sincere thoughts and music from some of their favourite artists.

Our secondary objective is to call members of the music community around the world for donations, to make a small financial contribution to the relief efforts for the most needed. All proceeds will be donated to a Japanese emergency relief organization called Civic Force, who are currently operating in Kesennuma city.

We have 8 tracks, kindly provided by Thomas Fehlmann, Alexkid, International Feel, Nico Purman, Barker & Baumecker, Charles Webster, DJ Cosmo and Miss Kittin,
posted now. Many more will follow.
More information about this project, music and donation can be found on the additional pages on the website.

For those who are on Facebook, please “like” it!

For those who are on Twitter, please start following!