Arkist & Kidkut – One Year Later /Vanilla Imitate (Hotflush)(preview)

Hotflush presents the debut collaborative release from Arkist and Kidkut, both based in Bristol, UK. The title track is a four to the floor deep cut, adorned with subaquatic atmospherics, warm contours of bass and subtly stirring melodies, a magnificent pairing with Scuba’s imprint. On the flip side, “Vanilla Imitate” maintains the vibe and amps the energy with a smart infusion of shuffling UK garage flavors and emotive soundscapes.

Arkist’s solo productions have been recently released on Appleblim’s Apple Pips label, If Symptoms Persist, and Deca Rhythm. Kidkut is the mastermind behind the Immerse Records label, which has been releasing quality bass music since 2006. His solo productions can also be found on Apple Pips and Well Rounded Records.

Out on vinyl and digital JULY 25TH.
Kidkut & Arkist – Vanilla Imitate

Arkist & Kidkut – One Year Later

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