Download: Phlox- 1st Annual Report (*Compilation of The Week* )

Today we have for you our Favourite Compilation for this week as a Free Download, all our styles in one compilation: Dub Techno, Bass, Future Garage, Dubstep,Nu Beats…New Sound of Vienna by Phlox Records!


PHLOX is an independent recordlabel from austria, focusing on advanced electronica. Initiated by Martin Sovinz, Gerhard Potuznik and Hans Platzgumer. PHLOX releases vinyl and digital downloads. Avoiding any compromise, we release music that we love and essentially feel like sharing with an audience. Vinyl releases are distributed by Baked Goods (Manchester), digital releases are distributed by Ordis (Vienna). The 1st Annual Report is an overview of our label-activities. This compilation features unreleased* material by past, present and future PHLOX-artists. File under Dubtechno, Bass, Future Garage, Dubstep.

Once again Vienna finds itself the focus for new and creative sounds being heavily sought after worldwide. Being Vienna too, it should come as no surprise that this nu-breed will be fashionable out of town long before they get their props in town. Experimental and courageous are definitely in, safe and laid-back have been deservedly shown the door. This is where PHLOX comes in. A new identity with their own ideas of melodic subjects in musical composition! They bring much dissimilitude and unconformity. They prosper in the ‘absence of likeness’, their music policy is that they don’t actually have a music policy.“ Alan Brown, Soul Seduction
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*) Dmitry Mazurovs opening track “Nostromo” and Otzim Lees “Le Routine” – already appeared on their recengt releases.
Aura Anthropicas “Drummondii” and GDXs “Want You” came out on vinyl but are available digitaly here for the first time.

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