Poly Styrene Releases “Thrash City” MP3, Generation Indigo Out 4/26!

Poly Styrene

Generation Indigo

(Future Noise Music; April 26)
“Poly, DayGlo heroine of playfully serious punk and icon to Beth Ditto among many others, makes an unexpected festive return”– NME
“The fireball that is Ms. Poly Styrene has failed to disappoint.”
Generation Indigois not so much a comeback as it is a return, and a welcome return at that.”
– My Old Kentucky Blog
“’Generation Indigo’ is her most commercial record yet but remains spiritually, socially, and environmentally concerned”
– Mojo

X-ray Spex may have only been around for a couple of years but their star shone brightly. A true musical and fashion rebel, Poly Styrene has returned at her most thrilling.  The forthcoming album Generation Indigo is due on April 26 through Future Noise Music and was produced by Youth (The Verve, Killing Joke, The Fireman, Edwyn Collins). Poly Styrene’s return is highly anticipated as she remains a genuine icon and one of the premier influences on the Riot Grrrl and Britpop scenes. The forward looking Generation Indigoshowcases Poly’s humorous musings on pop culture, the internet and fashion whilst also tackling heavier subject matter (war and racism) with her politically aware and intelligent lyrics. Hot on the heels of the anthemic lead single “Virtual Boyfriend”, Poly gives us another taste of the album with the MP3 of “Thrash City” which RollingStone.com premiered today! 

Download it here
Generation Indigois a fantastic return to form for Poly and a welcome comeback for her fans. With her never-failing ability to connect with her audience regardless of the year and their age, Poly Styrene’s remarkable voice sounds as vibrant and innocent as ever.

iTunes links
Generation Indigo (album pre-order)
Virtual Boyfriend (single and remixes)

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