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David Morales returns with “You Just Don’t Love Me” – out today on Ultra Music

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Dance Music Legend David Morales Returns With His Brand New Single “You Just Don’t Love Me;” out today on Ultra Music 
The first single from his forthcoming Ultra Music artist album “Resurrection”

You know all of those big room anthems currently dominating the dance music industry in 2011? Just look and listen – it’s everywhere.  It’s even spread to commercial radio where some of today’s biggest crossover hits are produced by dance music’s biggest names. Well, none of this would have been possible without the foundation built by dance music icon and the original superstar DJ, David Morales. From his experiences as both a fan and DJ at New York’s most influential clubs, to record producer and Grammy Award winning remixer, there’s a little bit of David Morales’ influence heard in each dance music bomb that goes off across the world today.  
While his past accomplishments are unparalleled, David Morales is very much about the present. Now in his fourth decade in the industry, David considers his music something that continues to evolve. This sustained growth is reflected in David Morales’ brand new single “You Just Don’t Love Me” (YJDLM) featuring the voice of Jonathan Mendelsohn. The first single culled from his third artist album – and first since 2004’s “2 World’s Collide” – “YJDLM” is a big room anthem featuring melodic keys, a throbbing electro bass line and the golden voice of Jonathan Mendelsohn. It’s a massive anthem with a crushing hook…a real song made for the dancefloor. It’s the perfect setup for his “Resurrection;” out later this summer.
“My sound has changed since I first started out, but so has the world and the technology around us. However, my identity is my culture in music. I’ve lived through different eras and all that influence adds into the mix. You have to accept and enjoy outside influences in order to evolve. I take what I experience and create my own thing. At the end of the day everything has been a mutation – from house, to electro and techno. It’s all a derivative of something else, a branch,” Morales says. 
If you wanted to speak with one person about the history and development of house music over the years David Morales would be your guy. He’s simply had his hands in nearly every facet of the industry from DJing at the most influential clubs, remixing the biggest records (he won a Grammy Award in 1998 for Remixer of the Year), producing hit records, dropping acclaimed radio mixshows, co-owning the legendary artist management company DefMix to once co-owning the beloved Montreal nightclub, Stereo.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows the business and entertainment of dance music like David Morales does.
Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more details on David Morales’ new artist CD, “Resurrection.”

David Morales
“You Just Don’t Love Me”
June 28, 2011
Ultra Music
1. “You Just Don’t Love Me (Radio Mix)”
2. “You Just Don’t Love Me (Extended Mix)”
3. “You Just Don’t Love Me (Club Mix)”
4. “You Just Don’t Love Me (Dub Mix)”
5. “You Just Don’t Love Me (Nause Remix)”
Buy “YDLM” here

30 Stereo / Montreal, Canada
02 Notte Rosa / Lido Di Spina, Italy
05 Pacha / Ibiza, Spain
07 Ushuaïa / Ibiza, Spain
08 Vereranda Club / Hvar, Croatia
15 Cavo Paradiso / Mykonos, Greece
21 Mai Tai / Tirana, Albania tbc
22 Maximus / Kotor Montenegro tbc
23 Pacha / Ibiza, Spain
02 Pacha / Ibiza, Spain
04 Aurora / Primosten, Croatia
06 Ciclope / Marina Di Camarota, Italy
10 Villa Pascià / Olbia, Italy
13 Pacha / Ibiza, Spain
14 Ku / Benidorm, Spain
18 Blu Bay / Castro, Italy
19 Turabo Society Club / Bucharest, Romania
21 Cavo Paradiso / Mykonos, Greece
29 Magic Monday’s @ Prince / Riccione, Italy
02 Maison / Toronto, Canada
03 The Flamingo / Ottawa, Canada
04 Parking / Montreal, Canada
06 Pacha / Ibiza, Spain
15 Maddox / London, England
17 Mobius / Leicester, England
18 Ministry of Sound / London, England
24 Hudbu Festival / Wirral, Merseyside, England
27 Pacha / Ibiza, Spain


Christian Smith – Cabecudas EP

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Christian Smith – Cabecudas EP
A1. Cabecudas
A2. Cabecudas Vox
B. Fugitive
(Bedrock) Bed98
Ltd Edition 12” Vinyl & Digital
Release: 04/07/11

Swedish genre-blurring techno master Christian Smith returns to John Digweed’s Bedrock label with another set of his trademark spellbinding productions. The big room vibes are most definitely flowing through these 3 choice cuts. “Cabecudas” (located in Santa Catarina, Brazil, for all you fact fans) is a track that has all the percussion-fuelled funk you could want as it builds through layers of nagging synths to a glorious hands-in-the-air crescendo in true show-stopping style. This will be a highlight in many big-room DJ sets all summer long, without a doubt. For the Vox version Smith gives the track an old-school jackin’ Chicago twist, bringing the percussion to the forefront and adding a memorable vocal loop hook to the proceedings. Meanwhile, “Fugitive” keeps the funk-factor high and focuses on a Latin percussive vibe that cannot fail to move even the most stubborn hips as it winds up the intensity with subtle ease before unleashing yet another superb hands-in-the-air moment. This is an EP you don’t want to miss out on. Christian Smith has been at the top of his game as a DJ and producer for over a decade, but despite enjoying a global reputation as one of the most evergreen performers in his field, times have never been quite as good as they are right now. While his roots lie in techno, Christian has never been a purist, favouring instead to flavour the melodic, rhythmical music he loves with doses of funk or interspersing the raw energy of his sets with inspired moments of pure euphoria. His big-room, genre-blurring sound is very much suited to the Bedrock ethos of releasing the best quality electronic dance music that goes beyond fads and fashion as this brand new EP demonstrates. With the momentum of his recent successful releases firmly behind him and with the strength of fresh inspiration driving his ambition forward, the “Cabecudas EP” from Christian Smith shows once again why he remains at the top of his game, maintaining his relevance and position at the very pinnacle of electronic music in 2011.

