Oliver Lieb – Epsilon Eridani EP

Frankfurt based DJ & producer Oliver Lieb has been in the premier league of electronic producers since the late 90’s and always keeps surprising and amazing people with his extraordinary sounds and diversity of styles. He views music as an endless horizon of expressing himself and refuses to be pigeonholed in one specific genre, an attitude well suited to the Bedrock ethos. His Bedrock debut, the mighty, soaring, ‘Parallax’, is already a highlight on John Digweed’s current ‘Structures Two’ album, and the ‘Epsilon Eridani EP’ is the next exceptional release to come from Bedrock.
‘Non Binary’ with its buzzing electronic pulse of a backbone and hissing hi-hats grasps your attention immediately as a series of weird and wonderful noises draw you into the depths of the track and towards a swirling breakdown, before launching back into a heightened hypnotic groove. Pure class! A twisted pulsating bass hook and percussion FX show that Oliver Lieb’s creative juices are flowing to maximum effect through title track, ‘Epsilon Eridani’, as he builds another subtle masterpiece. Finally, ‘Extrasolar’ exhibits a more melodic attitude, as Lieb lays down a final sophisticated audio experiment. Listen up – this is a master at work!

Oliver Lieb – Epsilon Eridani EP
A1.Non Binary 9:20
B1.Epsilon Eridani 8:15
B2.Extrasolar 6:52
(Bedrock) Bed99
Ltd Edition 12” Vinyl & Digital
Release: 18/07/11

More Info:
Oliver Lieb:


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