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Junior Boys – Banana Ripple (preview)

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 The first single from the forthcoming Junior Boys album ‘It’s All True’ out on Domino Records June 13th in UK & Europe & 14th in the US.

The track is called “Banana Ripple” and in its 9+ minutes of dance hit glory, Junior Boys bask in a multitude of cultural, geographic, and gastronomic touchstones: namely Orson Welles, Howard Hughes, China, in particular Shanghai, Japan (the band, not the country) Banana Ripple ice cream, Carl Craig and analogue synths.

“Banana Ripple” will also be available on 12″ backed with a remix by The Field, available exclusively on Domino Mart from May 31st:

Junior Boys will be hitting the road beginning June 9th and zig zagging across the country for the month:

Jun 09 Toronto ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre
Jun 10 Ottawa ON – Mavericks
Jun 11 Montreal QC – La Salla Rossa
Jun 12 Cambridge MA – Middle East
Jun 14 New York NY – Webster Hall
Jun 16 Washington DC – Black Cat
Jun 17 Philadelphia PA – Johnny Brenda’s
Jun 18 Charlottesville VA – Jefferson Theater
Jun 20 Atlanta GA – The Earl
Jun 21 Nashville TN – Mercy Lounge
Jun 22 Louisville KY – Headliners
Jun 24 Chicago IL – Metro
Jun 25 Pontiac MI – The Pike Room at the Crofoot
Jun 30 UK London – XOYO
Jul 02 France Paris – Cabaret Sauvage  
Jul 09 Holland Amsterdam – Pitch
Jul 14 Sweden Hultsfred – Hultsfred Festival  
Jul 15 Germany Hamburg – Uebel & Gefährlich  
Jul 16 Germany Gräfenhainichen – MELT Festival  
Jul 17 Belgium – Dour Dour Festival  
Aug 04 Austria Vienna – Fluc
Aug 05 Poland Katowice – OFF Festival

They Might Be Giants “Join Us” Advance Tracks out on iTunes Today, Annouce Live Dates!

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They Might Be Giants

Join Us

(Idlewild/Rounder; July 19, 2011)

New album Join Us preview tracks out on iTunes today!
Hear them streaming on AOL Spinner
New live dates including 
Williamsburg Waterfront FREE Concert
w/ Eugene Mirman!

“They make defiantly uncool look and sound unbelievably cool…”
– Village Voice

“It’s classic TMBG!”

TMBG “combine a Dadaist sensibility with smart hooks.”
– The New Yorker
They Might Be Giants new album, Join Us, is the recordings that their fans have been waiting 20 years for! Impossibly catchy, sometimes strange and always original the album is a stunning return to form. On Join Us we find the Brooklyn originals have returned to rock and to their singular sensibility that made them an instant phenomenon in the world of alternative rock. Join Us is an electrifying mix of clever, maddeningly catchy songwriting and studio mastery. The album was created in the brand new private studio of their long-time collaborator Patrick Dillett (David Byrne, Mary J. Blige, Tegan and Sara, Doveman). The advance tracks are released digitally today on iTunes through the “Complete My Album” program, with the full album arriving in all digital and physical outlets July 19, 2011 through Idlewild/Rounder Records.
The advance track offering opens with “Can’t Keep Johnny Down”–a summer-perfect pop single that will get instantly stuck in your head and make you want to roll down the windows. The electronic ballad “Never Knew Love” puts a new and simple twist on the love song.  The pure folk-pop of “Old Pine Box” showcases the band’s signature harmonies, handclaps and the always popular, never anticipated vocoder. Check out the “Can’t Keep Johnny Down” MP3 HERE.  

They Might Be Giants unlikely success story started nearly three decades ago with their Dial-A-Song service. High energy, low budget videos broke them into heavy rotation on MTV and the rest would soon become alternative rock history.  Along the way the band has become the recipients of two GRAMMYs and a platinum record (1990’s Flood). They recorded numerous themes including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, their GRAMMY-winning theme Malcolm In the Middle and many more. 
Notorious for their energized live show, They Might Be Giants will launch the first international tour in over a decade this Fall, hitting 6 countries and over 50 US cities.  Several tour dates have been announces & stay tuned for more details next month!

