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ANR Get Remixed by Memory Tapes, Deluxe Edition of “Stay Kids” out 9/13

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ANR Get Remixed by Memory Tapes, Release

Stay Kids Deluxe Edition Digitally

On September 13th

Click HERE to Watch the Video for “Stay Kids”
Click HERE for Memory Tapes’ Remix of “Stay Kids”

” ‘Stay Kids’ is a marvel of melodic majesty and cosmic funk…” The Guardian
“the driving beats of TV On The Radio blended with the
psychedelic sweetnessof Passion Pit”
Miami duo ANR will release the deluxe edition of their post-apocalyptic pop album Stay Kids on September 13th through 10K Islands.  In the meantime the prolific group will be releasing videos, remixes, and other goodies.  Most recently, they enlisted Memory Tapes to remix “Stay Kids,” their blissed-out, nostalgic anthem about growing older. 

Click HERE to stream/download Memory Tapes’ take on the track,


and click HERE to watch the video for ANR’s original version of the song.
ANR consists of merely two members – Brian Robertson (Keys, Vocals) and Michael-John Hanock (Vocals, Drums) – but they create a powerful sound filled with layered melodies and bountiful hooks.  It has already earned the duo praise from RCRD LBL, The Fader, and Nylon, among others, and have landed them shows with bands like Animal Collective, Neon Indian, No Age, and Fucked Up.
Stay Kids is a rhythmically propulsive, psychedelic trip that was inspired largely by recent floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other environmental disasters.  Much of the album’s lyrics meditate on how such ‘natural’ disasters affect individuals and humanity at large.  However, sonically-speaking the album is by no means morose.  Instead, the synth-heavy and often danceable material feels triumphant.  Each song is a journey through carefully sculpted, dream-pop soundscapes with frequent, unexpected and exciting detours
ANR’s live show highlights a different aspect of the band, bringing out their punk influences as well as their penchant for German progressive acts of the 70’s.  The group will tour throughout the US this Fall, with dates to be announced soon.
North American Tour Dates:
8/29:  Philadelphia, PA  Kung-Fu Necktie
8/30: New York, NY  Milk Studios
8/31:  New York, NY  Mercury Lounge
9/1:  Boston, MA  Brighton Music Hall
9/2:  Montreal, QC  Casa Del Popolo
9/3:  Toronto, ON  The Drake
9/5: Detroit, MI  Lager House
9/6: Grand Rapids, MI  Pyramid Scheme
9/7: Chicago, IL  Empty Bottle
9/9: Urbana, IL  Canopy Club
9/10: Minneapolis, MN  7th Street Entry
9/12:  Seattle, WA  Crocodile Lounge
9/13:  Portland, OR  Doug Fir
9/15: San Francisco, CA  Bottom Of The Hill
9/16: Fresno, CA  Audie’s Olympic
9/17: Los Angeles, CA  The Satellite
9/20: San Diego, CA  Soda Bar


Danny Benedettini -Tell Me Quietly

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Items & Things 06
Danny Benedettini
Tell Me Quietly

A1 Disco Hook
A2 Nephastum
B1 Tia’s Home
B2 Fodie Joster

Digital Only track: Breakdown

Release Date: July 25th

Berlin imprint Items & Things reintroduced itself earlier this year with Madato’s epic EP Speak Of The She Devil. Now the label’s trio of techno connoisseurs – Marc Houle, Magda and Troy Pierce – entrust their imprint to Italian up-and-comer Danny Benedettini.

Danny caught the production bug at an early age, and his taste for the old school can be heard in the throwback feel of Tell Me Quietly. It’s a retro-tinged trip through modern dance floor sounds, with slickly executed beats and tight arrangements.

“Disco Hook” takes its cues directly from its name, with a wonky take on the genre. A three-note bass loop pieces it all together, combining neon melodies with a house beat for an intriguing taste of deconstructed disco. “Nephastum” takes the disco influence even deeper, while sultry cut-n-paste voices and floating Rhodes keys.

“Tia’s Home” is a dark tech house jam with sharp percussion and heavy slo-mo distortion. “Fodie Joster” is Benedettini’s tongue-in-cheek thriller that increases with cinematic tension, and then gets dismantled with mental low-fi synth madness. Ascending and descending bass progressions and shooting lasers lend a pulp sci-fi feel to “Breakdown.“
**If you can get your hands on “Chillers,” the free track from the label, be sure to do so – it slips into an electro-disco guise for fresh serving of future-retro funk.

