Jellyfish Brigade Debut Album Out Now, by Donation

Jellyfish Brigade debut album, Gills And A Helmet OUT NOW
Jellyfish Brigade’s debut EP Gills And A Helmet is available at as a “name your price” download. The album is poised to give listeners a taste of the duo’s inventive, heart-felt love songs that blur the lines between hip-hop, folk, electronica, and R&B.
This six-track EP is the result of a collaboration that started in the fall of 2009, unknown to ½ of the duo. As a recent transplant to Portland, OR, Jeffrey Acciaioli found a place to lay his head in the home of a talented MC, Lucas Dix. While Jeffrey spent his days at work, Lucas found unfinished instrumental compositions on Jeffrey’s computer and began to reinvent them by adding his lyrical finesse. Jeffrey’s music inspired Lucas to stray from preconceived styles of hip-hop and instead focus on expanding his vocal abilities and songwriting styles. Jeffrey eventually realized that Lucas was breathing new life into compositions that had long been ignored, and thus, Jellyfish Brigade was born.
As the project continues to unfold, Jellyfish Brigade expose a mythology of love, adventure, creation, sorrow and triumph. They reveal an honest reflection of the perfections and struggles encountered daily. Jeffrey Acciaioli’s emotive instrumentals swirl around Lucas Dix’s lyrical delivery, weaving their narratives into a soundtrack for self-discovery and preserving the time-honored art of storytelling.
This is a tale of lost and found and lost and so on. This is a legend about creation, friendships and letting go… Discovering the delicate beauty in everyday mistakes, escaping the drive of guilt, and rattling your weaknesses by fulfilling your passions. This is an album that touches the souls of the baton twirlers, the adventurers, the teachers, the students, the conjurers of brilliance, the blissfully clueless, the romantics, the silent listeners, the revolutionaries, and the shine chasers.


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