They Might Be Giants Tour Dates
5/29: Des Moines, IA @ Iowa State Fair Grounds
6/11: Toronto, ON @ Luminato Festival FREE CONCERT
7/15: London, UK @ Koko
7/16: Southwold, UK @ Latitude Festival
7/29: Brooklyn, NY @ Williamsburg Waterfront w/Eugene Mirman FREE CONCERT

UK Trio Is Tropical Releases Debut ‘Native To” on Kitsune / Co-op / Downtown Records on June 14th+free download

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Is Tropical

Native To
Kitsuné / Co-op / Downtown Records, June 14th)

UK Trio Is Tropical Releases Debut ‘Native To”
Kitsuné / Co-op / Downtown Records on June 14th
“The Greeks…listen to it on repeat about 50 times” NME
Synth punk maraudersElle Magazine

Grab Is Tropical’s first single, the up-tempo, dance-rock number, “The Greeks” through an exclusive download on 

Kitsuné’s site HERE
Listen to and download their remixes for Two Door Cinema Club, Cocusuma and Crystal Fighters HERE

The first release through Kitsune’s newly- announced partnership with Cooperative/Downtown Records will be Is Tropical’s debut album Native To, hitting stores on June 14th.  Already known for their stunning live shows where, behind their trademark masks, they effortlessly swoop from raw pop anthems to lo-fi dance songs, the young UK-based trio are currently offering their first single, the up-tempo, dance-rock number, “The Greeks” through an exclusive download on Kitsune’s site here.
With their new album Native To, the UK trio Is Tropical are releasing their unique and signature brand of dance-pop music in America. The twelve tracks that comprise the album flow seamlessly from one to the next while at the same time covering the broad spectrum of musical stylings that catapulted them into the spotlight to begin with. Highlights of the album include the hard-hitting, lo-fi track, “Oranges”, as well as the dreamy and whimsical “Clouds” and “Lies”. See the video for the track “South Pacific” here.
Is Tropical first entered the international scene with the release of their debut single ‘When O’ When’/’Seasick Mutiny’on Hit Club Records in January 2010. Produced by Alalal (The Big Pink / Klaxons), the single attracted the attention of fans and critics alike. 
Dividing opinions with the band’s refusal to show their faces, as well as their broad, all-encompassing sound, Is Tropical was soon at the forefront of the conflict between lo-fi purists and those who cherished the strange electronic instrumentals. They soon signed to legendary French label Kitsuné (Digitalism / Two Door Cinema Club).
Is Tropical will be touring throughout Europe and Japan this spring, with more live and festival dates to be announced very soon!
Is Tropical live shows:
04/30/11 – Japan – Tokyo – Studio Coast
05/03/11 – UK – London @ Madame Jo Jo’s
05/21/11 – France – Les 3 Elephants
05/28/11 – UK – Bristol @ Dot to Dot
05/29/11 – UK – Bristol @ Dot to Dot
05/30/11 – UK – Bristol @ Dot to Dot
06/08/11 – France, Paris @ Point éphémère
06/17/11 – UK – Release Gig / Kitsuné Club Night Party @ XOYO

