MAL018: Downlink’s “Deep Space”(Video)+Free Download Stagga RMX

MalLabel Music has been on a rocket ride to the heavens in 2011. Fresh off the heels of their release of The Widdler’s funky jam “Flexstar” comes a smashing number called “Deep Space” by none other than Canada’s master of musical machines, Downlink. The release includes an amazing original music video starring Downlink and the MalLabel Crew.

“Deep Space” is a maniacal and mechanically adept rocker that any fan of Downlink’s work will appreciate and want to rinse in every set. It’s filled with gushing bass drops and wiggly bass stabs that will launch dance floors high into the stratosphere.

Supporting on the release are veterans of the bass industry Stagga, SPL, and Blackheart. Stagga’s remix, released as a free 320, quivers with signature space-aged sweeps and bleeps. SPL’s rework of the tune is what you would expect from this monarch of the Pacific Northwest’s bass culture: a dark and dangerous banger with heavy switches and an enviably tough attitude. The final remix by San Francisco’s Blackheart is determined and gritty, rolling forward with a sporty jaunt, and it nicely rounds out the release.

Come fly with MalLabel Music! Grab your copy of the release today exclusively at Beatport. Don’t forget to check out the remarkable original music video and grab your free copy of Stagga’s remix! Engage engines and let the countdown begin!
Deep Space (Stagga RMX) – Free Download

Listen Downlink – “Deep Space” (Blackheart Remix)

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