“..I guess everything that happens in ordinary life is inspiring. I mean, just look at what remains when the fundamental rules of our society fail. Each of us has to go through some sort of melancholy forest at least once in life. Sometimes its hard to understand what is real & what isn’t, what’s scary versus funny…And sometimes its better to just stay in the darkness for awhile & observe life quietly.” Danny Bennedettini

Denis A – Sith Remixes

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Denis A’s DAR and DARDIGITAL labels are on a creative roll in 2011, having already unleashed a series of stunning tracks and making their mark around the globe with each new release. Now Denis A has commissioned this superb bumper package of remixes of his mighty ‘Sith’ (the original version, an intense percussion led throb monster with a superb breakdown, appeared on DAR016) to highlight the plethora of new talent coming through the DAR ranks. Here are 10 stunning adventures in new electronic dance music.
Denis A – Sith (Minitronix Remix)
In January, 2010 two DJ/producers from Omsk(Russia) – Andrey Labuzov (Andrey SeaMan) and Vladimir Samoylov (DJ Samoylov) combined their efforts in producing electronic music and created a new project – Minitronix – through which they are producing techno influenced music. Their interpretation of ‘Sith’ is a veritable powerhouse of brooding menace with a huge, swirling breakdown and masses of energy.
Denis A – Sith (Madeira Remix)
Madeira (aka German Shahnov) made his DAR debut with ‘Original Sun’ and ‘Radar’ (DARDIGITAL003) in March 2011. His style edges towards a more minimal stripped-back hypnotic take on electronica and this remix is bold and beautifully simple. German Shakhnov, DJ and sound producer, is another rising star of the new Russian electronic music scene. He is the presenter of his own radio show, ‘Mady Mady’, which is broadcast every Thursday on Garage FM based in Moscow.
Denis A – Sith (Dapple Apple Remix)
Dapple Apple is a young DJ and producer from Ukraine. He made his first steps onto the electronic stage in 2006, when his tastes were focused on trance music. But his strong desire for experimentation and love to deep sounding music made him change direction to a more esoteric style. As you can hear here, his music is full of emotion, uplifting harmonics, breathtaking atmospheres and sophisticated cinematic style.
Denis A – Sith (Fran Von Vie Remix)
Those with an ear for the underground will already be well aware of Fran Von Vie’s stunning remixes of Tech D’s ‘Subway’ (DARDIGITAL004) and Taboo’s ‘Epic Dream’ (DARDIGITAL005), and know that this is a producer who is tipped for great things.
He’s always looking for new sounds and structures, doesn’t believe too much in genres, just in making things from the heart, because music is supposed to be felt, not necessarily, to be understood. Here, he works his magic on ‘Sith’, stripping it back and giving it an uplifting intensity in the final third that lifts it to another level.
Denis A – Sith (Spartaque “In Concept” Remix)
Vitaliy Babiy (aka Spartaque) is a Ukrainian DJ/producer. His energy style is full of energy and bounce and his interpretation of ‘Sith’ exhibits a healthy knowledge of dancefloor dynamics, which is probably why he currently occupies third place in the Russian PROMO DJ ratings.
Denis A – Sith (Mango Remix)
Hailed as one of leaders of the modern progressive sound, “Mango” (a.k.a. Alex Golovanov from Russia) is making a name for himself blending emotive melodies with a unique combination of progressive, electro, and tech house sounds. His remix of ‘Sith’ is a perfect uplifting summer melodic beauty. Keep an eye on this guy.
Denis A – Sith (Tesla Remix)
Tesla is another rising star of the Russian electronic scene and his energetic attitude is winning many fans worldwide. Powerhouse progressive house music is the name of the game and Tesla adds vocal snippets and enough twists and turns to make his remix of ‘Sith’ one to remember.
Denis A – Sith (Igor Cold Remix)
Denis A selected Igor Cold’s ‘She’s So Spacey’ to launch the DARDIGITAL label at the start of the year, and this highly talented future star from the Russian scene has now returned with an outstanding remix of ‘Sith’, exhibiting a musical maturity way beyond his years. His grasp of the subtle layering of grooves and melodies shines through in a highly hypnotic way. This is a track that will find favour with all open-eared, electronic music lovers everywhere. Igor Cold is DJ/producer based in South Russia. His live performances embracing atmospheric and meditative techno / tech / progressive house, are gaining him much kudos on the rapidly growing Russian music scene. He also has his own show called “Somebody’s Story” on Proton Radio.
Denis A – Sith (Mays & Partique Remix)
Rusian Mays was born in 1981 in Odessa City, the most beautiful city in Ukraine, and realized from a young age that his destiny lay in DJing and producing electronic music. He has presented his own radio show “The Real Techno Mix” for the past 7 years, and it remains one of the most popular to this day and he is consistently voted at the top of national DJ polls. His techno-influenced music is a fusion of groovy, minimal, electro tech styles and his collaboration with fellow Ukrainian DJ/produver Vladimir Partique is a genre-blurring experiment that will impress.
Denis A – Sith (Salt’n’Sugar Remix)
Salt’n’Sugar is a Ukrainian electronic project founded by DJ/producer Stas Drive, who has linked up with Nikolay Cola. Together, they have made a great contribution to the development of their national progressive and techno scene and have now developed a live show to take their performances to the next level. Their melodic uplifting gently percussive remix of ‘Sith’ is a fitting finale to this bumper package of remixes from the rising stars of the future.