Is Tropical Website
Is Tropical Twitter
Is Tropical Facebook
Is Tropical MySpace

R.I.P.Poly Styrene 1957-2011

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We can confirm that the beautiful Poly Styrene, who has been a true fighter,  won her battle on Monday evening (4/25/11)  to go to higher places. Poly Styrene was born Marianne Elliot Said on June 3, 1957. She passed away due to cancer.
Poly Styrene was a punk amongst punks. A groundbreaking presence that left an unrepeatable mark on the musical landscape, she made history the moment she uttered, “Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard but I think oh bondage up yours!” The influence of Poly and X-ray Spex has been felt far and wide ever since. The seminal album Germ Free Adolescents is a landmark work and a primary influence on Britpop and Riot Grrrl. At the center of it was Poly Styrene, a bi-racial feminist punk with the perfect voice to soundtrack rebellion. Poly never sacrificed the intelligence or the fun in her music and style. Her trademark braces and dayglo clothes were a playful rejection of the status quo and of conformity and complacency. She dissected gender politics, consumer culture, and the obsessions of modern life in a way that made us all want sing along with her.
At the core of Poly’s work from Germ Free Adolescents through Generation Indigo, is a revolutionary with a genuine love for this world and the people and things in it. Her indomitable heart is all over the new material from her championing of cruelty free products and as she put it, “being conscious of the slaughterhouse culture” (“I Luv Ur Sneakers”) to giving voice to marginalized poor people worldwide (“No Rockefeller”) to tackling racism (“Colour Blind”). Poly Styrene never stopped exciting us with her incisive world-view, amazing wit, and her adventurous sound. It is impossible to imagine what modern music would be like without her incalculable contributions but it’s probably not worth imagining a world that never had Poly Styrene in it.
A thrilling work from a true pioneer and rebel in every sense, Poly Styrene’s album Generation Indigo is out today through Future Noise Music and was produced by Youth (The Verve, Killing Joke, The Fireman, Edwyn Collins).The album’s fusion of punk spirit, and fresh sounds has already received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic from Spin, NPR, NME, MOJO and countless others. The forward looking Generation Indigo showcases Poly’s humorous musings on pop culture, the internet and fashion whilst also tackling heavier subject matter (war and racism) with her politically aware and intelligent lyrics all in the inimitable voice of a genuine icon. Listen to the full Generation Indigo record streaming on AOL Spinner.
Poly was very proud of Generation Indigo. See an interview where she discusses the album track by track here. The album is released in the US today.
“Virtual Boyfriend” single & remixes
Deluxe Album

Fania pres.Hammock House ‘Africa Caribe’ by Joaquin “Joe” Claussell+free download

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(OUT MAY 17, 2011)


 Fania Records announced the release of a deluxe 2-disc set entitled, Hammock House ‘Africa Caribeproduced and mixed by the legendary Joaquin “Joe” Claussell, with a worldwide release date of May 17, 2011.  The project is a perfect marriage between old and new, a fresh take on classic sounds from the Fania archives.  Late last year, Fania Records hand delivered the original multi-tracks (recording tapes) in a battered cardboard box to Joe Claussell’s NYC studio.  Inside was a round metal reel wrapped with many feet of rolled magnetic tape, and a crumbling “Track Report” sheet from some matter-of-fact day in the 1970s.  As Joe ecstatically explained, “When the carrier came to my place with all these boxes, I had an Indiana Jones moment, like when he opens the treasure chest and the glow of gold light shines up on his face.  It was miraculous that they were still around, and the history of this stuff is just amazing.”

Download Mambo Mongo (Joe Claussell Remix)

Michael Rucker, chief marketing officer of Codigo Group came up with the original idea of Hammock House and knew that Joe Claussell was the right person for the job.  Joe grew up Puerto Rican in New York – or more precisely Nuyorican, with all the simmering, sweltering swirl of identity that comes to pass for a kid growing up with nine brothers and sisters in roiling, toiling Brooklyn.  DJ/producer/label-head Joe Claussell is perhaps the most influential and in-demand figure on the New York dance scene since Masters At Work. Responsible for some of the best deep and soulful house NYC has heard, Claussell’s Sunday night Body & Soul DJ gig is one of the most legendary house parties of the ’90s. Former owner of the landmark record store Dance Tracks, and long associated with the house labels Spiritual Life and Ibadan, they all reflect his deep love for and his eclectic and multicultural taste in dance music. Much of the global dance movement can be traced back to Claussell’s highly percussive style that incorporates Latin, African, Brazilian and other world rhythms with elements of jazz, rock, disco, and live instrumentation.

