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Braille – the year 3000 (preview)

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The Year 3000 is a vocal house mover of ‘anthemic’ proportions. It craftily reworks a classic Chicago house vocal and gives it new life back into the future. Banging! ‘Leavin Without You’ is built around a heartfelt vocal soul sample, which cuts in and out of the mix leaving room the music to take off leaving planet earth. Braille creates a perfect balance between the old and the new and shows us the way forward.


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Pangaea -Hex / Fatalist (stream)

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Pangaea turns out the lights and blesses Hemlock with two of his toughest productions yet.

‘Hex’ channels the spirit of ’92 via Plastic People, picking up the most eccentric, deranged vocal along the way. ‘Eeeeeechiiiieeee’.

On the flip ‘Fatalist’ is a dark-side joint of the highest order…
Artist: Pangaea
Title: Hex / Fatalist
Format: 12” & Digital
Label: Hemlock Recordings
Release: 12 September 2011

A. Hex
AA. Fatalist

2562 – Fever Addendum

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Arguably the most popular track on 2562’s recent ‘Fever’ album, ‘Aquatic Family Affair’, was only available on its cd version and a highly limited 10” lp sampler. Due to overwhelming demand for the track on wax here it is again in full glory, extended and re-cut.

Half reissue, half remix 12”, the flip has the mighty Head High aka Shed giving his favourite albumtrack ‘Wasteland’ the PowerhouseTM remix treatment, slow-building and boombastic as only he can. Killer.

Artist: 2562
Title: Fever Addendum
Format: 12” Vinyl
Label: When in Doubt
Release: 05 September 2011

A) Aquatic Family Affair (extended re-cut)
AA) Wasteland (Head High remix)

Tycho -Dive

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While his formative years were spent listening to everything from Yes to Photek, Scott Hansen didn’t get his hands on an actual guitar or drum machine until he left his native Sacramento for San Francisco in 1995. “Encountering this whole new world at 20 years old was a profound experience,” says Hansen, better known by his musical pseudonym Tycho and as the graphic artist ISO50. “At the time, I was just learning the processes of design and music; both felt very similar, and have flowed back and forth for me ever since.”

As seamless as his two creative outlets have been, nearly a decade passed before the release of Hansen’s first proper Tycho LP, Sunrise Projector (later expanded and reissued under the title Past Is Prologue). And while three striking singles have emerged since then, the sum of all those sepia-toned parts is nowhere near the double-exposed soundscapes of Dive. The product of a prolonged break from IS050’s design work and blog, it pays tribute to Tycho’s prismatic past (the dense, guitar-guided turning points of “Daydream” and “Adrift”) but spends most of its time pointing to the project’s not-so-distant future.

That can mean any number of things, really, from the halcyon hooks and hopeful horizons of “A Walk” to the expansive, wildly expressive tone poetry of the title track, an eight-minute epic that unfolds like a compressed concept album. Or at the very least, a restless vision of prog-rock—one that’s been coated in neon colors and filtered through a thick piece of blotter paper. And then there’s “Elegy,” a spare curtain closer that pairs a vulnerable crescendo with a fitting bridge to future works.

And with that, Dive establishes its position as the most diverse musical statement of Hansen’s multi-medium career; the point where his skills as a performer finally catch up with his vaporized vision of a world that doesn’t belong to any particular time or place.

“Nostalgia is a common thread in my work,” says Hansen, “but this album wasn’t driven by that idea. I see these songs as artifacts from a future which might have more in common with our past than our present.”
Artist: Tycho
Title: Dive
Release Date: 15-Nov-2011
Record Label: Ghostly International

A Walk
Costal Break

Efdemin -Please EP

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Efdemin has been one of the key artists on Curle since his 2007 debut for the Belgian label, with big releases such as ‘Acid Bells’, ‘America/The Pulse’, remixes from Martyn, John Beltran & Matt O’Brien, and of course the mix-cd ‘Carry On, Pretend We’re Not In The Room’. The long-awaited follow-up ‘Please’ includes two tracks from around the 10 minute mark; ‘Farnsworth House’ and ‘Blount’. That last one Efdemin made together with his good friend and fellow Dial artist Kassian Troyer. Enough with the talking, time to get into
the music!

Artist: Efdemin
Title: Please EP
Format: 12” Digital
Label: Curle Recordings
Release: 19 September 2011
A. Efdemin – Farnsworth House
B. Efdemin & Kassian Troyer – Blount

Scuba -Adrenalin

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Hotflush Recordings presents the first new Scuba single since 2010’s landmark album, Triangulation. Since that release Scuba has concentrated more squarely on deep, epic house and techno via the SCB project, most notably with Loss released earlier this year on Aus Music. That focus extends itself to the lead track of this release, Adrenalin, which must be the most unashamedly dancefloor Scuba track to date, while b-sides Never and Everywhere take the well-documented fascination with melody that pervaded previous Scuba material to a new level.

Artist: Scuba
Title: Adrenalin
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital
Label: Hotflush Recordings
Release: 26 September 2011

A1. Adrenalin
B1. Never
B2. Everywhere