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David Vangel “Breadth Control” +free download

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David Vangel “Breadth Control” (LP / CD / Digital)
Release Date Digital: May 30th, 2011
Release Date CD / Vinyl: June 30th, 2011

‘Breadth Control’ a mind altering affair loaded with emotive melodies, explosive dynamics, and savage gauntlets of fierce drum programming.  Raising the bar,  the 13-track collection is a fusion of sampling and live instrumentation, including elements of hiphop, jazz, indie rock, electronic, gentle psychedelia, and even world music.  A musical experience that is the intermingling of genres, the debut LP is the future of electronic music from the brain of one of Canada’s most prominent sound pioneers.

Download: David Vangel – Sandpaper Script


Download David Vangel – The Breadth Control Megamix (Album Preview)

We Love Vitalik (VIT008) out July 25th

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Various Artists
We Love Vitalik

We Love Space team up with Vitalik Recordings to unveil a special collection of music for their 2011 annual compilation.
Following in the footprints of the likes of 2020Vision and Viva, Vitalik Recordings have taken the concept a step further by compiling an album of unreleased material from a diverse mixture of musical souls in their partnership with We Love… Space Ibiza. 
The compilation features 12 exclusive tracks from the likes of legendary production king, Martin Buttrich, dubstep champion Appleblim, enigmatic talent The Mole, and touches on a torrent of rising stars such as Pezzner, Mark Henning, Hugo Barritt, Paul Loraine, Soulade and jozif.
Highlighting some of the most inspiring music on the label’s horizon, the collection is an assortment of the label’s own artists, We Love´s residents and  characters that Vitalik label boss, Ryan O’Gorman has introduced to We Love via his Burlington Project collaboration in the Red Box at Space.  
Spanning a plethora of genres, the resulting collection of music flows and ebbs from the early slow sultry grooves of The Mole´s ‘Even now still us’ to the broken beats and colossal bass of closing Appleblim´s ‘Moonlight’ consistently capturing an old-school feel and drawing into its deep and soulful heart.
A mixed CD version comes from We Love´s newest resident jozif and Vitalik label head Ryan O’Gorman, the spearhead of the Burlington Project that has infamously taken over the Red Room at Space over the past two summers.  This will be distributed for free throughout the Island by We Love… from early June for a limited time only. 
This creation from these two talents to watch will enrapture listeners for many months to come. The official singles release will be in late July with a limited edition vinyl sampler accompanying the digital release.  

Label: Vitalik
Cat no: VIT008
Distribution: Word & Sound
Released: Monday July 25th, 2011


1. The Mole – Even Now Just Us 
2. Hugo Barritt – Downtime 
3. Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine – Flip A Coin  (digital exclusive)
4. Alex Arnout – Feel It
5. Mark Henning & j u g – Moors, Soulades Depthcharge Edit 
6. Joe Europe – Smash and Grab
7.   jozif – Gonzales 
8. Soulade – Thinking Of You 
9. Martin Buttrich – Space Babe
10. jozif – Skinwalker 
11. Pezzner – Don´t Try It 
12. Appleblim – Moonlight
3rd July
10th July
4th Sept
25th Sept 
Plus more to be announced
24th July terrace w/ Innervisions
7th August terrace w/ Groove Armada
21st  August terrace w/ Matthew Dear 
28th August discotheque w/ Jeff Mills

BBE pres.Americana – Rock Your Soul – Blue Eyed Soul and Sounds from the Land of the Free

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Released: 2011-07-04
We have known each other since the late 80’s and as is the case in many friendships, music of course was the main catalyst. We had lost touch due to family life etc, but again the lure of music brought us together again. We have both shared exactly the same musical tastes throughout, and Mark contacted me about a record I had sold to Gilles Peterson, asking if I had another copy. The conversation eventually turned to records and what we were chasing , and again
in perfect symmetry both of us were going back to the sounds of our youth, A.O.R. (Adult Orientated Rock).
Absurd abbreviation for such a great genre, but basically to us it was soft rock with elements of soul, jazz, funk, folk & disco.
Which exactly what this compilation has. After many conversations over the phone on what both of us had collected in this genre I suggested we do a comp. I had spoken with Peter years before about doing a comp for BBE and never got
round to it, but this seeme! d the perfect project to launch with BBE. So myself & Mark both dug out 8 tracks each and instantly realised we had an absolute classic compilation in the making. The mad thing about the programming of this comp is that there is none. Mark gave me 8 tracks in no particular order & I just added my 8 tracks to the end of his. The flow is seamless and they sound great after one another, and the point is when you have beautiful music it doesn’t matter which order you put it in. As well as mainland USA material, we’ve also included five tracks that originate from Hawaiian artist that fit nicely into this genre of music. We are both working on sourcing material for the Americana 2.

Ada -Meine Zarten Pfoten

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Meine zarten Pfoten (“My Tender Paws”) is the eagerly-awaited album by Lady Ada that everybody’s been longing to get a hold of for so long. Her second album after debut Blondie truly is a revelation. Ada has successfully cast off that four-to-the-floor yoke and has recorded songs that go way beyond all our well-known categories, hovering above everything in a state of serene disengagement. It’s certainly Pop in its broadest sense, but ultimately it’s a work of music that radiates such an amazing warmth and tranquility that it will even sedate the biggest nervous wreck into a state of subtle receptiveness.

This record is your friend. It’s a shining light of beauty, glowing from the inside.


01 Faith
02 On the Mend
03 Likely
04 The Jazz Singer (Re-imagined by Ada)
05 Intro
06 At the Gate
07 Interlude
08 Happy Birthday
09 2 Likely

Björk – Road to Crystalline (Teaser-Preview)

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ECSTASY (full Trailer)

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Pete Hook ex-New Order and Joy Division bassist remixed “Love Will Tear Us Apart” for this new movie, ECSTASY.

Falty Dl – Make it Difficult / Jack Your Job (ACNY12x1)(preview)

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After looking at New York circa 95/96 we fast forward to the future with Falty DL. Another 12 that’s taken us a bit longer than it should to release, this 2 tracker from NY’s insanely prolific/the-hardest-working Falty DL was supposed to a collaborative 12 but when we couldn’t find someone to keep with his high octane pace he rolled up his sleeves and finished it off himself. As tight and punchy as you expect, this is two addictive slabs of fast paced house with a distinctly 90s US influence with a shout to Minister Farrakhan on vocal duties.


  1. Make It Difficult Listen Now
  2. Jack Your Job Listen Now


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