What you hear on Hammock House are more than mere remixes.  Each track was approached and assembled differently, each on its own terms.  As Joe says, “Some songs were edited, some were time-stretched…many parts were re-recorded…some new parts were recorded on top.”  Furthermore Joe elaborates, “I would listen to these songs and think what am I going to do to that?!  A lot of them sounded perfect as they were.  But the mentality of the ‘60s and ‘70s, when it came to music, people were just creating as artists – from the soul, from the heart.  They took a lot of the technical stuff for granted.  They were making music, not thinking about different mixes or anybody touching their art in the future.  So I tried to keep the integrity of what’s there.  Fania is very sacred to the Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage, so it was important that it get taken in by the right hands.”

The first disc is a live continuous mix by Claussell, but not like your average DJ mixing one track into another Joe’s states his goal for the mix-CD was to create an epic journey that begins in the Motherland (Africa) to moves to New York.  “I wanted to do a futuristic mix, where stories are being created with soundscapes and tapestries, and segues work as introductions to each story.  I wanted to create bridges through different rhythms, so I worked with my brother Jose, as well as other percussionists and musicians in the studio, to create parts that flow between.  I mixed it live with four CD players, effects, and reel-to-reel, then took it into the studio and tightened up some of the levels through editing.  I wanted to mix it live so you get more of a human feel from it, to stay true to the texture of this music.  And I really wanted it to reflect on the process of working on this whole project.  Looking back, I’m honored and grateful to get to work on such historical music – and music I grew up with.” Never has the past sounded so present.  The second disc features nine classic Fania tunes from Lou Perez, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Barretto and more all re-worked with the Joe Claussell touch (Full track by track notes are on a separate page).

About Fania

Today Fania is home to more than 200 of the top artists’ catalogs in Tropical music.   These artists mixed a cornucopia of styles that transcended the boundaries of traditional Latin music and set the path for the genres of Latin Big Band, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Boogaloo, Salsa and Latin R&B.  They include Beny Moré, Sonora Matancera, Orquesta Aragón, Celia Cruz, La Lupe, Tito Rodrguez, Ray Barretto, Cortijo, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, Johnny Pacheco, Joe Cuba, Larry Harlow and Ruben Blades to mention a few.  The more than 4,000 albums from the 1940s through the 1980s have been carefully documented, archived and placed in a special media storage facility for original recorded media.   In addition, Fania has been remastering and reissuing these treasures in digital format, original remastered cds, box sets and vinyl. 

Preorder now

For more information please visit

Download:Blood Orange – Dinner

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Dev Hynes is an international man of mystery as well as the busiest musician on the planet. As if his extensive work as Lightspeed Champion and with Test Icicles or co-writing with Theophilus London and Solange Knowles or a note-for-note cover of Todd Rundgren’s A Wizard, A True Star album weren’t enough, Hynes is launching a new project: Blood Orange.

To begin, Blood Orange is releasing a brand new 7″ single, “Dinner” b/w “Bad Girls” on April 26th. Both tracks were recorded with and co-produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear for release on his Terrible Records label. Blood Orange finds Hynes delving deeper into the fringes of ’80s American musical culture, crossing elements of melancholy synthetic pop balladry with a twangy noir, composing songs exploring the harsh realities of romantic pursuits: longing, suspicion, jealousy, self-doubt and loneliness, to name but a few.

This release will be followed by a full-length album which was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Ariel Reichstaid (Cass McCombs/Glasser) and will be released in the late summer on Domino.

Downlaod:Blood Orange – Dinner

more info

Download:Moby-The Day (Yeasayer Remix) +Video

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Brooklyn’s Yeasayer remixes Moby. The Day is the first single off of Moby’s upcoming release, Destroyed out May 17th in the US via Mute.

Download:Moby-The Day (Yeasayer Remix)

Moby ‘The Day’ Official video featuring Heather Graham

Official video for the first single to be taken from Moby’s forthcoming album (and photo book) ‘Destroyed’. The video features Heather Graham alongside Moby and was directed by Evan Bernard and eyeball.