(DAR) DAR024
Made in Russia
Mastered by Robert Babicz
12” Vinyl / Digital
Release: Vinyl 18/07/11 Beatport 01/08/11 General 29/08/11
01. Denis A – Sith (Minitronix Remix)
02. Denis A – Sith (Madeira Remix)
03. Denis A – Sith (Dapple Apple Remix)
04. Denis A – Sith (Fran Von Vie Remix)
01. Denis A – Sith (Minitronix Remix)
02. Denis A – Sith (Dapple Apple Remix)
03. Denis A – Sith (Madeira Remix)
04. Denis A – Sith (Fran Von Vie Remix)
05. Denis A – Sith (Spartaque “In Concept” Remix)
06. Denis A – Sith (Mango Remix)
07. Denis A – Sith (Tesla Remix)
08. Denis A – Sith (Igor Cold Remix)
09. Denis A – Sith (Mays & Partique Remix)
10. Denis A – Sith (Salt’n’Sugar Remix)

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Koer-Electrica (DARDIGITAL007)

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Denis A’s offshoot DAR DIGITAL label continues its quest to bring the best new electronic producers to the notice of the world on his DARDIGITAL label with the debut release from Koer.
Koer is a new, evolving musical project founded by Russian DJ/producer Altukhov Kirill, whose musical tastes and artistic development have been greatly influenced by the first Russian techno club, Tunnel, which he frequented often and later where he became a resident DJ and simultaneously began to develop his production skills. His style, which fuses underground techno and melodic dark progressive, is sure to impress here on ‘Electrica’ and he’s another talented young producer to watch out for.
Minitronix (Andrey Labuzov and Vladimir Samoylov) two DJ/producers from Omsk(Russia), hot from their remix of Denis A’s ‘Sith’ (DAR024) introduce more percussive elements and an alternative melodic vibe as they up the pace and energy levels with their interpretation of ‘Electrica’ Marcos Ecstatic (aka Ruslan Plehov) delivers a spacious bouncy percussive progressive remix, before Tenderheart (aka Oleg Tovkach) rounds off the package with clever dub-influenced melodic glitchy interpretation. If you remember Tenderheart’s beautiful remix of ‘Original Sun’ (DARDITIAL003) you’ll know that this Ukrainian
producer is another rising star to watch out for in 2011 as the new Eastern European electronic music scene develops apace.

1. Electrica (Original Mix)
2. Electrica (Minitronix Remix)
3. Electrica (Marcos Ecstatic Remix)
4. Electrica (Tenderheart Remix)
Release: 08/08/11

Further Information:

Sepalcure-Love Pressure Remixed by Falty DL, XI, Jimmy Edgar, Daedelus & Lando Kal

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Since Sepalcure’s debut EP, Love Pressure dropped last summer, the New York based act otherwise known as
Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Braille) have made a lasting impression on the electronic
sphere over the last year with unforgettable live performances across the USA and Europe, as well as a
stunning follow-up EP, Fleur. Their unique chemistry as a duo is undeniable and has resulted in a soulful,
emotive, and energetic style that is entirely their own.
On this remix EP, five of the USA’s most exciting dance music producers of late have offered their unique
takes on the original tracks, all bringing their own signature elements into the fore: XI (Orca, Toronto),
FaltyDL (Planet Mu, New York), Jimmy Edgar (!K7, Detroit), Daedelus (Ninja Tune, Los Angeles), and recent
Hotflush signing Lando Kal (Lazer Sword, Berlin via San Francisco).

Artist: Sepalcure
Remixers: Falty DL, XI, Jimmy Edgar, Daedelus & Lando Kal
Title: Love Pressure Remixed
Format: 12” & Digital
Label: Hot Flush Recordings
Release: 15 August 2011

01. Love Pressure (XI Remix)
02. Love Pressure (FaltyDL Remix)
03. Every Day Of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
04. Down (Daedelus Remix)
05. Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)*

SBTRKT featuring Drake ‘Wildfire’ LIVE (Video)

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SBTRKT and Drake bring his “Wildfire” remix to life at Wrongbar in Toronto. June 8th, 2011

Check out SBTRKT’s self-titled debut.
Look out for Drake’s sophomore album, ‘Take Care,’ slated for October 24.