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The Rapture Unveil Cover Art & Add US Show (Album Out 9/6 on DFA)

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In The Grace of Your Love
September 6, 2011 via DFA Records
The Rapture’s third album to date, In The Grace Of Your Love, will be released on September 6th and marks a celebrated return to DFA Records, the label whose first single was the band’s landmark “House of Jealous Lovers” 12”. The labels’ co-founders James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy produced their debut album Echoes which spawned a whole genre, paving the way for countless acts that have since come after.
DFA recently debuted the album track “How Deep Is Your Love?” via their White Out Session serieswhich set the internet ablaze. Quickly named Best New Music by Pitchfork, and described by Rolling Stone Magazine as a“piano-sax-and-cowbell-powered disco epic that’s just like heaven,” the song was available as a limited edition 12”. It is currently sold-out and will be reissued in July with a remix from The Emperor Machine.
The band have set the bar high with the first track, but this is just the beginning. The writing and recording process for In The Grace of Your Love connected the band back to why they started playing music in the first place. Drummer Vito Roccoforte explains that they “focused on the process more than the results. We approached the album in a fearless manner, with nothing to lose.” By rediscovering the love for the recording process via each other and the new dynamic of producer Philippe Zdar (Phoenix, Beastie Boys, Chromeo) and his studio in Paris, the band worked in a far more focused period of time, unlike on albums past. The results on In The Grace Of Your Love can only be described as glorious.
Below is a list of current tour dates, with more to come:
08.20.2011 • Brooklyn, New York • Music Hall of Williamsburg
08.27.2011 • Charlesville Meziere, France • Cabaret Vert Festival
08.28.2011 • Vevey, Switzerland • Rocking Chair 
08.30.2011 • Amsterdam, Holland • Melkweg
08.31.2011 • Antwerp, Belgium • Trix 
09.02.2011 • Stradbelly, Ireland • Electric Picnic Festival
09.04.2011 • Trinity, Jersey • Jersey Live Festival 
09.05.2011 • Paris, France • Maroquinerie
09.07.2011 • Manchester, UK • Club Academy 
09.08.2011 • London, UK • XOYO
09.09.2011 • Berlin, Germany • Berlin Festival 
10.15.2011 • Curva 4 race track @ Foro Sol • Corona Capital 

The Rapture are Gabriel Andruzzi, Luke Jenner & Vito Roccoforte
In The Grace Of Your Love
1) Sail Away
2) Miss You
3) Blue Bird
4) Come Back to Me
5) In the Grace of Your Love
6) Never Die Again
7) Roller Coaster
8) Children
9) Can You Find a Way?
10) How Deep Is Your Love?
11) It Takes Time to Be a Man
The Rapture’s Official Facebook

Nero – Promises (preview)

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Nero’s brand new single “Promises”, from the forthcoming album “Welcome Reality” on MTA Records. Featured on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show as Hottest Record in The World.
Release Date: 24th July 2011

Andres Caballero – All Free EP w/ Oscar Fonseca and Miguel Puente remixes+free download

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“All Free” is a wild mix of chunky nu disco beats, psychedelic sound design, musical embellishments, and tasty vocals. It’s definitely influenced by the ongoing midtempo trend but with less of a focus on hipster frippery and more on solid musical influences. On fire superstar Miguel Puente continues his winning streak with a Kraftwerk-influenced slice of electro-fied disco that expands the versatile producer’s range even further. Colombian producer Oscar Fonseca dons the Phonesex moniker on a deep electro dub remix for some sick b-side madness that makes for a diverse selection on this loaded release.

ARTIST: Andres Caballero
TITLE: All Free EP
LABEL: Anusual
RELEASE DATE: July 15th, 2011

01 All Free
02 All Free (Miguel Puente Remix)
03 All Free (Phonesex Black Leather Re-Rub)

Download-All Free Original Mix


Andres Caballero was born in Guayaquil Ecuador in 1979 from a Spanish father and an Ecuadorian mother, since young he was introduced into music through his siblings. At the young age of 6 started taking piano lessons for 3 years.In the age of 12 started realizing, he has singing skills, took lessons and learned to play the guitar and drums. He soon added a sampler and turntable to his equipment and started exploring electronic music. At the same time his brother was producing electronic music, mainly influenced by Depeche Mode and Techno Pop of the 80ís. At the age of 16 he started experimenting in electronic music with his brother and Jose Elias Wated, one of the main influences in the ecuadorian electronic scene; he started learning how to scratch and to mix. By the age of 20 he had the skills to use his brotherís equipment and got together with Alessis Doppler to create a small Project called BBD where he started experimenting with the minimoog in a more focused scale.. From there he also focussed on skateboarding, which came up to ESPN coverage. He moved to Europe, to deepen his connections in the electronic scene and advance his production skills. He went into the studio with Ronald Christoph (Berlin,Germany) and things started to get serious and realizing that there is a path in electronic music for him. Since that day he is working hard on his career. Developing music and experimenting with mixing he catapultedhimself to play live without having that much of live experience, therefore developedhis own unique style and sound. He took matters in his own hand . Living in Barcelona, Spain now, he founded Anusual Media (Corporate Web/Graphic Design & Visual/Video Production) and Anusual Records to give a platform to talented Artists he has met, and to use his experience and contacts he gathered over the years. This has generated gigs for him in D.f. -Mexico, Graz – Austria, Hotel ME Barcelona and so on. His first E.P. sold on plattaforms like itunes, Juno, etc. made the music saga get serious, playing from house in all its range, to other sides of electronic music and unlimited on posibilities of story